Kelly Bryant explains decision to transfer to Missouri | SEC Media Days | College Football Live

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Missouri quarterback Kelly Bryant speaks with College Football Live's Laura Rutledge to explain the reasons he chose the Tigers were due to the coach Barry Odom and offensive coordinator Derek Dooley, as well as witnessing Drew Lock develop into a QB drafted in the second round of the NFL draft. Bryant adds what the fans can expect from the Tigers this upcoming season.

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  • This kid will have nightmares about trevor lawrence for the rest of his life.

  • Better than Lawrence

  • Laura is gorgeous. She looks so much like my first ex wife. Ironically named laura.

  • Going to clip the hedges & Georgia's hopes.

    • Terry Brunk gave another team hope other than my own team so technically im not having hype jus confident and i know what teams are gonna show out this season so 🤔

    • Just keep believing your hype that's okay

    • Terry Brunk im a 🐅 fan but good try 😆

    • Terry Brunk defending champions but ok smart guy

    • @Itachi Uchiha I know you probably could if your team wouldn't choke

  • I think Mizzoo will go 10-2 this year. I wish him luck but when it comes to Georgia and sec title. Georgia is going to win it all

    • KCChiefsFan 151 type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type type

    • @Cain Oz Man u want some 🍟 with that salt?

    • KCChiefsFan 151 Humble yourself Baker wanna be. I feel sad for your pro team who hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1970

    • @Cain Oz Man it's also sad that u have to use other peoples failures to make yourself feel better lol. Know your facts before you come at me🤷🤡🤡

    • @Cain Oz Man I hate the Tide, I'm just spitting straight facts. Last year's sec title, the National Championship in 2017, y'all getting no where with Alabama in your way lol

  • Mark these words......he will never play a meaningful down in the NFL. No disrespect. Just pointing the obvious.

  • MIZ

  • Mizzou will be 8-0 going into Athens, GA. Going to be a Fun year!

  • From a Clemson fan..I'm happy for you

    • From a Amanda Morton fan...I’m happy for you

  • From Clemson to Missouri. Why?

    • You actually like mizzou is a no name school. We produced a shit time of quarrelsome s and nfl talent in the top 20 the past decade or so

    • Missouri has pieces in place to be a pretty good team and can send a QB to the NFL Also Trevor Lawrence

  • You speak well 'Young'n

  • Kelly Bryant has went through numerous of challenges. He has fought through chron’s disease and has a great ability to be a quarterback that has an outstanding foot work and is very versatile at his passing game.

  • As a UGA guy, I truly want success for him and hope the SEC helps this guy to the NFL. I'll be rooting for him right up until they play the Dawgs. Best of luck Bryant, welcome to the SEC.

  • Transfer to Missouri, they have cool helmets.

  • Hes a jerk for giving Arkansas the buisness

  • Seeing the top button of his shirt bothers me.

  • Hes losing to WVU though

    • @Chris McKee yeah it is laughable. You lost by 4 touchdowns and a field goal. Lol, you got RAGDOLLED !!! Mizzou is your new Daddy. No longer is your daddy also your brother hehe.

    • Were you sure about that???

    • @WeShowYou39071319 ... Hey, did you by chance watch that Pacquiao v. One Time Keith Thurman fight ? Don't know if boxing is your thing, but o my goodness. Pac-Man beat Thurman at age 40 !!! And it was a super entertaining fight

    • @WeShowYou39071319 ... Lol, let's not place the cart before the horse. If he starts showing Heisman Trophy Watch numbers Midway through, then change your name. Don't change your pic tho. I won't recognize yuh lol

    • @WeShowYou39071319 ... What up my man !? How's things ?

