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Pubblicato il 6 dic 2018
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Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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  • Liked cause baby was cute

  • Education is really important. She didnt even know how pregnancy and protection works when she was 14 unlike the other kids.

  • I've never been so glad to be ace lol

  • And the father is gone ?

  • Asian teenager cant relate :(

  • She:15 years old PREGNANT Me:15 years old do not know how to cook rice lmao

  • 7:08 Maddie got Sophia forever traumatized

  • First time i saw vanessa. I was thinking that she was a boy.:v

  • She looks so much older I am completely shook and the outfit she is wearing what in the world it’s cute of course but I swear I thought she was 19

  • Me : mom I’m pregnant ( mom slaps me across the face)

  • I'm 16 and never hold a guy hand tho 😂😅

  • Y’all this is so cute ❤️

  • Yes. Boys have always done that. You just say “no” ... (¬_¬) .

  • Fair enough mum's are scary... But as a dude if I got someone pregnant at 15... I'd have the worst beating ever xD

  • Her when she was 14: prpregnant Me: still not 14 yet

  • When the girl said I’d get killed me I agreed

  • I ❤ babies

  • no one : Literally no one: Girl: *_WELL_*

  • See maddie is a good pro lifer, she is pro life but accepts and believes that all women should have that choice to have an abortion or not I am pro choice and I believe every woman including myself should have that choice

  • "Oh- thats-ah...thats-ah good name..." 0:55-0:56

  • I feel sorry for this young momma, the education system failed her. when you know better you do better! stop teaching abstinence Texas D:

  • I’m 17 and I didn’t even have firs kiss...

    • @• RoseBloze • that's normal and healthy. But the dude that hasn't had a girlfriend at 22 is fucking sad. Like not funny, just sad.

    • J T I had my first kiss in 3rd grade ;-;

    • @Tough As Hell that's tough as hell

    • 22 and never had a girlfriend.

  • she kind of have a good attitude, to listen what ppl think of her or say sth that might hurts her feelings but she seems okay with that, her mom also great.

  • She looks like maddie zeigler and her name is maddie something she has a channel

  • I'm 14 and I can't even date and hang out with my guy friends around my family, my family is too conservative

  • She: *15 years old but looks like 18* Me: *15 years old but look like 10* 🤣🤣

    • Doing your makeup like a New York drag queen will make you appear older

    • That 100 percent me lol I’m 14 but be looking like 9 years old

    • maybe it’s the hair

  • You're not a bad person you just made a bad decision, good quote tho 👍

  • How old do you think I am? Ummmm....19? No I’m 15 Gurl: 🤔😮😦

  • Why is no one talking about how adorable the baby is?

    • I really dont like how you guys are acting like this is normal. She should probably be punished maybe by cps

    • Aaron Roy Ikr. She's so cute!

  • Well if you're a teen mom you may as well dress like you're open for business. [allow me to say, bye prior to deletion; bye!!]

  • I'm 15 atm and done it 4 times so far and I was a pro😎

  • That’s kind of illegal 🤦‍♂️

  • 2:53 I would have said the same thing

  • I love this channel and the bold conversations❤️

  • I'm 13, And if I got pregnant my mom said she would kick me out.

  • If I dressed like that at 15 I think my mom would be mad and the fact of me being pregnant

  • It also seems like those dances and stuff would it be her scene but she can’t. I mean her mother obviously told her you have to take care of it.

  • 5:40 is when the most important question were asked

  • And see. Eight graders who are Atmos 13 nothing supervised enough and educated enough is the reason. Not just teaching them about what it is but how this can change your whole life.

  • I am a 25y/o male and my mom isnt even 40y/o yet. And guess what, my mom had me when she was 14. I feel sorry for maddy, and kind of feel sorry for the kid also. Maddy doesnt realize that she ruined her life, if i had anything to say to her i eould say please dont throw that in your kids face!. That kid didnt decide your decisions for you. So many things id like to say but i wont..

  • I found her channel its maddie lambert

  • What a great mom❤️

  • this is forbidden in my culture. My chinese mom would probably kick me out because asians are really afriad of being a failure to ther families. And teen pregnancy will ruin ur life forever. Forget about this and go study! you will have a baby when its the right time. Don't rush into a relationship. I'm a high school sophomore and still single.

  • *shes so pretty omg*

  • She is so mature and confident

  • Wait, Thats illegal.

  • iam calling FBI

  • Ins't that illegal?


  • She a hoooooo

  • If everly had a son/daughter at 14 too. So she has a granddaughter at 28. Young grandma

    • Embis Embis Cung well things like this run in the family.

  • Kids learn how they should not be in the near future

  • She thinks her life is hard. Boys have way harder. The pain of getting kicked in the nuts is the worst and it’s proven.

  • All these comments are so judgemental wtf?!

  • I like how she takes her situation positively and isn't ashamed of herself. You go girl!!

  • I want that mom.

  • I can't even look in eyes of my crush and i m 14😜😜😁😁😁😁 she has a boyfriend and baby😨😨😨🥶😨😱😱😰😜😜😛😜😛😜😜😛

  • Where’s the dad ?

  • Ahh don’t worry my friend did it in 6th grade

  • Mum and baby both are so cute😍😍