Keith Eats Everything At Shake Shack

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Welcome to the first Eat The Menu on The Road where Keith tastes all your regional favs with the help of his Lewberger band! ENJOY!
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  • Buy Keith's Chicken sauce here!🌶️

    • Mixed the chicken sauce with tater sauce for my fish. 10/10 would recommend.

    • @M&M Glinsmann Kansas City has Runza!

    • You have to try Whataburger!

    • This man is on crack

    • If you could try Jollibee, if there is one in your area. It's a chicken fastfood chain from the Philippines. 😁

  • I can only take so much of Keith and I guess I realise that after clicking on one of these videos.

  • The juicy loosie is not exclusive to Minnesota

  • Im gonna say it! I don’t like shake shak. Had it 2 times, both different burgers. Just way too greasy for my taste. Ice cream is good though.

  • Keith eats cookout would be a great video

  • Look at the chance you gave Shake Shack. You went to the actual region first of all. Then you went and picked it up yourself. You didn't go to god damn Arizona for a Texas restaurant and order it from Uber. I mean wtf

  • please go tot he south and do southern fast food eat the menu

  • ... did my man really just say "it's red as the devils dick"? 😂

  • I still can’t believe he hasn’t gone into directing his underlings. How does this sound...The Khabs playhouse of stars.

  • Culver’s for the MidWest and Cookout in the North Carolina region. Both are amazing local fast food places.

  • Keith’s chicken sauce should be called habesburger* hot sauce *might have spelled wrong

  • I love shake shack, more than I love certain people.

  • Trump train 2020

  • Is it just me or is Becky lokwey hot.

  • Dicks drive in!!!!!!! A Seattle favorite

  • i cannot believe you didn't try the peanut butter milkshake!!!!!! that's easily the best shake!!!!! sorry im passionate lol

  • Keith needs to go to Rally’s (Checker’s)

  • Go skyline in the Midwest for eat the menu!


  • Anyone else only subscribed to the channel for wear the menu and chicken wars?

  • try tim hortons!

  • Never have I seen someone with a larger mouth

  • Alex is painfully annoying. I hope to hell this isn't his real personality.

  • If you come to Colorado you can do one on our local burger franchise "Goodtimes"

  • Aaaaaaah the dog is too cute

  • On the road needs to try the Midwest favorite, CULVERS!

  • Go to smash burger, it’s so good and has really good seasoning and cooking, *it is in New York btw

  • Steer-In in Indianapolis 🤷‍♀️

  • “First dog on eat the menu” this is Pesto ERASURE and I won’t stand for it.

  • Keith is a Mashup between Dr. Mike and Mculay Culkin.

  • i love keith but i would rather listen to a fruit loop talk abt its taxes then keith chewing

  • That Naperville comment was the most accurate statement ever.

  • do panera!

  • I love clementine

  • The cheese normally goops out on the mushroom burger

  • Why havent you done chick fil a?


  • I love Keith. But man, when he smacks his mouth while eating. It’s super gross. But I have tried the hot square, it’s super good.

  • Eat everything at Greggs (UK)

  • I worked at Shake Shack for a while and I can’t even begin to manage eating all of this considering how we prepared the food. Props to Keith

  • He can bake, he’s adorable and he’s got the best laugh. TBH Alex has it all and he’s just a gem. Low key the hottest try guy/crew member

  • Ugh, Alex is like one of those picky eater friends that always wants to go to Applebee's or Chili's and orders the same damn thing. The WORST.

  • Does anyone notice that Keith’s glasses shadow kinda make a cat eye

  • Soo is Keith gay??

  • we get it u own a sauce

  • There is something unnerving about 2 grown men drinking out of a cup rubbing noses if they are not a couple lol

  • If you're ever in Kansas on your tour , try freddies


  • In Texas get Whataburger

  • Alex and those blue eyes!! I CAN’T!

  • Keith should try everything at Chick-fil-A

  • If they were to come to Arizona, I suggest Homer's bbq

  • give kieth a break and let him order everything at In'n'out lol

  • Pls do panera

  • 2 burgers 2 fries 1 shake and 1 soda comes out to 34 bucks. I bought 8 whoppers for 30. Bucks. You need to be rich to eat at this place. Foood is ok. I can cook a better buger. Dont fall for the hype.

  • I’m gonna suggest Portillos for illinois specifically for the chocolate cake. Everyone knows it as the greatest chocolate cake in the planet

  • Omg Culver’s is the best if I hear anything negative about Culver’s I will revolt

  • eat the menu at dick's drive in in washington state! its amazing : )

  • the timer distracted me and made me anxious

  • Please eat everything at Chick Fil A!! :)