Kawhi might have killed a Lakers dynasty by not joining LeBron and AD - Rob Perez | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Rob Perez aka @WorldWideWob joins Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan to talk Twitter during a frenzied 2019 NBA free agency, takeaways from 2019 NBA Summer League and what it means for New York Knicks top pick RJ Barrett, and list off the best memes from the 2018-19 NBA season (including the Kawhi Leonard laugh).
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  • That Lillard meme will forever make me uncomfortable knowing he and kanter r doing missionary during

  • Kawhi is at fault for wanting to earn titles something Lebron doesn't want to do. Lebron doesn't belong in any conversation about MJ.

  • Fuk laker fans poosys

  • He sent pg to la

  • Kawhi new Kings of NBA 👑👑👑 the best player ever 👑👑👑✌

  • ESPN is blatantly rooting for LA

  • puberty is hitting Rachel really hard

  • Is Rachel pregnant

  • Kawhi is the Anakin of basketball. He brought balance to the league.

  • We didn't want his weird ass.....Why would you want a dude that plays only for himself....Hows that championship feel...Lol

  • Lebron is not going to win another championship

  • This woman is a Laker hater who wants to make a career out of it, how stupid can any sport broadcaster or reporter be! Lakers will be Lakers and Clippers will be the Clippers forever in LA and if you can realize that it means you're either an unpaid moron or a paid moron!

  • 1:50 did she just say, "Damnnnnnn" LMAO

  • Rob Perez who? Stop inviting no name clowns on hee, please

  • Calling it a dynasty's before they have even had a winning season with this group? If I'm not mistaken the Lakers have sucked for nearly a decade.

  • I respect RJ too u gotta play to learn

  • I just realized I only watch the Jump because of Rachel's takes lmao

  • oh no the Lakers dont have every best player awww ---- go look at hornets roster smh


  • idiot comment.. the miami heat was lose by duncan parker and genobili.. and the warrior lost bcoz of injury.. idiot...

  • This show has some of the most ridiculous topics and opinions! I never listen to this show anymore! I just read the commentary because it’s always negative about LeBron James and the Lakers! Thank God I can comment without listening to the nonsense🙄!! Upgrade your show it lacks credibility 💯!!

  • Fuck da Lake show. Tryin to microwave a cheap ring. Instead of putting in work and baking a chip.

  • Stars ☑ Great bench ☑ Great coach ☑ Great front office ☑ Great owner ☑ Great location ☑ Great (non-toxic) culture ☑ Even if Lakers beats us next year, I still see us winning it all within 5 years after that. Kawhi is only 28. It's not a matter of how but a matter of when. Lakers only delaying the inevitable if they happen to beat us next year. But they won't beat us. We're better across the board, inside/out.

  • Kahwi man and thats the difference between lebron and kahwi, and also lebron and the goat conversation. Kawhi didnt go lakers with lebron and Ad which would be the easiest way to win a championship, but took pg with him. Not big three and bullshit cause kahwi isnt a p y like lebron

  • I thought it was Alexander-Walker not Williams smh Amin

  • Aww thats a SHAME... Well ESPN, ur gonna have to suck someone else's balls for a change

  • Dynasties are not good for any sport. Who wants to watch Warriors march to another championship? Besides a Warriors fan who can name a Warriors player Before Steph Curry

  • The Lakers had a worse offseason then the Knicks. They got a lucky bad trade with an idiot David fuckboy griffin. Other then that NOBODY WENT TO THE LAKERS. And the Knicks got all the backups every other team wanted. You got Lebron who's falling off and AD who is an injury away from LA not making the playoffs again

  • can tell windhorst has had media training- alot more polished. now he needs training training. noone speaking about sports should look like that. its like a mentally disabled person leading a ted talk or a homeless guy leading a seminar on real estate. or trump as president.

  • You can’t miss what you never had

  • Love me some Rachel

  • 4 me kahwi is not as gud compare 2 russel irving harden klay kemba. paul george is now d superstar of clippers..tsamba 2x toronto won d ring against d ill fated warriors.

