Lap 1 Chaos, Dazzling Passes And The Top 10 Onboards | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 3 set 2019
The crucial moments from Spa from the best angles - it's our top 10 onboard videos from the Belgian Grand Prix, with Emirates...
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  • 0:00 best clip 😂💪

  • Albon🇹🇭fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Albon the Man!

  • 6:50 Verstappon... tho.. Gets a bad start... Goes full EA Sports F1, causes mayhem in the first corner... Blames someone else. As good as he his sometimes... other times he's a petulant child.

  • 3:05 guys not so clever is he lol

  • Kimi could have left some space for Max he had nowhere to go

  • Verstappen is such an idiot! The other car was in front of him and taking the turn. Where exactly did he want to go? There’s something wrong in with this guy. He just keeps at it. Last year it was the same.

  • 6:48 Red Bull gives you wings

  • 3:38 That Remember 😭😍

  • Videos like this are killing NASCAR!

  • Valterri it’s James, hamilton is going to need your car

  • Räikkönen be like: Haista vittu Saatana. Perkele! Tämä on perseestä.

  • Can you believe that Redbull weren't even considering Albon last year at all. They were thinking of releasing him cos banked on Gasly and didn't rate Albon until a last minute seat at Torro Rosso.Albon was close to driving in Formula E 😆

  • Kvyat, good race.👏🏁🚀

  • 1:02 omg the Mercedes engine souns so bad

  • Still don't understand why renault pitted Ricciardo on lap 2 then left him out there for the rest of the race and by lap 34 his tyres were gone

  • Lance stroll: See there’s a accident that has happened... Doesn’t slow down

  • Perez was super smart to see that wild dive from Max into turn 1 and jump out the way damn 3:04.

  • Yo Antonio hit that wall hard man. Actually really happy he's ok.

  • I remember Albon talking about his move on Perez on the final lap at La Source in an interview and he goes: "Yeah it basically was like no after you, no pls after you, oh no no pls after you sir." 😂😂😂 The way he said it killed me. Huge talent, super humble and absolutely hilarious. What's not to love about him.

  • It was a bad day for Max verstappen and his fanz

  • Sound of f1 now it's like toys car TAMIYA with dinamo motor electric.

  • Raikkonen : *brake check Somebody : *bump Raikkonen : "Somebody hits me. **** them

  • what in gods name is that thumbnail lmaooo

  • I love F1 channel

  • with those replays i honestly think it was not max's fault in turn 1. i mean kimi didnt check his mirrors (idk if he woul've even saw him there) but he definately saw perez and if max was a bit further behind, perez woul've gone for the move. kimi took turn 1 so tight there was always a crash going to happen. kimi had so much room on the left. (not a fan of any of those 3 just a neutral opinion)

  • Isn't it great to just say sorry and get away with it when you crash a multi-million dollar car? 😂😂

  • How could you not be happy for Max ? A 21 year old beating championship teams for pole and winning races with killer performances! I think Max bring out the young in all of us! He resembles to Senna beating the Williams on that inferior McLaren with just talent! 👍👋 Salut for Max and God bless you and bless F1 forever! 🙏

  • Lol the audacity @ 0:25

  • Kvyat 👍👍👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 !!!

  • that Magnussen @ eau rouge, balls of steel

  • 5:22 be glad the guy you ran off the track is a good driver. That was a shitbird move.


  • Amazing overtaking by Alex Albon on Sergio Perez

  • 2:44 Perez thinking it was Ocon next to him :D

  • 0:54

  • Great crash from Hamilton well executed move

  • 4:45 looks like albon was thinking the race is finished...

    • finaly i saw it was yellow flag there

  • Albon is so beast in the redbull. Well deserved spot

  • a great man once said "F%$# these people"

  • So kimi had a good start at spa and exploded in the max's divebomb!! Sad:/

  • Ok what a brilliant move by Giovinnazi around the outside of Rivage (spelling, I know)

  • Williams ahead of Kimi: "Something's not right" :D

  • amazing overtake by kev, so fuckin crazy

  • "he hit me AGAIN...FUCKING same guy..." had me in tears

  • Wow Perez is so dirty and likes his little paybacks, wth??? 05:20

  • Guys, even tho it is an outstanding job you are doing with the editions of the vids, you gotta double check that the overlays and letters don't cover the action of the cars. Kimi's red letters on the other vid were covering the action and max's car. And here lance stroll face was covering the same accident of max and kimi

    • Then magnussen is the same. But with perez the edition of the overlays was well done

  • Is it just me or does the Mercedes engine sound just like it did in 2017?

  • Great video but that graphic with the driver and the lap should be on the bottom of the frame instead of hiding most of the action

  • 8:02 You're seeing a Williams overtaking, tap like and suscribe or 5 more years with Mercedes winning every race

  • No music in the onboards video, huh? *pulls up F-Zero X soundtrack in new tab*

  • Verstappen hitting the Sauber at the first corner and the Force India at Eau Rouge that's what I call perfect double-strike. Miraculously no punishment awarded... that's a real mistery and not UFO's 🤔

  • Kvy - alb nice fighting!

  • u gotta give it to stroll: his starts are on point.

  • More videos like this one.

  • Daniel Ricciardo must be pissed, he's getting past by Honda's everywhere.

  • You can imagine kimi shaking his head when he says these f"kin people

  • Magnussen has got balls of f*cking steel holy sh*t I didnt see that in the race! Also, Perez - "He pushed me off the circuit", proceeds to push Albon off the circuit

  • If only Fernando Alonso could have a go with this year's Ferrari! Vettel is so overrated :(

  • Kimi : Fucking idiot same guy hit me again. Gold.