Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - HENRY (Full Game)

Pubblicato il 12 feb 2018
Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough PS4 Pro in 1080p - Not a review copy - Kingdom Come Deliverance Let's Play Playthrough Review
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  • Would be amazing to see this video do well - I think 5k likes might be ambitious but you never know. Once you realise the budget and fact this is the studios first game. It's pretty remarkable. Link to the game in the description (not sponsored and not a review copy)

    • try having better control fuk visual thats a giving

    • +Edgy Reggie Of course not. He got to 6,3k likes.

    • 6,3k likes. You Sir have a 1,9% Like-Rate! Me likey!

  • As somebody with a background in history (I know, such a nerd haha) this looks AMAZING! It’s not the graphics or gameplay, the the small, subtle details which the production team nailed perfectly! I can overlook graphics, sound, clunky physics etc. if the attention to detail is this precise. Truly a magnum opus for the company which developed this game 😳😮🤩🔥🙌

  • Is this game worth playing?

  • The voice acting is so unconvincing

  • Are there other characters to play as ? Why highlight this is a henry playthrough?


  • 9:23 Foreshadowing

  • Hello my name is Henry and this is my life

  • Thanks for the walk through vid. I wasn't sure about this game until I watched this. You have made me a subscriber and a fellow KCD player.

  • Your voice reminds me of the lead singer's of Camel. Any connection?

  • Yo I know this vid is old asf but did u have blood turned off or is there just no blood cuz that arrow did nothing but insert itself in your leg

  • This Game Is So Hard and way to Confusing 😭😭😭 Hopefully I can Follow Thru with These Walkthroughs.

  • 29:12 I thought throwing poop at someone's house was a sign of respect in Manchester? 😏

  • This game fucking sucks

  • I used to be an adventurer like you till I took an arrow to the knee.

  • I Sure hope this Dull asS game gets better, because so far, it SuCkS BaLLS... And also Not a BiG Fan of the 1st person shooter style...

  • 54:20 good old days :) were attacked bohemia, prague, regensburg because our country Polovetskaya Zemlya fell

  • Ok was trying to decide whether to buy the game now on Steam, so I started watching this. Skipped a bit - but it was a cutscene. Decided to wait a bit, maybe it was a short cutscene and I would see what the rest of the game is like... It wasn't. Skipped again - cutscene. Skipped again - cutscene. On the 4th skip forward there was some actual gameplay, saw for a few seconds, but now I was curious. I decided to skip to random parts of your video and about 4 out of 5 skips ended in a cinematic cutscene. Now I understand that's part of RPG games but the amount this game has seems a bit too much. A good example of what I expect of an immersive RPG game is the sort of failed VtmB, now that's good gameplay, a lot of the things that in this game would have been cutscenes are actually playable scripted encounters, as they should.

  • I know you’ve finished the game and I don’t know if you have tried this but a farm is near the mill in ratey you can kill the people there ang get a crap tone of grochins

    • Thanks

  • I cant believe he didn't save Theresa

  • I started to play the game today on the Game Pass, and I have to say I´m positive surprised from the first 1 hour and half. I like your walkthrough, so I think I´ll continue to play the game and watch your gameplay.

  • The guy from the hammer and nails gave me a beating 😂😂

  • I found a way to sell stuff and put it in your inventory while selling and keep doing it repeatedly and you can keep selling the samw items infinite times until the trader runs out of coin

    • @John Laney i tried best to record a video but i downgraded phones recently thats what that link is. Lwt me know how well it works for you.

    • @John Laney

    • @John Laney i told you how to do it

    • @Airborne Spires lol so why bring it up?!

  • At the one hour mark he talks to an old "king" of some sort. The guy who voices him sounds 30, but the character looks 60

  • This looks fun

  • I got sent to jail and then they set my cell on fire and then I died....woa

  • bother me big time that you didnt save that girl when you escaped xD but still a good vid. dude :) know its old but keep up the good work!

  • game was ok, great in certain areas soso in others imo.

  • This is now a freebie game on Xbox X as for the game looks ok not to impressed with the acting seems flat sadly budget voices can kill a game and this is borderline as people love good voice overs but game.itelfs looks fine good.movemet s a d feel nice video

  • Having a pop at this myself. Subscribe if you wanna.