  • This bum knows nadda

  • Wob is such a cornball

  • He is going to regret not joined the lakers, is matter of time, clippers has no team


  • Kawhi brought balance to the league like Thanos brought balance to the world

  • Wouldn't it be funny if the Lakers get blown out in the First Round and AD leaves? Then Lakers would have an OLD Lebron, no young talent (except Kuzma, who is decent but no star), and no draft picks? They'd be decimated for 5 years!

  • Uviiv

  • Hey assholes lebron is 35 years old !! You fucking twats !!!

  • Kawhi bringing New Balance to the NBA

  • I had to comment on this. You frame it like a bad thing (I'm not watching the video fyi) if kwai had joined la Lakers it would have been fun 4 2 weeks. The finals, the big 3 would take turns wearing a blindfold. Dodged a bullet NBA!

  • me, always: I just wanna enjoy the show.

  • Kawhi is over rated ...............

  • Why they keep thinking Kawhi killed the warriors dynasty. Everyone knew their dynasty was bout to end this year. People were predicting this since the start of the season. Even these analysis were reporting shit like that. I wonder if the Blazers would've beat the warriors would they be saying Dame killed their dynasty. Yeahhhh Noooooo!!!!!

  • The title should be Kawhi saves nba from another boring season of a super team dominating for 3+ years.

  • Get rid of this black person please.

  • What dynasty? lol...Laker won anything ? ESPN anal-lyst are ridiculous !!!

  • He's right

  • What about the Brooklyn Nets dance meme?

  • Playing under doc will not win a ring period.I am a clipper fan,please get coach.

    • I am a clippers fan and a watch the way he coach them not that good sorry i am keeping real with you.

    • @Paulafan5 the raptors had a good team period.

    • Doc was up three games to one on Houston a couple years ago remember what happen.This guy put jj reddick Chris paul and his son out there to stop houston on defence and lost the series common sense you don't coach like that to win no games period.

    • Is Doc Rivers actually a good coach? Is there any evidence of that? Nick Nurse made playoff adjusts allowing the Raptors to win a title. What did Doc do to deserve such a reputation?

  • What is this fat pig talking about? Doesn't he have his favourite cookies to discuss? What is the need to create false topics?

  • Rachels voice is so sexy when she sounds like this

  • Then...they'll just have to kick Kawhi's ass (to quote FVVleet).

  • whaT?

  • Never has a Lakers fan worried about the Clippers.

  • Carsen Edwards didn't ball this summer league? can't wait for the season to start so they could give props to the 2nd rounders who were overlooked by very clever and well informed GM's

  • When you go to Popeyes and there out of spicy lol

  • 1:52 When you whip yo shit out and it's bigger than what she thought 👏🏾🙌🏾

  • No one wants another Laker dynasty. I'd like to see the Lakes join the Latino league.

  • Basketball God already left kawhi, no more lucky bounce for him.

  • IF Magic was STILL Team President-Kawhi SIGNS with Lakers-even Broussard said that- Lebron ONLY Came to LA because Magic gave them legitimacy-he NEVER would have come if Jim Buss and Jeannie and Linda Rambis were IN CHARGE- MAGIC set up the salary cap for AD to stay and ALL the other signings with his "much criticized moves" Suckface Pelinka and Jeannie got a gift and STILL Couldn't land Kawhi-WHO KNEW BETTER with Backstabber Rob!! Jerry West, Doc Rivers Balmer and crew or Lakers brass MAGIC HAD TO LEAVE--no decision at all

    • Kawhi was never signing with the Lakers. He was using them as a pawn against the Raptors and Clippers to get a PG trade done.

  • Kawhi is just a habitual backstabber, as is Paul George.

  • I don't know about killing a Lakers dynasty, but kawhi def killed raptors 2-peat.

