Lakers vs Clippers Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Season

Pubblicato il 23 ott 2019
Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers Full Game Highlights! Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers October 22, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • That game was good 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Williams and montrezl were clicking

  • I love this crosstown rivalry im a fan of both teams

  • Any team kawhi goes on will be the best team in the nba .he the best player in the world until proven other wise

  • Awesome khawai.

  • Danny Green should have a longer minute on this game

  • Lebron was like dang, shoulda joined the Clippers.

    • @MantisAtlantis the clippers loss to the suns and the rockets so I'm sure LeBron is fine lmao

    • @Sameer Jones and one of those losses came against who genius?

    • Well they're 8-2 right now so I don't think so

  • When rondo and kuzma comeback it's over.

  • Kevin durant Leonard harden ad gianis antitocompo curry klay the true brst player in the world

  • wow raptor bit lakers

  • Dont underestimate the depending champion

  • All jokes aside, these tickets were expensive AF

    • Kevin you ain’t never lie brah!! I enjoyed from the comfort of my pad, best seat in the house

  • How did the Spurs lose Kawhi again? Smh

  • This game is different from the other preseason games.

  • Lou Williams on his own was dope to watch. One of my fav ballers. Kills anyone one on one LOL. BUT KAWHI THOUGH 🔥🔥assassin

  • What a game Green on fire from behind the arc -:)

  • Cliippers looking great! And LBJ like what is goin' on guys? I think we need some more star player😂😂😂

  • Youngbull 1428 on yutube listen now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kawhi really from cali though , lebron playing in kobe shadow

  • Danny green is in the house💪💯

  • Jame number one,watch video

  • ohhh d nga

  • all this trash talking smh.. you cuaght up to whats happening rn?. ya lakers are dominating the league. edit: dont forget those tripple doubles..


  • felt like i was wstching the finals..the presence of the audince

  • Even your number is 2 you are number 1 for me leonard lodi

  • Kawhi Leonard! How to be you????

  • No player same the king LeBron n 1

  • Nba2020 for the king

  • Laker fans be like “No fair Kuzma didn’t play and LeBron and AD just wanted to give the Clippers hope. We’ll defeat the next time they play!

  • No one No kyle kuzma No paul george


  • In this season Lakers favorite number One?goldenState ,Houston rockets,Toronto ,Boston,heat,hawks 50%possibility??

  • go'''LBJ.

  • 8:28 PG Dropping salt

  • 3:41 here comes howard

  • Dont smile yet clippers..its just an xcibition game lol

  • Y’all think they are the best 2 teams in the league. Rockets gonna cook this 2 teams. I don’t see anybody stopping harden maybe beside kawhi

  • Brother

  • Go for champ.. lakers

  • 2:07

  • Who guys have a IT-tvs channel just comment her I will subscribe you

  • The only real competition for the Lakers so far. hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and beat the clippers, just wait for Rondo & Kuz to return

  • Love seeing Klaw and D Green here. #SpursFan

  • 1:20 that's a low hand

  • 6:15

  • 6:47 shaqtin a fool

  • If the clippers gonna match up Harrell With Ad they in trouble 💯💯 Nobody on the Clippers can play that man

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  • nice job kawhi ..your a great player👏👏👏

  • Damn this looks like it was the best game I've seen, highlights or otherwise, in quite a while. So good to see guys going inside a bit again instead of just raining outside shot attempts.

  • pasali♥♥

  • miss na miss kona si lebron james ko

  • Kevin Harlan the best !!!

    • Vicious Tech Music Venezuela he makes games of teams I don’t like interesting.

  • They better than the lakers

  • 3:41 Does that look like Howard ?? Lmao

  • Danny green is the Lakers only hope to a championship

  • 9:20 proves kawhi is better than LeBron

  • wow they won that game without paul george lol?

  • Damn.. I guess this is clippers season lol