  • Why even make this video? Everyone knows why he transferred... I kind of feel for him because he played really well for those guys. But, he knew what was going to happen and I'm glad he was able to get to a new school and play because he seems like a cool dude and he is quite skilled. I don't think he has any kind of shot as an NFL quarterback really but maybe he can find a way to stay in the game somehow after college. Who knows, seems like a pretty smart dude so he might have some other dreams outside of football and that's great. I really support all of these young dudes because oh, now with all the social media and coverage due to the internet, the pressure is huge and we have to remember that these guys are all pretty much between the ages of 18 & 23. In other words, they are still boys for the most part trying to figure out what's up so I wish them all the best for health, success, and personal growth. This dude seems to have his head on his shoulders pretty well and that's good to see.

    • Why don't you have faith in him as a potential NFL quarterback?

  • One word "TREVOR"... Stop all that capping Kelly

  • Good luck young man

  • I make football videos, help me get to 1000 subs it would mean a lot

  • whos the interrogators name

  • Kelly Bryant could've come to my Boise State

    • Why would he want to do that ?? Missouri plays in the SEC, the best conference in college sports and the conference most likely to churn out NFL talent. Boise State is good within the mid major conferences to be sure, but Missouri plays in the big boy conference

  • People are sleeping on Mizzou and I love it. Once we are top 10, don't be joining the bandwagon haters! Kelly Bryant gonna get us to top 5. Go Tigers!

    • Lebron Traveled back to back SEC championship appeances bud, where Tennessee and Kentucky in this talk. I don’t see them

    • Facts Kell Duan 💯

    • Good luck Mizzo, go turn some heads

    • casuals need to stay away from college football. if its not the big brand name like alabama and ohio state then they dont care. i guarantee 10+ wins this season

    • As an Auburn fan I agree,Missouri will be better than a lot of people think and that's going to shock everybody.

  • I totally forgot that he even did that. Good luck to him

  • Kelly > Jalen Hurts

    • @FBI Agent you are the trash asshole!!!!! putting class act college kids of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of Alabama football is trash???? who gives a fuck what a fucking random asswipe loser on the internet thinks.Linclon Riley and Barry Odom do not think that they are trash.true bottom feeders like you always sound the same.your life is scum shit and meaningless.your life is a dumpster mess,so you know all about trash dipshit!!!!!!..WHAT A FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @FBI Agent yes they did. Bryant wanting to get ready for the NFL and he was going to do it at Clemson sitting on the bench and Hurts like any other big time quarterback at Alabama or anywhere else wasn't going to sit on the bench either after promise to be starting. Besides Lawrence was probably promised the starting role being the top quarterback in his recruiting class

    • @Terry Brunk LOL They both transferred for a reason

    • @FBI Agent sounds like somebody's a little butthurt. Your team must not have a quarterback

  • He transferred because the goat Trevor Lawrence came in

    • Zenigundam on Fields, you couldn’t sit Fromm who just took the Dawgs to the Title game and beat up an Alabama team, only to lose, in overtime, because of a horrible offsides call on a punt, and 2 other bad calls.

    • @joshydep84 decent tua Wasa machine

    • Tua had one shining moment and decent follow up year but came up short. The sophomore performance is always rough. We'll see if Trevor lives up to the billing

    • ^And then he transferred to Ohio State lol

    • Trevor Lawrence had Top 10 Heisman odds as a true freshman when he had already been slated as Bryant's back-up. That's when I knew he was big-time. Fields was supposed to be big-time along with him, but he made an awful decision to go to Georgia. He basically had to beat out a sophomore starter or ride the bench for 3 years like D.J. Shockley and multiple USC QBs had to do.

  • Welcome to Missouri

  • Kelly Bryant once a 🐅 and let's see what's up with him this year

  • So stupid that mizzou got the bowl ban. Literally a top 10 team in CFB

    • @Star Lord yes but i guarantee you haven't. i watch every game and im sure you watch only when we play georgia or whatever sec west team. stupid ass bitch

    • @Kell Duan I do agree with that, ESPN usually only covers LeBron, Zion, Alabama and maybe a few top programs

    • I'm also super surprised that even espn is covering this cuz most don't even have us in top 25.

    • @Kell Duan if Mizzou hits top 10 this year I will be shocked, top 20 is possible, but it is possible for like 50 teams