Kim and Khloé Call Out Kourtney Kardashian for Not Sharing Enough | KUWTK | E!

Pubblicato il 6 dic 2019
While Kourt wants to live a more private life, her “KUWTK” sisters are tired of picking up the slack by sharing more of their lives. Watch their awkward ambush!
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Kim and Khloé Call Out Kourtney Kardashian for Not Sharing Enough | KUWTK | E!


  • Chloe like respect her boundaries learn some respect you b****

  • This clip on which episode 😅

  • Just kick her out of the show. She ows a lot to this show and her family and shes beeing unthankful. Now that she got all of this fame and money she wants to stop.. lets see what will happen to her. She ahould be even thankful she earns her money doing normal everyday stuff.. she doesnt have privacy anymore with or without the show then atleast tell or you side of the story using the show and esrn money from it. She was my fave kardashina beforr but now she ist just acting like a teenager

  • We’ll be a fine line

  • Kourtney is the normal one

  • 😂 the way they crash Kourrtneys home hA with cameras etc

  • Well, Kylie had her pregnancy a secret from everyone. Though kourtney had all her pregnancies on camera, all the drama and how she got cheated on! Why does kourtney have to get hate from Kim and khloe? Honestly khloe is turning like Kim and I am starting to find her annoying!

  • Kourtney was class act , Kim & Khole logic made me sick🤦‍♂️

  • Kourtney does not have a job. Her only income is from the show and whatever the other sisters give her. By her not working on the show, she is literally trying to solely live off of her sisters. That’s why they’re so angry. Kim runs several brands and has nonprofit work, Khloe runs a clothing line, Kylie has makeup, and Kendall is a model. Every sister works EXCEPT for her. So, yeah, if she’s not pulling her weight on the show, she is literally just living off of her sisters. As far as “Kourtney just isn’t attracted to the fame and social media”... she is when Kim’s fame and social media presence make her money.

    • Rhiannon McLean I mean she runs her own business too, Poosh? Plus she’s a mother to three kids, that’s not going to be easy.

  • 00:37 Stream Fine Line by harry styles

  • I stand w/Kourtney on this...

  • There is a fine lining a silver lining and a Uterus lining 😂

  • It's ok if Kourtney wants to keep things private unlike her sisters who just share their private lives for publicity I mean why the hell are they targeting Kourtney in front of the camera.. Come on they are sisters they can do it privately right Tho celebs don't have a private life😂😂

  • Kourtney is annoying af but I agree with her here

  • When you got no talent to be called a celebrity, you just sell out your privacy, yeah right.

  • OMG they're crazy why force someone to give up their privacy? Seriously, I watched keeping up not because of what you guys expose about your life, I just like how funny you guys are before. But now, my gosh?! Now you guys are so obsessed of being talked about. You complain about how people talks about your split etc yet you're the one who decided to share it. Value your privacy! Let Kourtney share whatever she wants to share. Don't be so petty. She literally live her life in that show. Her kids grew up in that show. When Kim doesn't show much of her kids in the show did Kourtney complained?

  • Poor Kourtney! Wish these loser sisters would put her first instead of the show!

  • I'm with Kourtney on this one.

  • So she still wants to make money from the show but doesn’t want to be on it so much?? Lol

  • this seems fake...

  • They must also understand that Kourtney is introverted. She's reserved, doesn't like to show EVERYTHING in her life. She's the most real one. Kim and Khloe are fake and just wanna show off all the time to stay relevant. They make me sick.

  • Khloe looks like a rapper with those glasses haahah

  • okay so kourtney does not want to show who she is sleeping and her ho ways similar to scott who doesnt want to broadcast his relationship with sophia. but they do show a lot of other things.

  • Obviously, this is scripted to have a show which is interesting. She allowing the camera anyway to see this part.

  • I'll keep saying it.. ditch Kourtney. She bring's the show WAY down and wouldn't be missed. Flake. I'm not being a troll here either. It's my opinion.

  • Kim barely showed anything between her and kayne so stfu kim! kourtney showed everything between Scott and her which ended up affecting the relationship if she wants a little privacy respect that😤

  • Kourtney just get a restraining order, will work like a charm.

  • Kourtney has shared enough of her life for the past 10 years. I think she’s allowed to have limits.

  • If you want privacy don't sign the million dollar contract Kourtney you get paid a lot to be on the show and being honest and open .

  • I don't watch this show hardly at all but I think that Kourtney has a point and has every reason to do what she's doing.

