Kingdom Come Deliverance | One Year Later

Pubblicato il 18 feb 2019
Kingdom Come Deliverance Released 1 Year Ago! I talk about the Launch, Controversy, thoughts on The DLC and How the game has Developed!
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  • Just to say, the head dev could be the freaking leader of the KKK, I’m still going to play this game and any like it.

  • Great vid, I have had this languishing on my shelf for the last year & A half for ps4 pro & I might just give it a go now, all the best my friend!

  • Unlimited saving mod? Hah, a little alchemy and I got schnaps for days!

  • not to be that person, but what the hell does you being transgender have to do with racism?

  • just watched xQc play this on stream

  • who says u are a biggot for not showing trannies any love?

  • What about the combat is it still hard to learn?

  • The Western Disease = to be forced to apologize for having white people in a setting in 15th Century Europe.

  • Idk how people are broke in this game I always have at least a couple k at all times

  • I baught the game the week it came out ... uninstalled pretty quickly lol 2019 come around i install like 2 weeks ago and now i cant put it down ... its amazing!! And hopefully your not the type of person that thinks only white people are/can be racist.

  • Where is this river and tuinnel you're showing in the video?! It's SO COOOOOL!

    • Just outside Rattay if you Exit through bottom gate that leads towards pesheks turn left and keep following the river round till you get to a farm house and that is where the tunnel is hidden!

  • The game is a masterpiece at this stage. "Sincere" is the single best word to describe it. There are some design elements I hope they will minimize in #2 ("cinematic linearity" as you put it).

  • I feature i would have liked for this game would be to customise your weapons a bit like red dead? Choose length of the blade, type pommle, hand guard or handle. The better the steel the more expensive. Any thoughts?

    • Think we're on the same page here mate. That would be awesome to take all the gear and money you got from the first game into the second like Mass effect. Maybe more options for appearence aswell like hair and beards.

    • @Joshua Perry another thing that would be good is being able to import a save from the first game to the second kind of like the witcher series but keep money and gear or at least money , historically plate was really only made to fit a specific person so I think what they should do is make the custom gear the best to reflect that but make it very expensive

    • @Bring back the Battleships i know exactly what you mean dude. Like if you pay for custom made sword or something then you'd have to wait a day or so for it to be made (more realistic). God i hope you get to rebuild Skalitz in the next one like the Privitslavitz dlc. Think i just slaughtered the spelling lol.

    • I hope they have something like this is the next game , a feature where you could go to a blade smith and get a custom sword or other weapon ( at considerable cost) would be awesome I would also like to be able to get custom plate armor made

  • Your voice is like sandpaper on my brain

  • It'd be cool if they released a level editor and character customization to create scenarios... I was hoping there'd be character customization so much :(

  • just subscibed cus your voice is as deep as mine

  • i just got this game and all dlc for only 39 dollers on steam

    • I'm looking at the pirate version for free. ;)

  • thx for reminding me, i played this back then on 1080p and then it really looked amazing. Now years ahead i upgraded my pc and got a rx580 8gb and a 28 " 4k monitor, i have been playing the witcher 3 on 4k maxed out now for the third time, 1st normal release, 2end hd pack, and now on 4k maxed out. So now while i type this i'm reinstall kingdome come and going to play it again on 4k maxed out and see how it looks now. I agree this is truly the most realistic game i have ever seen apart from the witcher 3 and some other titles, but kingdome come comes damn close to beeing visual realsitc as possible, just amazing and hope some others might just play this now where the bugs are out of there, sure they apriciate the game developer for taking the effort, and like you said they actualy are listing to the players community, where other game houses can learn something from, that greed is not the best way to make a game in the first place, a game should be running smoothly and without bugs. Thriving on addons and adding more content that you have to pay for, instead of fixing bugs is wrong way to go, what's the point of creating addon's when your base game is broken. resent examples on how they operate these days is ea and bethesda and others for not fixing stuff but add more bugs in the process of creating more dlc's with more bugs adding to the list of problems. i'm off going to play kingdome come again on 4k thx mate for reminding me.

    • @arno victor visually realistic on 4k

  • Have to congratulate people who make "real" games instead of those who think how to only make money out of it , how to make it easyer , for the kids not to get frustrated , a lot is to talk about this . We started not to get used anymore with good games, and when one comes out we say is the best ever etc, well we should know that all the games should be made with this passion as the producers had for making this one. Haveing said that , the combat mechanic is being made from a person whos not from this planet , logic is there but how is actually realised dropped and still drops this game beneath Assassins Creed etc.If this game would had got more variations of gameplay (like pretend youre dead on the road , someone comes to check up on you and you kill it , after stealing "the entire" town people to get organised and check house by house, to become agressive with strangers, you pretend finding some stolen goods on X and he would be executed,I dont know lots of things can be done in a game, just as example how well this things could be done) , and remove combat completely would had been better seen by the gamers.To spend years in development and not to think and implement something that would let you with jaw dropped don't know seems odd.

  • I preordered it on PS4 and put a lot of time in the first week, until my save corrupted because of a glitch. I put in another 70 hours or so... corrupted again. I put about another 45 hours when they released the patch to fix this corrupted while installing the patch. I haven’t played it since. I need to give it another shot...if it’s actually fixed.

  • But I wanted black female nazis

  • I wish more battles with significantly more warriors in the next part.

