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Pubblicato il 3 apr 2019
Check out the official Joker Teaser starring Joaquin Phoenix! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 4, 2019
Starring: Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro
Directed By: Todd Phillips
Synopsis: Film will center on how the popular comic book villain known as The Joker came to be.
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  • I’m watching this after we got the music to sing this trailer song in my choir

  • Deserved an oscar and Got the oscar are only apt for "Joker". Then heath ledger and now Joaquin pheonix..respect

  • this is one of the very best movies ever he is amazing as joker

  • هل يعرض على يوتيوب

  • Ever have joker smile competitions when you're sitting around with your friends? Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for best Joker Smile.

  • Finally he won 😍

  • This movie is 👎👎

  • He smiles In pain

  • I will buy. BzjzvHOmkakak

  • Seraf Tuiko

  • Qaring wes't my saskia

  • It’s the best trailer I think I have ever seen


  • I don't know were, but I once saw in a comment "Batman is what Gotham needed, but Joker is what Gotham deserved"

  • احلى فلم Very nice

  • This movie was a real *head banger* My friend Randall told me himself

  • ل

  • Having seen the film I just realized this trailer shows the entire movie in chronological order.

  • If you watched JOKER, then go give FALLING DOWN (1993) starring Michael Douglas a try. Unlike JOKER and TAXI DRIVER (1976), the main character's deadly descent unfolds over a single day. It is disturbing but also funny.

  • So many scenes not made into the final film :c

  • Do they give Oscars for movie trailers? Greatest movie trailer ever!

  • Saya. Taku

  • So sad 1:59

  • 11 nomination on oscar wow

  • # muy bien a actuación......

  • Ok. Joker in Wonderland movie but: WHERE THE HECK IS JOKER HERE?

  • OMG this amazing movie isn't translate in my country language. This so sad. I want some much to watch this masterpiece

  • You want watch movies ?

  • Imagine if people were like in 1890 But with all same as now

  • Still so epic and awesome no matter how many times i watch this, and i finally got to see the movie and it was just so fuckin cool i loved it so much man


  • ITS B.S. like this why I dont watch tv any more. Its b.s like this that advocates drug use shootings. People who make movies like.this are your real enemies. Not people.from Iraq. Not atomic.bombs. the enemy is the creators of these movies . Life is twisted enough without movies like this confusing.the young and impressionable. Ant the funny part is we pay for this poo.

  • i want wich it who know name

  • Honestly I never comment at all, but I feel like I need to tell this story. It was the middle of october and me and my friends went to the movie theatre to watch the film. I suffer from quite a lot health issues one of them being a pressure on my ear.Sometimes I fell like I'm on a plane but it's not constantly like that.I just ignore it.But when it gets too loud everything gets worse. However after 10 min being in the film I got a terrible headache and such an ear pressure (because it was too loud) thus I went outside to the bath.I looked in the mirror and kept telling myself that I'd be okay. When I went inside again everything got at it's worst.I had such a pain I couldn't take it anymore. I had such a pain that I HAD to get out but told my friends to watch the movie.I'd just wait outside.But they didn't want to leave me alone.Unfortunately I had to pass right in front of quite a lot people to get out. They realized that I wanted to get out again and began making complaints such as "Uh" , "Not Again" or "Why can't she sit on her seat" I wanted to shout at their face and say:"How can you have so much empathy with the joker but not with me and all the other people suffering from a variety of illnesses ?" (I don't wanna say that they shouldn't have empathy with the joker but I kinda mean it like people are to blind and can't see what one is going through) However I guess the worst part about having a(n) (mental) illness is that people expect you to behave as if you don't.

  • What name this movie

  • The people who disliked this video are the people who bullied Arthur

  • Cho xin tên phim

  • When you give me the Oscar, Can you introduce me as the Joker?

  • There are actors, and then there is JOAQUIN PHOENIX.

  • Heath Ledger IS the DCU Joker but Joaquin Phoenix is the Jocker of OUR world.

  • Song to 1:25 to 2:15

  • Je veux regarder le film en français

  • Smile...

  • Kill

  • Please give Joaquin Phoenix his Oscar

  • This is the best film ever!!! 👍🏻👏

  • Joaquin Phoenix is cool the JOKER

  • Joker is a best move

  • Y so many dislikes???

  • وين نلقى الفيلم مترجم بالعربية 😢

  • _Do it for Arthur. Be wholesome for Arthur. Be nice for Arthur._

  • A must-see film, a wonderful actor he sublimates the scenario go for it 10/10

  • احبكم ممثلون الجوكرر❤️

  • Basically, this guy tried to smile through his pain until pain made him smile.

  • I rather see a penguin movie. 🎥 Joker's overrated.

  • Is the most amazing film I was watching in my life yet

    • Adzzo 3 why ?

    • Srk Gt you need to see more films

  • average

  • i'll screen shot this thanks

  • Would anyone pay to see this again before it leaves theaters?