Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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This video was created using Deepfake technology. If the double-360-neck-snap didn’t give it away: THIS ENTIRE PIECE WAS STAGED. If you’d like to see how we made it, check out the CORRIDOR CREW ►
Reuben Langdon as Keanu
Brett Driver as Robber
Sam Gorski as Fan
Niko Pueringer as Friend With Phone
Christian Fergerstrom as Store Clerk
Matthew Cairns as Cop
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  • Who knew Canoe Greaves had it in him

  • 100 million views?!?

  • You pick a fake title to get more viewers. That's a shame

    • @Hamed Kazerouni to sum it up I got the same thing but I still got him stopping a robbery even if it was fake

    • @Hamed Kazerouni well you must not be familiar with the channel they do deepfakes (yeah if you didn't know Keanu isn't even their he's fake) so their viewers know that it's gonna be fake as soon as they get the notification (and I know your probably gonna say something like not everyone is subed to them but even so you still got kenau stoping a robbery even if it was fake also it tells you it was fake in the description)

    • @thomas maxwell I clicked to see the same thing and I got a directed performance of him stopping a roberry in front of cameras!

    • I don't know I clicked on this to see Keanu stop a robbery and I got Keanu stoping a robbery

  • 0:40 bro we need to get F outta here. Runs away from the door 😂

  • Wtf lol

  • Why the cashier look like faze rain

  • Wow. They’re good.

  • this is real?

  • I knew it was fake but thought it was real Keanu

  • I thought it was real Keanu that he just filmed a video with them

  • First of all why would he be wearing their merch

  • "10 times Keanu Reeves broke the internet!" That will be 11, then.

  • It will be more realistic if Keanu won't wear Corridor merch

  • hahahaha. very very good

  • So fake

  • Why does Keanu sound a bit like Dante from DMC in this?

  • This looks like a 'Deep Fake'

  • Maybe Keanu Reeves Is A Real Agent

  • “Oh no I rode my bike here”. Lol

  • you should have made it more realistic and made the robber black. a white guy would, more than likely, have just handed a note to the teller and asked for the money without even using a weapon.

  • You’re breathtaking.

  • This is so false whithe the love of this men

  • Alone me searching Keanu comment?

  • dicks

  • Can someone call 911

  • Keanu best man

  • Jk

  • Fake

  • Cringiest on the internet

  • Jajajajaja jajaja exelenteeee

  • "What are you doing Keanu?!" "Dont worry well make more money this way"

  • Was this staged

  • Hay algo que este joven no haga bien

  • Dude this was fake the mic is so close up to his audio of his voice

  • Reeves Is such aa awesome guy 😂 .... “do you still want your car?” Instant look of murder 💀

  • *Reddit liked this*

  • This is impressive CGI, props to the VFX artists

  • i am suprised the robber didn't say Oh My GOD its KEANU REEVE'S!

  • See fake but hilarious

  • This is gold


  • Wish it was real

  • is it a deep fake video ??

  • He's wearing the channel logo

  • Is that really him

  • I swear he staged this

  • Woosaah

  • Let’s be dishonest Everybody searched for this!

  • that is not keanu it his look alike hahaha

  • FAKE!

  • Okay, can we just talk about the English subtitles though? Who the fuck made them they're worse than auto generated lmao

  • Does anyone notice that Keanu Reeves is wearing the corridor merch XD

  • Is this real

  • Nuke blows up Keanu: let’s just take a deep breath

  • Thought this was real when i watched it first time lol

  • Super super super stupid🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Guy fights Keanu. Keanu: you are my guest today to be a ghost.

  • Click bait

  • This is fake

  • I almost thought that was really me.