Kingdom Come: Deliverance || "a realistic RPG"

Pubblicato il 22 feb 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance reviewers everywhere claim how realistic the game is, but certain mechanics/bugs make that claim seem funny
sidenote: I actually really really enjoy this game, so don't get the wrong idea. It's honestly something pretty special and unique, even if it does seem like some buggy meme game at times
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  • We are working on it!

    • Repair the multi opponent combat

    • Hey, guys...I've been meaning to ask why in the name of all that is fuck did you decide to arbitrarily tack on the most irritating survival elements in the world to this otherwise great action rpg? You didn't think at any point that maybe babysitting Henry by having to feed and bathe him every five minutes was a bit much? No? Maybe tack on an overfeeding mechanic that provides a debuff rather than just a cutoff for hunger? Not annoying enough? Oh, wait, why not add FUCKING FOOTWEAR DURABILITY where Henry's boots lose 5% durability just from walking halfway through Rattay? How about having to constantly replace a hardened steel cuirass whose durability degrades as though it were constructed from balsa wood, so you have to tote around fifty fucking pounds of repair kits on your horse and switch between your horse's inventory and your own every time you want to make repairs due to the weight? How about a fucking balancing act between energy, hunger, and gear durability, so you're constantly stuck in the fucking menus dicking around with the stupidest gimmick to infest modern games since QTE rather than actually playing the game? What the fuck, guys. You put all this work in the architecture and history, but the player is constantly fucking around with some of the most intrusive survival mechanics in the world and is actively discouraged from paying attention to anything but filling up meters in the UI and fiddling with the inventory. If you toned this shit down to HALF of what it is right now, then it'd still be terrible. I'm only angry because I immensely appreciate your game and the work you put into it. You didn't have to include survival shit for "realism." It's not much of a suspension of one's disbelief to assume that Henry can fucking feed and bathe himself rather than being treated like a borderline retarded, waterheaded infant by the player. You have so many great things going on in KCD, but the babysitting mechanics detract from the experience in the worst kind of way. Please don't do any more this shit in the future. Czech yourselves before you wreck yourselves. I know you guys aren't anywhere near salty enough to get butthurt by my ranting and can take criticism whether you see it as valid or not. Loved the game overall, but holy fuck...Henry's basically a giant toddler in this game with the survival mechanics.

    • still working on it? cuz game is still trash

    • Please get different save system

    • Legendary response.

  • kingdomcome ? More like skirim (bughseda intensifies)

  • 0:00 is that a Monty python reference?

  • 1:30 me and the boys chilling after our execution

  • 2 years later, after many patches, the game is not only playable but one of the greatest medieval games ever.

  • But this is where the fun comes from!!!

  • This whole game is he a little confused but he got the spirit

  • Why, can’t, I, stop, locking *ONNNNNNNNN*

  • 4:45 "Gone weak at the knees, have you?" he says.

  • 3:00 When you wake up after having too much beer and the people around you are praising the Sun.

  • 1:20 The Czechs have invented levitating horses! This is truly a time to be alive!

  • The combat is so realistic that it became boring

  • On Ps4 all I usually see is the potato mode when beating the game at rendering scenery and characters by blitzing through on my saddleless/saddled horse. Lol oh and when buying/selling sometimes Henry stays dark for a long time and you can't do anything until he loads.

  • 0:20 I get that reference.

  • This is actually funny

  • We are laughing, but as good as all bugs and glitches are fixed by now

  • GONE WEAK IN THE KNEES!? his knees are clearly not weak.

  • Literally I never had any game breaking bugs when I played it. I out in over 200 hours easy

  • This game sucks

  • I love this game but it needed more time in the oven

  • Gosh it's just so realistic.... 🤣

  • These people should be executed for witch craft one and all!

  • 1:30 your heads off

  • 4:46 I wouldn't be talking, mate.

  • This video gave me very strong Oblivion vibes. I'm sold

  • Need something?

  • Witch craft

  • This game is great and not so buggy of you respect its unspoken rules and really try to play the game the way it is supposed to be played

  • "Henry's come to visit us!" Henry the goodest boi of Skalitz

  • Anyway, I like this game! More for atmosphere and setting. I like to wear four layers of armour, grab the war hammer and shield, and receive great kik for my ass from five highwaymans.

  • I’m still a bit confuzzled as to why potion making is in a game striving to be realistic. Still loved the game though, especially with stealth, pickpocket, and lock picking at level 20. Basically means I have infinite money.

  • I'm gonna tell my kids this was Oblivion

  • What do you mean i see no faults

  • Its called the dark ages because we have very little written history from the time. For all we know, this really could happen

  • Lost. My. Shit. At the beginning. 10/10 would Monty again

  • 1:03 are you trying to tell me there WEREN'T any gloating peasants with ladders about so siege a castle in the Medieval time? My god...

  • Oblivion Remastered*

  • This game deserves criticism but my experience hasn't been anything like this video I think they've patched a lot. Too bad the engine it runs on is so bad it takes a super computer CPU to run all the ai in a town.

  • When you take out a weapon on someone with very little armor and weapons the attacker will immediately surrender or run away because they're scared of the weapon that you just took out

  • Please don’t fix’s like an updated modern oblivion

  • I cried hahaha

  • I already lost it at the first Monty python joke

  • i actually do really like the game im glad it atleast has a small but dedicated fanbase like mount and blade

  • Looks like author don't see the difference between ingame world's realism and technical bugs. Authors wanted to show the real medieval life and historical facts.

  • There's only so much you can do for a video game. Bugs are expected. I feel they did a great job

  • For a game that claims to be,,realistic,, its realy hard to get throug bushes or run naked from full armor soldiers 😂

  • Yeezus!

  • This IS's your understanding of how things worked in the past that's wrong..

  • I knew they'd make an Oblivion 2!

  • This is fucking amazing. Ffs, you even took flight at the end. XD

  • *Ah yes,* Oblivion 2 looking good

  • Is this Shrek the game

  • Absolutely adore this game, even if it's a clunky mess.

  • If skyrim had no magic?

  • I'm gonna make ya squeel boi!

  • Buggy? Yes. Lot's of fun? Totally. Unlike many games, KCD always manages to feel charming when you find bugs.

  • It’s not a bug, they were just a lot of wizards in the medieval era. Lol

  • I didn’t know Oblivion got a remaster

  • Do you remember, when u shot a guy on the chest yeah With a bow and a arrow and HE DID NOT DIE HE JUST LIKE BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU LIKE FUCK THIS I DONT NEED A HEART ANYWAYS THAT SHIT OVERRATED

  • 1:14 self bj