Kyrie recruited KD to the Nets after Durant’s injury - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jalen Rose and Davis Jacoby discuss how Kyrie Irving was able to convince Kevin Durant to play for the Brooklyn Nets, not the New York Knicks, after Durant’s injury.
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  • Jalen I'd rather lie than admit I was wrong Rose... ladies &gentlemen 👏👏👏

  • I agree with Jalen in that the Nets record will most likely be worse next year than last year. When Durant comes back it also wouldn’t be surprising that the Nets don’t meet expectations because Durant may never be the same player again because he’ll be 32 coming off a catastrophic achilles rupture. Historically speaking, players just aren’t the same ever again at the that age with that injury. The dude shoulda stayed in GS to collect his max. GS will probably be glad he DIDN’T stay.

    • lets wait and see how he comes out, Rudy Gay came back although not the same player but quite good one, a quite good KD is better than many NBA players

  • This show has always been good for wild reckless speculation, which I love, but the wild reckless retrospective what-if scenarios is a bridge too far.

  • Kyrie and Durant along with the arrival of a Deandre Jordan moved Brooklyn's timeline up now. This year is an audition year for the important remaining players: LeVert, Dinwiddie Joe Harris and jAllen. They better perform on a high level or else kyrie will be crying for "veteran presence" like he did Boston. You're the one that won a 🏆.... You're the one supposed to be showing them

  • KD can finally clear his name after being a weakling and leaving OKC. This is great man. best offseason i have seen so far

  • I like how y’all say New Yorkers SMH! It’s north jersey fans!

  • Bullshit

  • Demonstrating his steadfast belief that if he can survive a torn ACL he can live through cancer, as well. That's even if after a year of Kyrie's "leadership" the Nets haven't fired him out of a canon and KD comes back to a team STILL in search of a leader at point guard.

  • We dont beleive you need more people!!!!

  • These media types like to make any story sound like they were right the entire time.... " yeah yeah we weren't wrong he just changed his mind last minute"

  • He didn't meet with the Knicks either jalen is starting to annoy me .🙄🙄

  • Kyrie and Dinwiddie already confirmed Durant committed to Nets before the postseason. Kyrie knew he was coming to Brooklyn way back in December. What makes this take ridiculous is how ESPN analyst completely ignore Deandre Jordan and his role on why KD chose Brooklyn over every other team in the league. DJ's version of what happens confirms the Knicks NEVER had a real chance at signing KD.

  • Jalen, are you 99% sure again?

  • ESPN needs a new fresh team of ppl that actually know what the hell they are talking about...Facts not made up BS/Lies

  • Mane had his doctors New York based already 🤣🤣🤣dat shit funny

  • Your local Walmart cashier is more credible than Jalen *LYING ASS* Rose

  • This is stupid. He didn't meet with the Knicks either. They were going to play together from the start, nobody was recruiting anyoone. I m so tired of this idiotic narrative, who is the alpha, who follows who, the toxic masculinity obsession with finding the aggressive type they can admire. That has nothing to do with winning games, nothing to do with championships. Why would they go to the Knicks? They are a disaster. The Nicks narrative was made up by the press and now they don't want to admit they were wrong.

  • If this is true how weak do u have to be to base your decision on an injury smh God these new guys are pussy

  • Thanks Captain Obvious

  • "I can't be recruited"- KD. *Gets recruited by Krynee.*

  • KD Kyrie is the most exciting duo this coming years

  • Kevin probably didnt want to play wit kawai cause kawai probably wanted KD to sign that same deal he signed 3 years wit the 3rd year a player option nd KD probably wanted to cash in that max contract

  • better hope Kyrie don't blow up his legs carrying a team

  • Jaylen wink every .5 sec

  • Jalens eyes are never looking at one thing. Jalen what are u looking at bruh!!!

  • KD wasn't going to the knicks... he was going where Kyrie was going.

  • And that culture talking point is trash. Brooklyn played well but so did many young teams. That don't mean its a great destination. Kyrie and Coach Atkins don't even see eye to eye already about the system they are running. Its all narrative. if a bunch of media folks say it I guess its true.

  • KD & Kyrie will never see a championship ring ... & will eventually Separate in 3 years.

  • What ends up happening in jalen world, meaning jalen in speculating

  • I don't believe that. Just like i don't believe Marks about not having a convo with KD. This league is full of tampering.

  • Why does Jalen speak as if Durant told him specifically that he was going to the Knicks? He obviously doesn’t know what KD was thinking. To me it sounds like Jalen is trying to cover up the fact that he was simply flat out wrong about KD going to the Knicks.

  • Who else looks at all the guys media reports sideways since Kawhi made them ALL 👀 incompetent 😂

    • They aren’t psychic but whatever

    • @E.Z. Jumpshot you fucking methwhore EVERYONE was wrong about Kawhi. Imma make ya mom and girl give me sloppy toppy and a rimjob for your disrespect you lil cuck

    • Nope... not yesterday. Started watching In 1985 and to quote Skip Bayless who didn’t to prognosticate on this particular move. “ I never seen anything like this.” So instead of trying to be first or right he just said, I don’t know and stated where he’d like to see him go (Clippers) rather than use his “sources”.... Ok I’ll stfu now dude.