  • This is not "your job", Kim and Khloe. You have made enough money for you and your children to retire on right now. You no longer have 'a job'. Everything you do is voluntary, the end.

  • They don’t do this to Kendal , she never shares her dating life 🤔🤔

  • Kourtney has every right to defend her privacy! The fact that she is now fighting for it shows that she's matured. So wrong of Kim and Khloe to bully her into wanting to share more. They do it for the cash and because they love the attention.

  • Excuse Kourtney being unwilling to exploit her life & sell her soul for coins. They love to bully her & it's annoying. Let a person live.

  • despite the fact that i understand that kourtney may want privacy, i think she should get paid much less that kim and khloe then. because they’re right, it’s their full time job

  • Kourtney: I’m not literally dating anyone Me: actually it’s “I’m literally not dating anyone” 😂

  • I used to be on Kourtney's side. Not anymore. Hear me out. It's not just about not sharing her "personal" life. It's that she picks and chooses her hours, which are always significantly less than the rest of the family. She can't even keep that commitment. I think that's why they're pushing her personal life so they have some contribution. I remember one time Kim was having a tough time scheduling a photoshoot with the entire family and when she finally got a time, something like 7pm, Kourtney was all... "I can't do it past 4pm." And she had no reason other than she wanted to be home in the evening. Umm, it's ONE evening and so difficult to get the entire family together at the exact same time (I think it was for a Christmas card)! If I remember correctly, Kim caved, and also had to reschedule an extremely important business meeting YET AGAIN for Queen Kourtney. Not to mention, Kendall had to do the photoshoot ALONE and they pasted her in later. So yeah, Kourtney. Either change your contract stipulations or get out. Quit complaining.

  • Kourtney can date and not share. It’s when she finds someone serious then she can have a talk about sharing them on the show. Maybe the other person doesn’t want to be a part of a reality show and that’s fine only when it’s Kanye or CheaTristian does it? No it’s not fair. The Scott and Kourt tornado kept the ratings up for a decade or more. Give her a break..

  • I agree 💯 with Kourtney, why are you worried about what she is doing, damn. May she doesn't want share everything.

  • Khloe and Kim are TRASH for doing this. Kim is crazy jealous of Kourtney and Khloe is a follower.

  • Came here to remind you that the Kardashians are nothing more than a business. If you look carefully you will see Kourtney is wearing her mic. This whole thing is them just following a script. When are we going to realize how harmful these lazy and dishonest television shows are for our society . Please can we stop watching it so they can stop creating it.

  • nah fam this is a REALITY show! like wtf if your not gonna share everything like your sisters are (they dont want to show everything -but it is what they signed up for ) then kourtney should leave -its fine if u dont wanna share everthing then GET OFF THE SHOW!

  • and KOURT IS THE OLDEST... so like gtf... HONESTLY.

  • But why is Kourt wrong for not wanting to be in the public’s eye??? That’s why Robert barely comes around now.

  • see why Khloe & Kim are my favorite- it’s a JOB

    • Lara Malh nooo!!! So what “happened” at their non-life. 😂😂

    • Exactly. It's scripted. They are acting out this whole thing.

  • Kourtney and her kids have made the show so interesting from the beginning. Kim and her family do not compare at all. And well we all know Khloe’s situation. Without Kourtney there would be no show.

  • Kourtney- there’s a fine line Me-the only person in the world who thought of Harry Styles 0:38

  • She go upset which she’s tight btw I’m a new IT-tvsr please show me some love ❤️

  • The show is more important to them, then Kourtney's well being and boundaries.

  • Are you kidding Kourtney!!! Yeah Khloe must looooove sharing that shes been cheated on etc. Kourtney is such a dickhead.

  • Kim can’t even move her top lip when she speaks. Let’s talk about that

  • They haven’t said anything to rob. Also she’s shares the same amount as Kendall and Kylie if not more so why are they coming for her?

  • That’s why she’s quitting cause she’s criticized on how she lets her kids abuse her!

  • Who watch these fools.

  • I'm so sick of Kim and Khloe. They love bully Kourtney...

  • Kim and Khloe tell the world all their business so they want Kourtney to do the same ? Why do y’all think y’all get bullied online so much ? If you don’t give the people anything to talk about , guess what ? They won’t talk .

  • Screen time doesn’t equate to openness Kim. I think most viewers would find Kourtney more open and relatable anyways.

  • Why is nobody talking about kendall she doesn't show her personal life too much

  • No one cares about kourtney to be honest.

  • This is the most stupid thing. Let Kourtney be.