kristen hanby madness with family || a crazy guy high on life

Pubblicato il 9 mar 2019
English video prankster known for posting his devilish practical jokes on his family and on the public on Facebook. His videos have combined to earn over 200 million views.
Before Fame
He worked full-time on a building site on the small island of Jersey. His internet video career originally began on IT-tvs where he posted the debut video "Step Brothers 'boats and hoes' REMAKE" in 2013.
In addition to his Facebook, he is massive on Instagram with over 4.1 million followers for his prank-related videos.
Family Life
His mother, grandmother, and sisters Natalie and Bryony are often the victims of pranks on Facebook.
Associated With
Through his success, he has been able to meet and get to know other entertainers and pranksters such as Ben Phillips and Julius Dein, among others
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