Lance Armstrong: Next Stage (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports

Pubblicato il 30 mag 2019
Lance Armstrong looks back on his cycling career and discusses how he's trying to move on from one of the biggest scandals in sports history. #NBCSports #LanceArmstrong #Cycling
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Lance Armstrong: Next Stage (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


  • All mistakes are forgivable. Once one has the courage to admit them ~Bruce Lee~

  • I would say to Lance Armstrong...did you know Rocky Marciano weigh 87" (12 stone) yet to this day he remains the only undefeated heavyweight champion of the world. Why? Because he believed he could never lose! He never let the thought of defect enter his mind and that's the attitude you should of taken. You beat cancer you could of won the Tour De France without taking performance enhancing drugs. Anyone who overcomes and beats cancer can win anything

  • I don't care about his doping, but I have problem with an old dude making out with a Michelle Tanner.

  • If everyone is doing it like so many of you like to sight....than cancel the bogus Tour de France.

  • The Trump Supporter, Thank God he wasn't a politician😉

  • Others I'm sure did the same thing , and he was on top of his game.

  • Yes lance, but if did all of those things, had best team, coach on, and DIDNT DO THAT ONE THING, you would also be last! And as far as " what could the Livingstrong association should have done", as if they were the bad guy, " what should YOU have NOT DONE?" Is a better question....still narcissistic

  • Your a man Lance, believe me. You will aways be

  • I have no more feelings towards LA than the many other cheaters, but just think every single night you lay down to sleep and the last thought that goes through your mind is " I cheated "

  • Go away, Lance. Just go away.

  • A badass then, still a badass.

  • Lance has aged very poorly. He looks like Droopy the cartoon

  • Still the master of spin

  • Tour De France on my E-bike..... How should I train?

  • Fraud much like most American athletes.

  • PLUS....My opinion of him went down when Jan Ulrich WAITED for him and slowed his rythmn....and Lance went on and pushed passed him to WIN....Armstrong KNEW the score and the “code”..they should have crossed the line TOGETHER and made a same time finish to prove the point of SPORTSMANSHIP..... But no...the line had already been crossed because Armstrong is the “classic” American...”win at ALL costs”... Perhaps not his fault..but the way sponsors and the rest of the world has become in its ugly view of itself

  • Look at how he chased down that Italian rider during the TDF...and you SAW him with the peloton shaking his finger... I was not just the doping “that everyone else” was doing...he was the archetypal American at all costs..

  • Livestrong should bring Lance back

    • Ain't gonna happen. Jerry Sandusky has a better chance of running a daycare than Lance hooking up with his Charity again.

  • Glad he is back, Lance is a national/international hero!

  • Lance is an interesting subject. Win at all costs. I see him not dissimilar to an alcoholic., "I wouldn't change a thing". All of us that raced admired him at one time, some still do. Cycling is still a sport where the constant is dope. Today it's far more sophisticated in deception, subterfuge and conspiracy. That he is not contrite is only mitigated by his honesty.

  • "Our roided up guy, beat your roided up guy" - Bill Burr

    • Stephen P Our guy, with access to the best doctor and best drugs and huge financial support , beat your guy with inferior drugs and little support 👍🏻

  • Wow, deepest respect for this man for being so brutally honest! 🇺🇸👊👃

    • respect for whats ? he have no choice

  • He's the best of the he's the best ✅

  • NO. We don't interview him. We don't talk to him. He doesn't exist. Turn your back and walk away.

  • This man has aged wow. Wat a life!!!

  • He's STILL an incredible athlete and hero of survival. It's very rare for a person to be so open and Honest. I hope he's Happy with all he has accomplished! He's a legend!

  • Lance go over it big brother... you inspired many people and you have payed. Let’s help the next Generation.

  • I cant stand him though, he cant even blink without laying

  • Tour de Lance

  • Esse senhor enquanto ciclista proficional era o melhor mesmo dopado.

  • Lay off the sodium. Look at those bags under his eyes

  • It's really hard to hate the man I never have and never will for all he did for cancer lance thank you

  • Shame on you, no matter all excuses

  • Ok but everyone was doping and still couldn't beat him. The dude is a legend idc

    • x1990x no, nobody doped that professionell. They doped, but not this perfect, and that can make 1% difference

  • Lance Armstrong the best ever S2

  • He added in the Focus interview: "For me, betrayal only begins when I gain an advantage, but that was not the case. I just wanted to ensure equal opportunities." ullrich ........ thats why lance deserves the 7 , they didnt take anything,everyone else wasnt taking

  • the thing is everyone was doping Everyone ......he still was the best rider

  • Lance a true Daym Texan lmao with the knife gun fight talk

  • Lance was the king of the the tour for 7 years. Full stop.

    • Of course Lance was but let's not forget that Contador owned him in 2009 and 2010, even if Armstrong tried to finish him off mentally. These two are the strongest Grand Tour riders of the past 30 years anyway.

    • @world star It was an established part of the tour for decades and Lance was the best.

    • king of doping

  • Cheater

  • Every realm of professional sports has doping. But how many of those athletes have done as much for the greater good as Lance? How many millions did he give to cancer research? Everyone loves a good train wreck story, I get it. I’m guilty as the next person. But roasting Lance Armstrong year after year after year for doping has gotten old now.

  • I really don't understand what's the big deal about this, the top people were dopping, if you didn't dope you didn't have a chance, people need to grow up and mature

  • does this guy still get space on tv???? shame

  • Complex and obsessively determined dude. A lot of good came out of his story though.

  • Lance Armstrong is a scapegoat, he's probably the best cyclist ever. Every professional sportsperson has taken something illegal. Especially cyclists

    • Look at Carl Lewis, and he's a legend now 😂. He was just too smart to get caught and not dumb enough to return to competing.

    • @x1990x plus he had cancer. Look at the Olympics, they're full of drug cheats. I have a LIVESTRONG t-shirt and I wear it proudly, if it wasn't for him the sport wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as it is now. He's a fucking champion 🏆

    • Exactly he is a legend no matter what. All the others were on dope and still couldn't beat him.

  • Gd bless U Lance

  • Armstrong=shit

  • A lot of pro athletes dope... but how many have given as much to medical research (dope or no dope).

  • Just give them all doping and call it a fair game !


  • Lance, No mater what is said I want you to know you were the right person at the right time for me in my time of need. Thank you.

  • Slimeball.

  • I truly believe he has advanced as a person and I pray he continues to do so.

  • I like him...

  • This video is dope ... literally.

  • Cheater!

  • He was never a Champion

  • one of the biggest liar of the world

  • Lance Armstrong Is the Dirtiest Cheater in Sports History

    • True and a bully too

    • @Carlitos thanks he is really garbage

    • wow, that is deep. Congratulations on that profound statement.

  • drug addict is all proud he whizzed past a senior citizen GFY loser