Jonas Brothers - Happy When I'm Sad (Audio)

Pubblicato il 7 giu 2019
Happy When I’m Sad (Official Audio)
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  • Honestly 1:17 is so satisfying

  • You good now

  • Me encantan los jonas brothers son mi fan

  • I stared liking you in 2019 I feel like why did I not become addicted to this earlier

  • Priscilla osbourne our relationship song is Happy when I sad it's remind me thinking about my best woman! The 💔💔

  • They think I'm happy when I'm sad...

  • how am i just hearing this now?

  • So......does Kevin sing???

  • I think that this is there’s best song in this album

  • I put on a smile, don't need a face-lift Why can I when everybody fakes it? Well, they think I'm happy 💭

  • Sounds like a Paramore song lol

  • Love you Joe jonas

  • “tHat LinE is sO rElatAbLe🤪” stfu u cretin 🗿🔫

  • Such a great way to reach out tell people that they’re not alone

  • this song is so me

  • Im not bragging Im actually supper greatful but Im seeing the jonas brothers in 15 days!!!!1

  • This is the most upbeat sad song ever. Like it feels wrong to jam and belt out “they think I’m happy when I’m sad” because it’s such a sad line. I don’t know how to feel listening to this song lol

  • This really bops idc but so many are sleeping on this song 🤦🏻‍♀️ God bless the Jonas brothers

  • ;)

  • Yaz

  • Goo

  • 0:57 sounds like Adam Levine lol but I love this song

  • Still here before a Million!!! Come on people! 32k to go! We can do it! Tell your friends about this song!

  • Never related so much to a song ...

  • Optimists disliked this

  • Major DNCE vibes. Joe always delivering bops

  • Enyone here from sam golbach ad on ig🤣🤣

  • This song reminds me of Ben affleck

  • "They think I'm happy when I'm sad" Me:.. Me:.. Also Me:... Me: why do i feel like thats me. thats literally me *Cries intensely in corner*

  • “Like they know exactly how I feel... it ain’t real” WHEW FELT🤧

  • Ik y'all arnt gonna reply but why did you not play this song at the concert love y'all!!

  • This describes my life lol

  • I love you guys ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • I know this is random but I want two of them to do a challenge where they call on brother the wrong name. For example: Nick would call Kevin , Joe for 24 hours and Joe would call Kevin , Nick for 24 hours. I think that would be funny because the brother who they pranked would have no idea what's going on.😁

  • One of my favorites


  • Oh I can relate to this!

  • 💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜

  • Deberia tener video oficial

  • cancion favorita

  • Here before 1 million views!

  • Plz tell me a song when Kevin sings at least a verse.

  • the lyrics: 😔 the music: 😃

  • Goal

  • Im going to ur concert

  • Best Album of The Summer Has To Be : Happiness Begins - JONAS BROTHERS

  • Jonas book of law

  • K

  • I love ir

  • I love it ❤️🤗

  • Adorable canção!!😊😁😃

  • JB: never gonna calm down TS : you need to calm Down....

  • Cool

  • Cool😎

  • De bien

  • Holaaa

  • Ahw you all deserve to feel happy💜 💓💓

  • Bu grubu seviyorum.💜

  • Who’s here before a million views?? 👍