    • iChase Banks STFU dude.... Somebody gotta be wrong every year. When did you start watching basketball ... yesterday? 😒🤫🙄

  • Didn't mention dlo wow

  • 🔥🔥

  • Peeps saying the Nets are gonna be worse when the west got weaker and we essentially traded D’Lo for Kyrie and Durant 🤔

  • How sure are you about that Jalen? Put a percentage on it

  • Ah thank you for no ryan hollins

  • And now these two sensitive people can complain about how the other is hurting the team or fight over who's team it is. At least prime Steph, prime Klay and prime Draymond all set aside their ego and gave that mantle to KD.


  • ESPN has become nothing but fake drama. Who the fuck cares who recruited who? Not to mention nobody has sources, and nothing has been said by the parties involved. All of this is just shit they shovel to put out content and have something to talk about.

  • I just like that Stephen A. SMITH'S team still sucks!

  • Sound like a ny dude bitching a DMV native to help him ball how he wanna lol

    • That’s what you got from this?! You sound dumb as shit 😂 Kylie ain’t “bitching” nobody especially KD (who’s from the trenches)

  • The Nets would be worse than last year?? How?? Kyrie is way better than DLo, and they still have Caris LeVert, Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, Spencer Dinwiddie along with guys like Taurean Prince, Wilson Chandler, DJ. That's a 47 win squad right there. Jalen doesn't know what he's talking about.

    • Diogo Costa Molly, Miley wtf cares . Same shit . Bitch ass nigga

    • @Patrick Pierre who tf is Miley, her name is Molly genius

    • The GreatestOfAllTime chemistry also matters

  • Such a horrible take by Jalen. Forget that his doctor for his last two surgeries is the Nets team doctor. Forget one of his best friends is an Assistant coach with Brooklyn.. Forget his good relationship with Caris Levert & Taurean Prince.. Forget him saying on camera years back he would never be a Knick.. Forget one of his other best friends just played for the Knicks just months ago and was relegated to DNP's resulting in an awful time during his tenure. Forget the Nets steady improvement under Marks and the Knicks steady decline during the same time period.. Forget all of this Jalen..smh

    • Jalen is just a 🤡

    • Billy Carter KD also criticized Bron for going to the Heat ... and then he went to the Warriors so gtfoh what KD says and thinks changes on a week by week basis

    • Months ago KD did a interview with a black and white #7 hat; it looked out of place, but no one thought much of it ... now KD joins the Nets and changes his number to 7??? It's clear he decided long ago

    • Billy Carter speak!!

  • Kevin Durant wasn't going to the Knicks, Jalen Rose is lying, when will this guy learn the lesson?

  • Jalen has no credibility drop the mic!!!

  • Kyrie a bitch

  • Jalen has no credibility (Mr. 99%)

  • I wonder when KD gonna come out the closest, its so painfully obvious he's gay

  • Green yelled at him and he ran into the arms of Kyrie

  • KD was never going to the Knicks. He didn’t take a meeting with the Knicks either.

    • bj boogie KD was decided on the Nets long ago. Knicks were never in consideration.

    • He was the injury changed everything. I trust jalens word on this

  • i sometimes think these reporters are slow. The doctor KD went to is a bk nets doctor i believe and has worked on his previously. Soon as he went to bk to get surgery i knew it was a done deal personally.

  • Kyrie gonna run this team, and turn Durant into a spot up shooter.

    • The better player is KD (even returning from injury). Kyrie won’t run shit.

    • Death Rider Boyz Durant gonna do to Kyrie what dwade did to lebron

  • I miss Stephen a Smith🙄

  • It changes it , because it modifies it ? 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I was waiting for someone to realize this nonsense 🤨🤨🤨🤨

    • Katarine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1000th viewer Feeling kinda special 😭💀

  • Who believes this lie 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • U can tell they CLEARLY dont watch nets basketball .. fuck next year they gon be a problem THIS YEAR .. they my sleeper this year to upset some mfs all they needed was someone to take over cuz dlo couldnt .. they wont win it all but they will send some mfs home this comin year

  • I believe kd made a deal with kyrie. If I win the title we going to the knicks if I lose we go to Brooklyn

  • ESPN pushing Stephen A smith hard

  • Kd thought Westbrook was bad he's gonna kill Kyrie by the end of the season lol

    • KD never had a problem with Westbrook. He didn’t like okc management and didn’t like Billy Donovan as a coach

    • Kyrie is ball dominant but still 10x less than westbrook and can actually hit 3s so i doubt it. And he is a much more willing passer than Westbrook but that isnt exactly a high bar haha

  • The biggest mistake KD made was playing in Game 5. Should have let the warriors take their L earlier smh could have been healthy to start 2019-20 season.

    • You probably quit alot in life without ever giving your 100. Pretty pathetic. Me and your Mom raised you better then that Son.

