Kyrie recruited KD to the Nets after Durant’s injury - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose and Davis Jacoby discuss how Kyrie Irving was able to convince Kevin Durant to play for the Brooklyn Nets, not the New York Knicks, after Durant’s injury.
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  • Jalen I'd rather lie than admit I was wrong Rose... ladies &gentlemen 👏👏👏

  • I agree with Jalen in that the Nets record will most likely be worse next year than last year. When Durant comes back it also wouldn’t be surprising that the Nets don’t meet expectations because Durant may never be the same player again because he’ll be 32 coming off a catastrophic achilles rupture. Historically speaking, players just aren’t the same ever again at the that age with that injury. The dude shoulda stayed in GS to collect his max. GS will probably be glad he DIDN’T stay.

    • lets wait and see how he comes out, Rudy Gay came back although not the same player but quite good one, a quite good KD is better than many NBA players

  • This show has always been good for wild reckless speculation, which I love, but the wild reckless retrospective what-if scenarios is a bridge too far.

  • Kyrie and Durant along with the arrival of a Deandre Jordan moved Brooklyn's timeline up now. This year is an audition year for the important remaining players: LeVert, Dinwiddie Joe Harris and jAllen. They better perform on a high level or else kyrie will be crying for "veteran presence" like he did Boston. You're the one that won a 🏆.... You're the one supposed to be showing them

  • KD can finally clear his name after being a weakling and leaving OKC. This is great man. best offseason i have seen so far

  • I like how y’all say New Yorkers SMH! It’s north jersey fans!

  • Bullshit

  • Demonstrating his steadfast belief that if he can survive a torn ACL he can live through cancer, as well. That's even if after a year of Kyrie's "leadership" the Nets haven't fired him out of a canon and KD comes back to a team STILL in search of a leader at point guard.

  • We dont beleive you need more people!!!!

  • These media types like to make any story sound like they were right the entire time.... " yeah yeah we weren't wrong he just changed his mind last minute"

  • He didn't meet with the Knicks either jalen is starting to annoy me .🙄🙄

  • Kyrie and Dinwiddie already confirmed Durant committed to Nets before the postseason. Kyrie knew he was coming to Brooklyn way back in December. What makes this take ridiculous is how ESPN analyst completely ignore Deandre Jordan and his role on why KD chose Brooklyn over every other team in the league. DJ's version of what happens confirms the Knicks NEVER had a real chance at signing KD.

  • Jalen, are you 99% sure again?

  • ESPN needs a new fresh team of ppl that actually know what the hell they are talking about...Facts not made up BS/Lies

  • Mane had his doctors New York based already 🤣🤣🤣dat shit funny

  • Your local Walmart cashier is more credible than Jalen *LYING ASS* Rose

  • This is stupid. He didn't meet with the Knicks either. They were going to play together from the start, nobody was recruiting anyoone. I m so tired of this idiotic narrative, who is the alpha, who follows who, the toxic masculinity obsession with finding the aggressive type they can admire. That has nothing to do with winning games, nothing to do with championships. Why would they go to the Knicks? They are a disaster. The Nicks narrative was made up by the press and now they don't want to admit they were wrong.

  • If this is true how weak do u have to be to base your decision on an injury smh God these new guys are pussy

  • Thanks Captain Obvious

  • "I can't be recruited"- KD. *Gets recruited by Krynee.*

  • KD Kyrie is the most exciting duo this coming years

  • Kevin probably didnt want to play wit kawai cause kawai probably wanted KD to sign that same deal he signed 3 years wit the 3rd year a player option nd KD probably wanted to cash in that max contract

  • better hope Kyrie don't blow up his legs carrying a team

  • Jaylen wink every .5 sec

  • Jalens eyes are never looking at one thing. Jalen what are u looking at bruh!!!

  • KD wasn't going to the knicks... he was going where Kyrie was going.

  • And that culture talking point is trash. Brooklyn played well but so did many young teams. That don't mean its a great destination. Kyrie and Coach Atkins don't even see eye to eye already about the system they are running. Its all narrative. if a bunch of media folks say it I guess its true.

  • KD & Kyrie will never see a championship ring ... & will eventually Separate in 3 years.

  • What ends up happening in jalen world, meaning jalen in speculating

  • I don't believe that. Just like i don't believe Marks about not having a convo with KD. This league is full of tampering.

  • Why does Jalen speak as if Durant told him specifically that he was going to the Knicks? He obviously doesn’t know what KD was thinking. To me it sounds like Jalen is trying to cover up the fact that he was simply flat out wrong about KD going to the Knicks.

  • Who else looks at all the guys media reports sideways since Kawhi made them ALL 👀 incompetent 😂

    • They aren’t psychic but whatever

    • @TV Jumpshot you fucking methwhore EVERYONE was wrong about Kawhi. Imma make ya mom and girl give me sloppy toppy and a rimjob for your disrespect you lil cuck

    • Nope... not yesterday. Started watching In 1985 and to quote Skip Bayless who didn’t to prognosticate on this particular move. “ I never seen anything like this.” So instead of trying to be first or right he just said, I don’t know and stated where he’d like to see him go (Clippers) rather than use his “sources”.... Ok I’ll stfu now dude.

    • iChase Banks STFU dude.... Somebody gotta be wrong every year. When did you start watching basketball ... yesterday? 😒🤫🙄

  • Didn't mention dlo wow

  • 🔥🔥

  • Peeps saying the Nets are gonna be worse when the west got weaker and we essentially traded D’Lo for Kyrie and Durant 🤔

  • Ah thank you for no ryan hollins

  • And now these two sensitive people can complain about how the other is hurting the team or fight over who's team it is. At least prime Steph, prime Klay and prime Draymond all set aside their ego and gave that mantle to KD.


  • ESPN has become nothing but fake drama. Who the fuck cares who recruited who? Not to mention nobody has sources, and nothing has been said by the parties involved. All of this is just shit they shovel to put out content and have something to talk about.

  • I just like that Stephen A. SMITH'S team still sucks!