KSI Destroys Logan Paul & Mandalorian Review - H3 Podcast #157

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
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  • Timestamps :^) 00:30 post office story 05:30 boomers 07:02 feeding window, vegetarianism 13:23 shoenice 24:52 h3 memes of the week 34:40 how to get rid of a dead body 101 39:52 ethan's a bidet boy now 52:30 mandalorian review 1:06:13 new sonic trailer 1:17:18 epstein's egg 1:25:34 gender reveal disasters 1:27:24 stabbing at popeye's 1:35:44 hila confronting ethan 2:02:56 maga challenge 2:13:17 ksi v. logan paul + jake paul's "fashion" 2:26:22 mobility scooter accident

    • Ily

    • you psychotic piece of a nice person

    • I love you!

    • If that's not the script of the best episode of the best show I don't know what is

    • Ethan is such a normie he only finds out about Epstein's egg a year after everyone else.

  • Im totally with ethan on the IG situation. It's ridiculous that i can't check someone's IG page just because they said they are interested in me. It's just curiosity, im personally not into guys but if a guy sent me a dm saying that he likes me i would still check his page even though im not interested. Its ridiculous and unattractive if my partner made a big deal out of a situation like this.

  • Not logan fan (have to state that out) but there should have been a warning not a point deduction and logan did more significant damage.

  • The fight was close wtf, I'm not a Logan fan but Logan won the match if it weren't for the ref. Ksi didn't destroy Logan.

  • I knew about Bad Dragon before you talked about it

  • I have

  • Man at the end it felt like when a couple starts arguing at a party. So uncomfortable.

  • I'm with Ethan on this one. It might not be for the ego boost, to see if the person is attractive, to criticize, have a story to tell later on, rather it could be just to fill that lack of information a.k.a. how tall the person is, how old, if they're chubby, etc. *That's curiosity*, it''s not to see if the person is a potential mate.

  • I am with Ethan on the curiosity. First of all, for most people, it’s a super weird phenomenon when someone confesses their love/ interest in you. Especially for people who are insecure, which I can speak for. & Especially if it’s a random person. Even if you’re famous, this phenomenon is something most people are just not used to. When it’s so out of the blue like this case, and doesn’t happen often, of course it would provoke curiosity.

  • i knew about the bad dragon dildos too ethan, don't worry

  • Take zero advice from Kanye West supporters.. they think they have taste lmao

  • I think it's natural and normal to just check someone out if they send you a profile. As long as there's no emotional desire to see someone for gratification or anything but simply out of curiosity, it's 100% fine.

  • h3h3 is retarded...................... "impossible burger" = 2x sodium, 2x unhealthy shiz............................... JUST EAT NORMAL FOOD.

  • Could this convo about the insta message go on any longer?

  • How did ethan get so fat if he doesnt eat meat... and how did hila get so unhealthily skinny??? oh wait i know how lol

  • Im in ethans generation but hearing all this "boomer" crap (must be a yankie thing) is just annoying, ethan hila and their crew are SOOOO out of touch from the normal people who are not LA millionaires lmao, they make it clear how out of touch they are most episodes... and they have the balls to call out some other generation, as if these hipster bellends have ever worked a day in their lives lmao.

  • Don’t worry Ethan I don’t think there’s anything wrong w jus looking if there no intent lol I mean if someone sent me really anything I’d like to see who it was cmon !

  • Ethan’s right. Everybody else sound so laughably stupid.

  • I knew of baddragon

  • 26:05

  • I agree with Ethan, ofc I would look! Are you not curious And there is no intentions.. I really dont get this Hila, why is this even a problem?

  • I kinda understand Hila here, checking someone's Instagram after that kind of message is kinda gray territory, but being in a relationship is to trust the other person, and Ethan is right here. The insecurity of this nature can be very contra-productive.

  • Briella is dumb as a bag of hammers

  • Ethan is right about the looking at instagram thing

  • damn hila so inlove with ethan

  • the reason bc everyone was against ethan is bc everyone is in a relationship

  • I would look just to know who I am talking to.

  • Im on ethan's side period

  • I disagree my mom works at the post office and is perfectly normal its not the employees that are the issue rather the managers trust me they are brutal to their workers and don't care about their job just as long as mail is delivered. My moms boss and I shit you not took a years leave for no reason and got away with it all while getting paid and he rarely shows his face at his job.

  • 28:03 literally saw this right after i applied vaseline to my itchy butthole

  • I’m on your side, Hila.

  • I’m also on Ethan’s side, but I see the reasoning behind both

  • completely agree with ethan that id look at the person's insta. even in you are in a relationship its nice to get an ego boost every once in a while. so you wanna see if they cute and if they are you feel good about yourself that someone cute thinks you're cute. it doesn't at all mean i want to leave my current relationship. loooks wouldn't sway me away from someone i love.

  • I don't agree at all with all these comments about ethan being correct. What is the purpose of looking if you are in a committed relationship. Do you really need extra validation from a random other person if you are in a relationship with someone you find attractive and love? I think Dan did the perfectly correct thing. And I don't understand how it is so shocking that he is not interested in looking when he is in a happy relationship :)

  • zack is a dumb traitor, ethan. actually your crew is kinda sketchy.

  • Lmao... It's kinda like when someone comments on a IT-tvs comment section and you just simply wonder what they look like.

  • I bet that guy who soaps his ass also slips it a little bit inside too just to get that ``extra cleaning``

  • Wow, looking through the comments was really refreshing. Listening to that IG segment was getting frustrating. I love all of them, but my lord were they wrong on this one. I especially disliked when they kept asking what is the point or goal of the curiosity. Gaining knowledge is the goal. That's it... I am curious about a thousand things every day that I actually don't care about or have any interest in pursuing further, I just want to gain knowledge that I don't possess. It's like if someone says they have a cat, I am then curious about the breed and the name. Those pieces of information do absolutely nothing for me and I will never use them again in my life, I just am curious. Implying that any act of satisfying curiosity must have an additional motive is honestly quite concerning.

  • i knew.

  • omfg hila we get it, you hate meat and want to micro-manage ethan's entire menu/diet....ugh ...its like being around my boring, redundant, judgmental family...ya'll need to take the veto power away that you gave her...