Kingdom Come Deliverance Final Update | Patch 1.9.4 Released | Patch Notes

Pubblicato il 22 nov 2019
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Today Kingdom Come Deliverance got it's last patch, Patch 1.9.4 marks the end of development for KCD! I talk about how Kingdom Come has evolved over the Past 2 Years
They have very kindly given me permission to use their Tardis VFX
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  • For all of those asking about Mods on Consoles...

    • @Jesse Bloom thay will just dont know when

    • Do you think they will make a sequel?

    • Has this patch been released for consoles yet? Or do you know when it is supposed to come out for consoles? The ps4 would automatically download any updates right? Thanks

  • Ps4 version is still stuck on 1.9.2 lol

  • This game next level smart, most games you can't progress quest/mission without talking to someone to activate scene or something rather, anyways it was the mission to find out this ginger guy from quest that had that stable place raided, so making my way into the woods for a shortcut to a town to find a certain someone when I stumbled across a cave. Entered thinking will be like a cave from Skyrim with so many doors, loots and monsters, when actual I found this guy who just so happened to be some1 who I had to find further along the quest, so I skipped half the quest just like that, beautiful thing when you explore you just done know what you gonna find.

  • Henry is still well known by everybody thru all the kingdom? :) Or they fixed that in some patch....

  • bought KKD royal. on mission 13 120hrs in love the game oh done a womans lot what saddens me is henrys story ends on a cliff hanger and rumor has it KKD2 is set 100 yrs later, so to be henrys out come isnt resolved gutted makes me dubious to buy KKD2 if they cant finish a story

  • One of the most intense games made... The sense of progression is done very well, i personally love being a ninja stealing and picking off enemies 1 by 1 with a bow... Skyrim got nothing on it✌^_^

  • any advices to make money end game?

  • Un de mes jeux préférés, un super jeu moyennageux réaliste, c'est rare de voir un jeu qui montre le moyen âge "sous un beau jour".

  • so KCD 2, henry in bragg.....when?

  • I was given this game about a month ago and I love it! To me it's like Skyrim but BETTER!

  • im just redownloading it now with all the dlc

  • Dogshit game

  • Reinstalling the game after playing mordhau, fell in love for these realistic combat medieval games

  • I just bought it on steam

  • I really appreciate this game for just how awesome it made me feel when I finally got gud at combat

  • I just feel like it’s it plays so slow ☹️

  • What about kingdom come 2?

  • I played this game as soon as it released. It was one hell of an adventure. After more than couple CTDs I was still progressing with the story but then I didn't save for some time since I haven't had that drink. Somewhere during final siege the game crashed again and the last save I had at that point was from few hours ago so I uninstalled the game in a rage. Haven't touched the game since but maybe I'll get back to it after watching this video.

  • shit game full of bugs

  • Haha, good video. So funny

  • Henry has come to see us!

  • I still cant finish the game cause its bugged on my ladt quest and no way in hell im restarting

  • Maybe the game got better for pc but it did nothing but go from good to terrible on console.

  • Just started it but like and a sub just for loving a game this much.

  • How does it run on ps4 pro tho lol

  • Your voice makes me want to boil myself

  • Is this really the last update I want new game plus I need it and many others too

  • Kingdom come deliverance Is special. he says well being gang banged by 5 gards. Truly the definition of kcd

  • Just bought this on a psn sale for $15, looking forward to playing after work

  • ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • ⚔️⚔️⚔️

  • Still Worth buying? I hear everywhere that Fights are rare. Really rare. Ist that true? Im looking for lots of fights in this Amazing setting

  • Do you need the dlc for the patch?

  • Looks cool

  • I love your videos because you don't say literally 25 times in every video.

    • Thankyou for saying that I literally hate the word literally

  • I have been itching to give kcd another play. I beat it on hardcore with all of the negative perks, but I still miss the hell out of this game. It is one of my all time favorites. I never played a women's lot, so that is something to look forward to. I wonder if they ever fixed the issue with the sinew bow?

  • 3:45 get to patch notes.

  • almost 2 years... geez... feels like yesterday i started playing it. Oh well, looking forward to the sequel!

  • Best game this gen imo

  • I’m still hungry

  • Man I was one of these guys that played it and deinstalled it after a few hours but now after that video I install it again and give it another try. Thank you dude!

  • This game was so special. Really enjoyed this journey. I take part in your medieval sadness sir.

  • Idc what anybody says. Warhorse is the new bethesda in my book. Keep em coming warhorse

  • Can you please tell me if your mods are working on the final patch? None of the mods i have tried work.....

  • The patch are only mods updates?

  • I finally got to buying and playing this game after liking it from afar and not having time or money to buy it. I love it so much! Crazy to see that the updates have just ended. I just got done with the Pribyslavitz battle, and it was super laggy and buggy for me as far as model loading and frame rate stuff. Other than that, my experience with the game has been so immersive and enjoyable.

  • I enjoyed this game alot

  • So anyone think there will be a mega mod that like skyrim bug fix?

  • Yeah indeed it’s an escape! To an easier free world and adventure! That’s why I love games.

  • wish they would've took skyrims lockpicking and put it into this game

  • I'm just still waiting patiently for the dlc royal package to go on sale 😭😓 it's $20

  • I’ve waited for every update and yet I’m already so excited for KCD2

  • I wish there was more to the story after the last mission like you go and take Hungary from siggusmind

  • I waited until the Royal Edition came out. Got it a couple of months ago. So glad I did as it's fantastic.

  • This is the best RPG I have played. Having so much fun taking turns on missions with a friend

  • great video brother!

  • So does this mean we can have a sequel now? We still need to reclaim that damn sword!

  • GOOOOOOD SIR A LOYAL SUBSCRIPTION YOU HAVE RECEIVED FROM ME! All jokes aside content is great keep it up!

  • Awwwwww. Silly.

  • You could turn Korean and do a Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods weekly XD