Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods #1 - Sectorial Lockpicking, Bow Reticle, Faster Arrows

Pubblicato il 2 mar 2018
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  • Please do more, when they release the mods!

  • damn judging by the comments here, the community of this game is so overly protective of the 'immersion' lmao. In case you're new here, dude just trying to showcase mods for you like he always do

  • As someone who has picked locks, it’s hard in real life too. As someone who has used a bow, it’s hard in real life too.

  • Great video MxR just be careful, KCD community seems to be protective of the...."immersion".... also I have the bell on and I got no notification that you uploaded....YT you suck!!!

  • You sound like pewdiepie

  • This game is insanely difficult. Literally, it took me two days of near constant play just to defeat Runt while trying to find Sir Kobylas sword. I love this game but by gods it is frustrating at times. Especially the archery, since i play on console i dont have access to mods. Which is just fine since i know a little about archery and instinctive shooting so my aim isnt exactly the problem, more like the ridiculous drop with arrows. Hence why i stick primarily to Better Long Distance Arrows.

  • You can put all of this into one big modpack called "little bitch"

  • I'm an archer in real life and I must say, the archery is close to spot on realistic. It's hard to shoot a bow irl, especially if you don't know what you are doing.

  • How dare you bring such vial filth to the kingdom, I'm going to have to report you to Sir Radsik

  • Kingdom cum deliverance

  • henry grows beard huh?

  • Why dont people shoot higher if gravity is fucking them over with bow and arrow?????

  • #1 never makes another

  • The problem with bow is not problem of the game, but your problem. Same with the lockpicking. If you have enough skills and you know how to do it, it's really easy. These things are not mods, but cheats! And fuck cheats!

  • MORE

  • The best way to get lockpicks is by killing bandits

  • Woohoo finally MxR covers the game I really love, Please continue this series. I honestly enjoy your video on kcd and can't wait for more to watch!!!!!

  • Everything is easy except lockpicking

  • Send bobs and vegan

  • It's funny seeing the skip intro mod, knowing now that if you hit esc fast enough you can skip it all in vanilla

  • WTF, Henry?!

  • more of this pls

  • Most of those mods are dumb

  • dude... git gud

  • Lockpicking is very easy once you get the hang of it, it's very simple actually, i play on the Xbox by the way

  • OMG the self dicksucking line kills me👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lol none of these mods are immersive. A lot of what makes KCD what it is is the difficulty.

  • Basically mods to make this game unrealistic and boring, very good idea indeed.

  • where is my new set of sex lab mods MxR. i need fucking answers here

  • I lost to a "bandit king" person in a 1v1 of the story at first then searched how to beat him easily. They told me to put armor pierce potions on arrows amd hit him with 1 or 2 headshots. I almost uninstalled the game when I read it.

  • 5:06 lol thats truth...archery is nintendo hard in this game

  • This is just sad tbh .... this game is supposed to be an RPG, you start as a peasant, who has never held a bow or a sword in his hands, you cant pick locks, you are shit at everything, but you can actually learn everything, thats the point of the game. And people are ruining the game by ignoring the core idea of the game by using mods to make the game easier ... I can understand visual mods tho.

  • 101 ways to destroy the game. Use of many of these mods and more can cause game and DLC breaking bugs even today. Use the official patches only and knuckle down and learn game mechanics. MANY areas were vastly improved. It is fairly obvious there was little patience by another person who wanted to be a medieval Batman.

  • Imagine my surprise when after 50 hours of gameplay I wonder, what kinda mods are out there? And then I see MXR. Whaaaa? You've been cheating on skyrim and fallout?!?! Two games I don't even play anymore...please do this game. I actually am playing this one.

  • One year ago? One year ago!?!

  • lockpicking is so easy how the fuck is it hard man wtf

  • Fine I’ll watch it now fuck off IT-tvs

  • go play hard mode and u will know the feels

  • Which job would that be that is done by the naked mod?

  • give the links to the mods you fuck

  • fucking ads

  • Are these just for PC? Will they be making console mods available anytime soon?

    • 😪 yeah I didn't think they would. Such a great game though, console mods would make it endlessly replayable.

  • How are you still promoting g2a ?

  • more

  • this should be continued, i enjoy it a lot

  • The more lockpicking you do on Console the more easier it gets

  • Seriously? "The arrows go nowhere." THEN RAISE YOUR AIM !!! I'm sorry for this but really, come on !

  • Wish he made more of these

  • too many of these mods just make the game easy. like, the point of the game is that its hard until you practice

  • Nobody: Chris Brown: 8:56

  • No news on this yet? I saw some pretty interesting ones on nexus recently... With modding tools supposedly comming this fall/winter, might be good time to come back to this I guess?

  • yeah as you mentioned about the locks , the archery is so much easier in real life as well like wtf , and its not even realistic, for the first 10/15 meters u always need to aim dawn becouse the arrow always goes up and in the game the arrows goes dawn

    • The point is Henry in the game is a complete noob with bow, when you start he cant shoot for shit, but when you lvl up your agility and archery it gets much more "realistic", this is pretty much a perfect depiction of how someone who has never held a bow in his hands shoots.

  • Archery is too hard? Git gud.

  • I just need to see Hans Capon's and Henry's ding dong lol

  • 8:54 Jesus Christ.. Dude.. Shit I don't like naked Mod. Beware of Virus.

  • Shame!

  • These mods are for people that can't stand a challenge and have no sense of realism, my 1st thought when I bought this was that I'm playing a young inept blacksmith who's only talent is drinking...I am and I had no issue with building and practicing from the ground up

  • Naked mod making it kingdom cum!!

  • For the bear, u can change it like Witcher 3 For the weight, u can have a horse on the early game For the lockpicks, u can learn with reading LUL Meany mod are uselless a think but the naked mod wad priceless for more ... realism :kappa:

  • The arrows are fast if you spend time drawing your bow back and don't have a fucking practice bow.