Kids Try Prison Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
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Kids Try Prison Food from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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HiHo Kids


  • The tan girls moustache is distracting lol

  • Everything the boy in grey t shirt said is spot on. God!I love his face. The little Asian girl is adorable and I just loved how she didn't hesitate in eating with her hands.

  • “Cause they don’t want you to get dumb” - Celine🤣🤣 she is my FAVORITE😂🤣🤣

  • I swear that little girl is going to prison

  • Thanks for complimenting my country's prison...?

  • The person who is talking to the kids I feel like I’ve heard her voice before

  • is it just me or does that girl have a mustache

  • girl with moustache wtf

  • The kid looks like Aladdin

  • Here in ph the schools sells junkfood

  • 🤐I really tried to keep it to myself but that 2nd girl has a serious deep mustache..🤪.I'm sorry but what's said is said tho🤷🏿‍♀️🤭😂

  • 3:15 this boy is in so much Attitude 😒😒

  • Jail and prison are 2 completely different places lol.

  • Might just be me but eating with your hands makes the food taste better.

  • Sometimes I feel like these kids know the answer to their stupid question but still say to be “funny”. I know very random

  • This stuff dont look bad

  • Idk why but I thought they all looked tasty-

  • "I that rice?" -Celine Im dead 😂

  • The kid says the food is disgusting but they give us brownies like prisoners don't deserve them... right

  • 'I don't think prisoners need to have the best, most fancy food'. Good job trying to make your kids judgmental about the whole thing in Murica, where rates of incarceration and racialisation in prisons are off the charts terrible

  • Same like school..You dont need good food

  • I thought the title said “poison food” 😂

  • The two girls have more mustache than the boy

  • This taco Tuesday boy is so smart

  • Me*eating*cookie*with hand* well i eat with hand🍪🍪:3

  • I eat food with my hands so.......

  • 2:27 that's correct

  • 1:59 thank you 😊 for choosing my country

  • 4:16 *thank you*

  • These prisoners are eating better than the kids at my school do, I would swap prison food and school food in a heartbeat

  • I like how NO ONE now's that jail and prison are 2 different things😂

  • Is it me or do I think that one guy blue grayish is cute?

  • 😂let them try prison food from the Philippines

  • I thought it said poison food

  • UAE prison food is good btw.

  • I tought it said poison food

  • Nah bruh they're in prison for a reason

  • The singpaorean jail food looks like catered food for secondary schools

  • You know what? Let's all go to jail in Australia cause it looks really good😂😂 (I'm joking, do not go to jail please)

  • Ice Bear thinks that is.. Gross.

  • *look how some of this kids response about the human rights yes! that's humanity*

  • Lmfaooo not taco Tuesday 😂😂😂😂

  • When you gotta commit a crime, go to Australia

  • U must try the Indian prison food. This is actually a good food

  • It is better than food in Indian prison

  • I live in Australia!! Australia laws are pretty good.

  • My brother was in jail in Singapore for 6 months and it is for eating bubble gum 1 like =1 prayer

  • I'd eat everything except that meat stuff from Singapore

  • Hiho please let this kids try to eat food from food wars anime

  • Almost all Asians except the Chinese eat with their hands.

  • Dude I read poison instead of prison

  • The first one doesn't look so bad it looks good

  • "Commit a crime in Australia.. actually don't! I don't know why I'm advising you that" I'M DYING =)))))))

  • That food does look too bad

  • Lemme get on this platform I’m eating everything

  • My culture eats with hands

  • That food actually does not look to bad. But it most likely does

  • Anyone here from Philadelphia like me

  • الي من الامارات يحط لايك

  • Sounds like the prisoners in Australia are better treated and with more consideration than disabled and unemployed people get in the UK.