Keanu Reeves Stops A ROBBERY!

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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This video was created using Deepfake technology. If the double-360-neck-snap didn’t give it away: THIS ENTIRE PIECE WAS STAGED. If you’d like to see how we made it, check out the CORRIDOR CREW ►
Reuben Langdon as Keanu
Brett Driver as Robber
Sam Gorski as Fan
Niko Pueringer as Friend With Phone
Christian Fergerstrom as Store Clerk
Matthew Cairns as Cop
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  • You can tell it's fake because keannu is wearing corrider merch

  • I saw it right away Keanu Reeves is wearing the Corridor merch

  • This sooo fake

  • Enjoyed very much!

  • Sad part is this is how he actually would stop a robbery

  • This is fake but good acting skills

  • That can't be the real Keanu Reeves right?

  • Español siii

  • Fake af

  • I guess "kenau" be gentle to the robber 'cause he actually warned him... You know when he Run out of ammo, still can kill ya with a pen. 😎

  • Fakeeeee

  • Fake

  • Wtf

  • You know what I don't watch the full video but now that I have why would he give him his car who won the hell had he had a mother Truckin chance he could have just left it alone

  • Is this fake if it is fake I hate the person who made this

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • This fake

  • Lol finally something to laugh about.

  • Your lucky he didn’t have a pencil

  • I was waiting for Keanu to use the " highlighter" to kill the robber

  • When the guy isn’t quite dead enough... Double neck snap...

  • Xdxdxd

  • This is so fake.

  • Random person: Gawd The Legend of Zelda is shitty Me: 1:17

  • This is epic

  • Dios le deblo el cuello mas que la forma de enrrollar un auto

  • I finally got to see the how you made this vid .... AWESOME!!!! You guys rock!!!

  • Who is keanu reeves?

  • It is fake

  • You do know that the real Keanu Reeves would call the cops

  • You drop your phone waiting at a bus stop You: man the screen is cracked. It’s not that bad though Keanu reeves: oh no no, please let me buy you 3 new phones and I’ll also give you mine. You: um ok Keanu reeves: oh you shouldn’t have to ride the bus, here this is my limo with my personal driver. He will take you to my car garage and you can take whichever one you like ok

  • Memes

  • I knew that wasn’t him

  • is this real

  • This is end of video credibility, now you can not refer to anything what you have seen. It will just get boring all of that shit.

  • ajajJAHAHAHA

  • 2:36 I wonder if this really works I wanna try it on myself!.

  • This might be fake but i like how Reeves tries to be jesus

  • Wow🤪

  • I think actual robber's will just kill you at gunpoint and he's not wearing a mask