  • My game glitched twice. I'd give my father the tools. It would skip the whole cutscene and go to give the girl the nails. I didn't know to go to the chest and get them so I gave them to her and it cut me right to the Run! Mission. Needless to say I was really confused

  • dude I ve beeen watching walkthrough's on youtube for ages how did i not find your channel until now. But im glad i did.

  • I love this game even a year later. I can't wait to see the next chapter, which I have heard, is coming. Of to Prague , lads

    • @Black Shark The game is worth more than that. Play the game and find out for yourself

    • I just bought this game at Target. It was in the clearance section. I wasn't planning to buy anything. But I saw this game and decided to IT-tvs it just out of curiousity. The game seemed kind of interesting but I didn't know anything about it. When I scanned the price on one of those "U scanners" it registered $2.99. I didn't know if it was just a bad game or if there was an error in the pricing. So I took it to the front registers and asked the cashier if this game was selling for $2.99. She said yes. So I said "what the heck" it's only 3 bucks. So I went ahead and bought it. I haven't played it yet as I still have other games in my collection that I haven't played yet. Do you think this game is only worth 3 bucks?? What is your opinion??

  • Lol anyone else try to watch TheRadBrad play this, it was literally frustrating how bad he was playing had to switch

  • Liked Part 1. Def gonna watch the whole thing. Sub’d

  • the voices though i cant

    • Get over it. Its an amazing kickstarter game. Alot of the voice actors are the staff.

  • Good to see a game showing some real history instead of dragons and magic.

  • It’s like game of thrones

  • The music is kinda ruining the tension for me. lol.

  • Thankyou so much for posting this, it is the first walkthrough I've found, its much needed for us newbies. I just got the game and I wondered if the game play may have changed with this new 25 gig patch. Pity you dont use the K&M. I can't get through the run quest. Given up I get killed over and over, can't ride the horse either lol now I have hope with your video. Cheers

  • Just decided to get the game thanks to the Steam Summer Sale - thanks to the Grand Prix, got it dirt cheap =D (the vouchers stack in case anyone is curious) 30.99 on summer sale, 5.99 with the vouchers - Royal Edition ofc

  • Is m'lady seducing him?! Must have been tough to live in medieval ages...

  • ew those graphics and facial dynamics are disqusting as hell... hopefully better on pc

  • 01:17:25 I enjoyed our little talk Henry but sorry this food was not for you I will take it with me xD

  • You started the horse part with full stamina? Mine was almost empty lol was hit a few times from the start 😂

  • Uhtred of Bebbanburg is the reason why I want this game

  • Am I the only one that noticed that he called Henry blue blooded ?

  • Skyrim with mods

    • @Arthur Morgan's Horse except it doesn't. Like at all. There's nothing i see in this game and go "oh skyrim" lol dumb

    • John Laney cause it looks like skyrim with mods

    • There's literally no comparison. What the hell?

  • Is this grifdrums?

  • Damn. You eat like a dwarf in a hobbit hole when there's enough food in front of you.

  • Its better than skyrim.... Unless you mod skyrim.

  • 40:18 "you won't level up speech by getting into fist fights"

  • Henry looks like he's been smoking that medieval kush

  • Enjoyable game, I like the direction they went with it, but Henry looks like a little pumpkin pie bitch

  • Purchased this about a year ago just not had time as I have other games but found this walk-through so will see how this part 1 walk-through is and start playing this game

  • I love this game, and its extra cool that they speak a shit load of hungarian in it (my language) so not so many people understand it

  • Best enjoyed hardcore.

  • ... I agree with Deutsch

  • I love the intro

  • I thought my GTX 1050 TI would run EVERY game.. And then I played this game....

    • what processor do u have? the min reqirements are a gtx 660 8 gigs of ram and an 15 2000k. a 1050 ti should run this game. the recommended gpu is a 1060 and a 1050 ti is just below that. I have a i5 7300hq 8 gigs (going to 32gb ram soon) and a 1050ti and I def should be able to play this game without much issue

    • I have the same card, but i already bought it. Did i make a mistake ?