Jon Gruden shouldn't support Antonio Brown - Stephen A. | First Take

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Stephen A. Smith does not think Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden should have Antonio Brown's back because Gruden is asking for more trouble by showing support for AB amidst all his antics.
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  • Mike Greenburg once said, "You don't have to be right, you just have to be interesting." Amazing how these guys rarely EVER agree on anything...So, the producer obviously has set up these "disagreements" with Stephen A. Nobody would really use such dumb logic EVERYDAY, lolol!

  • Screaming A Smith shut the fuck up...

  • I rarely go against Stephen on his comments, but I thought Gruden did the EXCEPTIONAL thing by deciding to standby his player which isn't his style because Gruden doesn't go for that primadonna type of bullshit. But in doing so he convey's to the player that I got your back as long as you produce (which he didn't get with the Steelers), next day who shows up in camp? Brown!!! One of the keys' to leadership is getting people to play for you, but also getting people WHO WANT TO. What he heard from the GM was we've supported him, the league said no, now it's time to suit up and show up. And that's EXACTLY what AB did. No disgruntled player (from a team aspect), back on the field, and we'll see next week how well he has been able to adjust to his new team. I predict he'll be ready to prove everyone who came out against him wrong.

  • Raleigh Simmons Coached by Fred Tex Winters. Gruden knows how to TRUST AB and developed AB to a higher level of a SUPERSTAR. SUPERSTARS HAVE BIG EGOS. Throw AB the ball and you will see. Pay Attention. AB is the REAL DEAL. Look how hard he works. Raders did well by getting a player like this.

  • Steven A is the Jerry Springer of sports.

  • I'm sorry but they gave AB guaranteed 30 million dollars and he's acting up like a real fool pulling up in hard knocks in a sick whip and getting all the attention in a negative way, complaining about a helmet with burnt feet, f*ck this guy let him sign a waiver to wear whatever helmet he wants or no helmet at all and let him catch CTE, which he probably is suffering from already the way he's acting...

  • Well we should talk more about the knicks if that’s your only story sir

  • Coach Chucky has to!! He got rid of the team's #1 receiver! Duh. He's got no choice but to do so.

  • These flawed new helmets will be forced on high school and college players with sever blindspot/weight issues and injuries will result , the class action lawyers are chomping at the bit, hahaha NFL has deep pockets.

  • Clearly the helmets have decreased visual and therefore a major safety factor of being blindsided. A class action lawsuit will definitely follow major injuries. NFL simply must correct the blindspot issues. They can fix it now or pay YUGE later.

  • Brown is like an NBA head case.

  • This gotta be the dumbest take ever.. "Jon Gruden shouldn't support Antonio Brown" as if Gruden wasn't coaching AB lmfao Espn is a joke

  • I love it when people say Steelers won’t be nothing without Antonio kardashian lol Big Ben won super bowls without him before he might win another one with out him now he has made this diva 😂😂😂 Antonio kardashian wont be nothing without Big Ben and people will soon find that out

  • Gruden shouldn’t have A.B’s back so we can continue saying how dysfunctional they are

  • Somebody tell me when Kellerman is gone. He's just unwatchable

  • they are really blackballing antonio brown....another best player in league about to be erased!

  • I hate this dude💯

  • He has the most retarded hair styles ever

  • steven shut that big mouth of yours. you aint there so shut up

  • Everyone should unsubscribe until molly is replaced she brings no value to the show.

  • Fuck Stephen a

  • He hasn’t done a damn thing as a Raiders besides bringing drama and frustration to that football team. He needs to prove why he got all that money , right now he’s not. Put the pampers away AB

  • If you codify a narcissist, they will railroad you with great force. They don’t care. Antonio wants to be the victim, the wronged party, pitied. Step up to him and say, I have enough of you. Shut up, grow up, and get back on the field. In other words, lay the law with him, or else it’ll get even worse.

  • Preseason!! All this for preseason??!! They sure do know how to build up drama for the NFL. We talkin about preseason! Smh. His life!! Your entertainment!! Don’t. Let that go ova ya head!

  • Max has an interesting point for sure but at the same time, it's kinda retarded.

  • Stephen smith amen preach

  • Go to that clause in the fineprint and get to the part where they don't have to pay him if..... ?

    • What hell do you think his shit is all about. They pay him no matter what. I think he knows that. Nothing like getting paid 17mil for doing NOTHING!

  • Blah Blah Blah...I knew I shouldn't have wasted my time coming here listening to their BS. Makes everything a soap opera...Garbage! Going back to NFL Channel

  • Niggas nigga started videos out saying Heiden isn’t browns coach .... lol niggas be weird yo

  • ESPN has to be politically correct, thus they have a woman on. Everyone knows this so it's really dumb to even discuss why she's there.

  • Somebody find one good thing Steven says Antonio Brown. Just one

  • How does anybody take anything this dumb MF says with respect? That man has a 5head. He dont have dreams. He watches movies.

  • Molly is an Aries. That's why she always has to assert herself and control. I dumped my Aries wife for this reason. Poor Jalen. Run!!

  • SAS = salty ass simp. Mad that Gruden left his ESPN to get 100 million and something SAS will never have: a head coaching job of a pro team. Gruden was able to be a headliner on SAS’ turf and in the head coaching world. Mad that AB left his team, or the team he is riding this week (Steelers). AB needs to get SAS on the payroll so he can stop hating like a miserable ex mistress.

  • I glad you come back mr.brown

  • its safe to say Stephen A is nothing more than a sports gossip reporter. Man never talks X's and O's

  • # 7 is gonna TEAR UP the NFL this year, AB will go CRAZY by week 3 .

  • AB needs a good slap across his punk face lil bastard ain't shit

  • I feel like the producers tell Molly to interject so they can see how much we truly hate her! Fuckin shut up molly!!

  • They need to rename this show "First Molly Then Everyone Else," or "The Molly Show." How about "That So Molly!"?

  • Molly would be good in around the horn

  • and your fat head ass shouldnt be on espn talking shit bout someone else opinion

  • Of course, Jon Gruden has to have Antonio Brown's back, because that buys him stock with the locker room. People like to know that those with more power than them have their backs. It is hard to build working relationships without trust.

  • AB Clowning yall who take the bait... he gonna nuke the game the same he was in Steelers...

  • Molly please shut up.

  • More you hate on Molly the more she is going to troll 😂😂

  • Stephen A. Smith = Uncle Tom

  • But if he didn’t have his back it would still be a problem

  • That Madden Curse is setting in.

  • This is a Stupid Segment " especially the ones that likes this video too 🤙

  • I have more credibility than max

  • They say hes melting down. I say hes just doin wtf he wants

  • MOLLY OUT! Fire her espn please!!!

  • Keep slamming AB. He’s still not giving you an interview. 😃

  • Does SAS even watch football???

  • What do molly be blurting out in the background

  • Molly is having nightmares of AB mustache while sleeping next to Rose.....

  • Molly voice is so irritating.

  • These guys have nothing to really talk about. Both of these hacks are on a show with no ratings and nobody cares about.

  • Antonio brown and Jon Gruden just made y’all look like y’all still on the same old story! Stephen A Smith is turning into the biggest raider hater. And I love it. Perfect way to play it! Also Antonio brown is going crazy! I agree!