    • @Rian Eagan I feel you

    • @Tgo i dont hate KD. thats extreme and over the top. i just dislike his personality. thats all.

    • Tryna come back half-ass his way just to help get 3 rings bitch ass deserve it

  • I dont believe this one.. i read a report where he moved im not sure if it is his company or what to brooklyn last year but the speculation is still knicks since it is still not known that nets will be a playoff contender last season.. and then there are some reports specially in all star break where kd and kyrie seen hanging out with pictures in miami.. so i dont believe that kyrie recruited kd after the injury.. thats bs..

  • KD:I cAnT Be ReCrUiTeD Kyrie: Hold my beer Nets -🥳

  • This nets aren't doing a damn thing til the slim reaper returns for injury

    • You right everyone knows that but if kd dosent comeback the same player they might not win a ring

    • Jay Johnson Kyrie is still amazing

  • Nah I'm not buying....them two been planning this and it says ALOT about KD he cant even make a decision on his own he's easily influenced (beta male) thats not leadership

    • @Finessed Analyzer it came from his OWN camp that he had interest in the Knicks

    • chosen elite76 He was never supposed to join the Knocks; that’s just you incorrectly assuming what he was going to do beforehand. The Nets had his doctor, a better FO, a great young core on good contracts (Levert, Allen, etc), a great coach, playoff experience and a good culture... but in your mind he only went because Kyrie convinced him? Since the Knicks offered all of those things listed as well, right? LOL...

    • @chosen elite76 He follows the best flatterer.

    • @Finessed Analyzer he wanted to join the Knicks but was talked out of it he was talked into joining GS by Draymond green see a pattern here?

    • What was he supposed to do? Join the Charlotte Hornets to prove that he could drag to a championship? All superstars are recruiting other teammates, even Kawhi attempted to recruit KD and Kyrie. And we already know about LeBron and his recruiting tactics since the 2008 Olympics with Wade and Bosh

  • Do we believe him? He 99% sure about this??

  • Musical chair analogy was genius

  • Kyrie shoulda played his cards right in Boston. Kd fina comeback as a 87 overall and u know them egos fina clash.

    • yo profile is funny 🤣🤣🤣💀

    • U hope

    • Nah KD will take a backseat if he’s not the same.

    • Snake at The Vet he didn’t want to be there in the first place. That’s why it was never gone work out. And then when he got injured the first year that fucked the chemistry up

  • I'm sure Brooklyn will be the place to be as always in New York 💯

  • If KD couldn’t get a ring with Westbrook & harden 2 MVP’s then how is he gonna win with a injury prone locker room cancer who hasn’t done anything without lebron?

    • To add to that, Kyrie has more playoff victories this year (5-4) than Westbrook in his 3 years of leadership (4-12).

    • Kyrie has done more without Lebron than Westbrook without KD in the playoffs. He’s actually gotten out of the first round. Also you don’t know basketball if you think James Harden and Westbrook were MVP players back then.

    • Honestly bruh youre a philly fan no one wants to hear ur opinion on great players your team tanked for seasons to get a PG who cant shoot at all and a center who has an old mans injury problems. And yall signed Tobias harris to a max. All THE PROCESS did was give you about 5 years of relevance until Embiid has to retire😂😂

    • In 2012 Harden wasn't a MVP. Also rewatch those games. Harden didn't do enough. Also Westbrook was turnover problem in the 4th quarter.

    • Yea both KD and Kyrie are gonna have a rude wake up call

  • I don't want to hear any more of your conspiracy theories. What difference does that make between KD inviting Kyrie or Kyrie inviting KD. The is always trying to make something.

  • “Jimmy butler did his own thing” Yes Jalen. I’m mad butler left but I like that he went to do something on his own. He didn’t team up with 2 all stars and he went to do it on his own.

  • jalen rose is the biggest nets hater... like ever

  • 2 niggas who can’t lead a team joining together. this is a recipe for disaster

  • Shoutout to Mr. 99% with the fresh looking cut

  • God the bron dick riders are fuckin annoying.

  • I'm sure it didn't take much to recruit KD he knows he can't lead a team to a championship that's why he went to GSW and now the Nets because of Kyrie ... And yet people constantly bashed LeBron 😂

    • D Thomas then got swept ,,nice though..

    • Finessed Analyzer lebron didn’t have a super team in 2018 & made the finals

    • What player aside from Dirk lead a team to a championship without an All-Star? You should wipe out LeBron's rings because he's had two All-Stars on every championship team he has played on and in the first time in years without a superteam he couldn't make the playoffs. And the Nets aren't a superteam. It's KD and Kyrie with a great core and a highly underrated Levert. How is that a bad look for KD?

    • Lol what are you talking about. KD was finals mvp for a reason

  • The nets won’t win a ring. Kyrie is way too injury prone and hasn’t done anything in the playoffs without lebron.

    • e you’re probably a bandwagon. We whooped the nets ass this year and took the champs to 7 games. We are still better than u

    • The sixers wont win a ring. Just fucked themselves with a simmons deal and embiid is disease and injury prone

  • Nets are once again relevant 🤷🏾‍♂️