Juventus signs exclusive partnership with Konami and eFootball PES 2020

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Juventus are delighted to reveal our brand new EXCLUSIVE Partnership with eFootball PES 2020 and Pro Evolution Soccer!
Create some magic moments with the stars of our team in the ONLY football video game you can this year!
The partnership brings the full accurate representation of our home; the Allianz Stadium PLUS 3D scanned players and authentic kits for the 19/20 season.
#JUVxPES juve.it/mfDr30p8srr

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  • 🤮

  • Fuck Juventus and Definitely fuck pes Fifa and Fc Barcelona are way better

  • Bro why PES

  • There will be always more fifaplayers than PES.. that's a fact and that will always remain the same.

  • Nobody plays plays this shit pes

  • Bruh you guys ruined fifa

  • Perché non Fifa

  • That was not good

  • Graphics are good but head movement when running are funny 😂

  • Love the song

  • Who is here after the manager trailer

  • Cuadrado faces is shit

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  • Ho visto Rabiot in un video... letteralmente uno zombie con i capelli lunghi

  • Wow stupid Pes. WHat about fifa20 FIFA is way better

  • gameplay looks like ps2 game and players looks like 200 kilogram

  • Raga per favore potete dare anche i diritti a EA 🙏

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Haha Not Patimo Calcio this time on pes,fuck it FIfa

  • I just wish PES could fix their movement mechanics.. it still looks like a ps2 character sliding on ice with weights strapped around their legs for slow heavy movement.

  • Juventus : Pes 2020 Barcelona:Roblox :D

  • Shit club on a shit game

    • R serious huge have made it to 2 UCL finals in a space of 4 yrs u probably just a butthurt FIFA fan

  • Still looks like cartoon

  • Pes 2020 mobile is bianco nero ⚪️⚫️

  • Muy bien Juventus bienvenido realmente a un videojuego simulador de futbol Efootball Pes 2020.

  • Noi vogliamo la juve su fifa 20

  • I'm a big juve fan and I'm not happy about this. I whant juve in fifa this exclusivity thing is not nice😪

  • Fifa IS best

  • Piemonte Calcio: I am a shadow! the true self! Juventus: YOU"RE NOT ME!!!!

  • Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20

  • fifa top

  • But they dont have the other teams

  • Fuck you pes

  • Thank God they improved ronaldo celebration. I was tired of seeing Ronaldo trying to take a dump Everytime.. Also, i hope they can make the crowd scream Siiiiiiiuuuuu while Ronaldo celebrates..

  • What the hell have you done

  • God the graphics look fucking awful

  • Thank God for the patches who will bring Juventus and the stadium to FIFA 20

  • PES 2020 looks shit as, its a cheap rip off version of fifa

  • Dopo questo colpo posso dire che Konami ha superato la EA👋

  • The real Surprise Mechanics that is Ethical and Fun

  • Cr7 FIFA 20

  • *MOANS*

  • Piemonteeeee Calciooooo

  • Espero que ganen en el siguiente partido, arriba JUVENTUS ⚽+🏆=JUVENTUS

  • Dönek juve

  • Ulan hain juventus

  • Graphics are awful

    • In my 4K TV HDR, it looks way better than this

  • Am I the only one really liking that Juventus logo? I remember when it was announced it got a lot of criticism but its grown on me. Wish more teams would update their logo to a more streamlined minimalistic design.

  • Neymar and De Ligt, Welcome to piemonte Calcio 😂

  • Si raga forza juve

  • La puntazza di Cristiano

  • Konami will burn!!!

  • Juventus come back to fifa

    • Not for many years. FIFA is not even football. It's ping pong

  • I don't understand why you make agreements with pes and not with ea. we wouldn't have juve in gifa until 2024

    • Because PES is a much better, more advanced game than FIFA

  • Lol who even plays pes 😂 I tried to play it but damn it’s awful

    • Lol PES is football. FIFA is ping pong. You can't compare both games

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Juventus 😡😡

  • At least there's still Merseyside Red and London FC 😂

  • I'm gonna miss Cygames A LOT!

  • I dont know why Juventus go to PES, that game is shiet, only for the money, disgusting.

    • PES won every sports game award for the past 4 years. FIFA is a cheap rip-off

    • Isn't FIFA the same?

  • Fuck you assholes