  • Definitely a fine game! Only issue I have is the combat being wonky with henry locking on the exact person you don’t want him to lock on. As well as the selection of the armor and swords all seem the same to me once I got half way through the game.

  • Rtx 2060 "potato pc"

  • is a beautifull game, good story. But the combat controls made me rage quit. Just my opinion, don't want to step on toes.

  • I gave up on this game cuz it got boring with the terrible side quests, bullshit loot, useless money, shit combat, and more. U have access to the best gear in the game right from the jump (after intro) and have no reason to ever loot again. Stealing is so easy so u never need to buy anything. ANd u can one hit kill basically anyone once u level up which happens very fast. The balancing is a joke. Also the sword play sucks considering no matter how high u level u swing the sword SUPER slow especially the larger swords. Combos NEVER work so its basically one hit everything and block. Fighting groups is also a joke as the camera locks onto only one dude so u get hit from other sides and cant do shit about it. And the bugs? yea there is that obviously. Sure the game looks pretty and the idea behind the style of the game is great but execution wise it was a major fail. Oh yea and the women are ugly as shit. Like all of em. I get its supposed to be realistic but all of them? Not even the whores?

  • Is this "dude" a guy that used to be a girl or something? Just curious cuz i thought he was a guy

  • Is the game still worth getting today?

  • I am annoyed they removed the Teutonic Knights.

  • I massacred ledechko in my first run so not sure if theres anyone i should have kept for any missions :/

  • I love this game so much, that i hope they can produce another vastly different game but really stick to their passion. Anythinf before 1500s would be beautiful even more flushed out realistic game.

  • Its gonna be so fun when I get this for Xbox and then specifically *_don't_* update it

  • Ahhhh video games being historically accurate and people getting all sjw on it. Not the battle i suggest fighting. Great video

  • Ahhhh video games being historically accurate and people getting all sjw on it. Not the battle i suggest fighting. Great video

  • Yup that's me, I didn't buy it because I heard it was buggy. Good to know it's been mostly sorted out, I'll give it a go.

  • WTF "i'm openly transgender" ...

  • I now played it for the third time...and I always discovered new things and details. Its a masterpiece with a few flaws but deninately in the top 5 of my all time favourites. I want more of that quality and that theme.

  • Just got this 2 weeks ago and I'm addicted. Watched this vid on lunch at work. Can't wait to get home and play more lol

  • Powerful forces in our society are saying that only white European/Christians trying to recreate their own history and ancient culture are "RACIST" for doing so(!!????). Japanese, Arabic, African, Indian, Native American etc., they can do what they want portraying and glorifying their own culture and historic past. But not the white race. Those who dare to suggest this oxymoron insanity are committing themselves to the very definition of racism.

  • Good for you if you want to identify as male. People should be more open minded. Enjoyed your video.

  • I managed to just do a silent kill on black peter. Was the only way because it was right in the middle of a date with the millers daughter .

  • Kingdom come deliverance is the best geme ever

  • This may just be me, but the rendering on console is horrid, most things won't fully load until I stand right next to them. And the siege of Pribyslavitz was almost unplayable, I dread seeing the later sieges.

  • I'm still surprised at how much warhorse got right about medieval life and warfare, of course they didn't make it 100% historically accurate, but they're pretty damn close. It's refreshing to play something like this instead of the typical fantasy bullshit.. Would love to see warhorse do a new IP set in feudal japan or china during the yellow turban uprising, definitely want to see the next installment in KCD.

  • A next game is coming because the narrator when you first boot up the game is older Henry because he says “It is here my story begins” and then you begin playing as Henry thus meaning Henry will grow old and have many more battles/games

  • Just bought the Royal Edition on the PS4. Very excited to try it out

  • I remember people giving "Dunkirk" shit for not being diverse. French coast with British troops in 1940.....come on people lol. Great video buddy.

  • i really just hate the combat

  • Your transgender? that’s cool 😎

  • I’m black and I play the game lol. I love medieval games

    • Alameen_o id like to see a game about Richard mustard the black knight of savoy

  • Hmm. Is this game even worth it, looks so clunky.

    • It is clunky. At least in contrast to other games. But ts very realistic and historical accurate with a very interesting story. Not a mainstream-game.

    • Yup

  • KDC is an exeptional game, Warhorse did really a great job here. I wount forget my first time playing the chapter in the cloister , this experience had more ambience and immersion than the whole Fallout4 map.

  • Awesome video mate! I subbed you - because you are genuine, enthusiastic and earnest. The game looks great - just found out about it today LOL - will be a great experience. will try to run it on eyefinity surround setup. Have a nice one!

  • i'm playing it right now while its free for the weekend and even though it runs at 20 frame rate in rattay but its real neat so far

    • @Sneaky well i plan to keep playing the low framrate isn't to much of a problem

    • the game gets soooo much better as it goes on with some wonderful quests later on

  • ZOMBIE MOD PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm from Slovakia and I'm happy that from brother county creates an amazing game.

  • It’s amazing how the description when u are in loading screen tells u run away to fight another day , are u serious u no how different it is when that stupid dog keeps grabbing your arm and u are getting hit by like 6 others and we’ll done ass 😡

  • This is the biggest peice of shit game I have ever played

  • this game is free on game pass now. what a deal

  • I am surprised liberal mainstream media were smart enough to eventually realize that by calling Warhorse Studios bigots and racists, they were merely unwittingly providing the very evidence that Trump and many other conservatives are not fools when they call them the fake news media.