  • *Lol just stop🤣*

  • God damn Rachael voice got me like yuuuum

  • Lakers will be fine

  • If KD doesnt get hurt nobody talking about Kawhi...FACTS

    • @Paulafan5 they are the champions cant deny that...but nobody outside of Canada respects them like a real champ FACTS

    • @Paulafan5Spoken like an amateur, warriors dont care about the regular season FACTS, Raptors fans get a gift and they think they know basketball now...lmao you said OG was hurt like KD, I never knew OG was an MVP. That shows how little you know mentioning OG and kD in the same sentence. Everyone is banged up in the playoffs but never seen a team get hurt like the warriors( I'm not even a warriors fans). KD only played 1 half, Thompson out half the series, Iggy hurt, Cousins hurt not a factor OK(idiot) just averaged 16pts, 8 boards while playing himself into shape before getting hurt again. Kawhi was really banged up against the 76ers but alot better in the Finals, Lowry had a bad THUMB that I'm pretty sure got loaded up with pain killers before each game so it didnt affect him as much and he had a good finals. The warriors were about to force a game 7 even though they had their 3rd string out there, raptors should have swept or won in 5 with all those injuries. How long have you been watching basketball? 2yrs? 2 months? LMAO go back to watching hockey

    • A healthy Raptors, minus Kawhi, stomped the healthy Warriors (minus Cousins, but he was never a factor). FACTS. The Raptors were seriously banged up too, but they didn't whine about it like Kerr did. "Poor us, KD is injured.." Yeah, OG was injured too, and both Lowry and Kawhi were far from 100%. Curry was, and Klay was in the time he played. FACTS. Warriors got beat.

  • Dynasty killer? 🤔 False let me state FACTS...Kawhi averaged 17 pts in the finals against the Heat and had 3 Hall of Famers and a solid supporting case that was playing great in the finals, while Lebron averaged 28 pts on 57% from the field and no help, spurs were the better TEAM so they won in 5. Took down the warriors dynasty that didn't have half their players lol, everyone knows that title has an asterk next to it played against Steph Draymond and the warrior ball boys not the real warriors dynasty not even close, KD was leaving no matter what. Lastly media needs ratings so they add a "Laker dynasty " that never existed in the mix to make it sound like hes a dynasty killer.

  • Kawhi saved the NBA

  • He follows me on Instagram

  • Clippers vs Nets 2020

  • Brian Windhorst would destroy zions athleticism

  • This is a stupid conversation. Must be a slow news day

  • The keyword there, "MIGHT" how about we let the season start before we rule teams out ESPN thanks.

  • Damn if AD and LeBron aren't enough then what the hell else do these dudes need? Lame...people act like competition is a disease nowadays...let these dudes PROVE THEY WANT IT...Does AD have it in him to dominate and be the kind of beast we saw in Wade's first Championship run next to an aged Shaq...Is he hungry or just a poser saying what he is told to say to sound like a big boy? We know on the Clipper Kawhi, Beverly, Lou, Harrell aren't scared and want to compete...PG can be properly a 3rd option in the clutch and he doesn't have to shrink tho he took steps last year....GSW we will see Curry/Klay play big in the playoffs if healthy...we'll get to see if D. Russell is real or not,Draymond playing for a contract, but they have a lot of unprove role players as well. This year guys have no excuse to under perform...EVERY series and these games should be competitive...we should judge guys harshly on their effort and their goals/mental approach to this season...Portland has a team they should feel can be champions, Sixers, Bucks, Rockets, possibly Miami...Boston maybe....Pacers...I can't wait to see who is hungry...Raptors took their championship and no one saw that coming to start last year.

  • Just move ooonnn damn !

  • He HAD to be the stereotypical black guy who brings up fried chicken smh embarrassing

    • Dixon Cider that stereotype just needs to die (like all the rest) everyone likes fried chicken

  • GOOD! no one but fans of that team like a dynasty

  • Kawhi is evolving because he is spiritual, relies and consult with those that he knows have his best interest at heart, he is not egotistical, he is humble and relatable.