Joe Biden Dances Around Immigration Questions During Democratic Debate

Pubblicato il 13 set 2019
Democratic Debate summary (00:00)
Andrew Yang on Freedom dividend (00:48)
Beto O'Rourke on gun control (01:20)
Joe Biden on Obama's deportation policies (02:17)
Julian Castro on Joe Biden (02:55)
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Joe Biden Dances Around Immigration Questions During Democratic Debate
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  • Damn the biggest gathering of losers that we’ve seen in a while. I’m no trump fan but Charlemagne is right, none of them are entertaining. When your best chance is Biden you know there’s an issue. There’s a lot of bad choices but beta may be the worst. Dude is legit a moron. He is putting all of his chips into the gun control debate. I get it that is important to some people but everybody already has their opinion about it he’s not going to win any supporters just because his views are even more crazy than most. He’s definitely going to hurt himself with some voters who might be interested in voting Democratic but when they hear him talking about trying to take up away all the guns there’s no way he’s going to get support. It’s one thing to talk about more regulations but he’s gone above and beyond. I saw him talking right after one of the shootings and he sounded insane. Trying to use a tragedy for gain is pathetic.Honestly the idiot trying to argue with Biden about immigration I felt for Biden. There’s a lot of people who aren’t bad but who are just forgettable but the worst are beta, warren and Kamala. Once again Biden is probably the best choice which is sad.

  • 10 extra voters? You've got to be kidding me. It's clearly a test to show the American people how an extra $1000 a month will help them. People don't just like talk, they want proof and action. It will get him much more than 10 voters.

  • Everyone has their favorite candidate that they are supporting . Let's remember we all need to stick together as democrats and not dog the candidates or each other that is what Trump and Putin wants us to do . Let's support who ever the front runner is . If we want to win . Just vote .

  • Funny how they don't fact check Beta on saying "We're gonna take your AK-47s away." These politicians are so uneducated on guns it is terrifying what it'll be like having them in power. Smh.

  • There are far more people killed by knives, feet, hands, blunt object, and illegal immigrants than the AR 15! Francis 0’rourke just put the final nail in his own coffin. Since when have black folks been anti 2nd Amendment??? Exactly they’re NOT and blacks will view his stance as an attack on the right for blacks to own firearms! Have you forgotten that blacks were not always allowed to posses firearms? The Dummycrats are playing to the loud yet fringe far left lunatics thinking that’s gonna get them a win in 2020. Black folks been voting Democrat straight party ticket for 60 plus years and have nothing to show for it but a decimated black family unit, war torn neighborhoods and uneducated children! ALL ON THE DEMOCRATS WATCH!!! Even Killer Mike has come to his senses when it comes to this party picking sh!t for blacks and he used to be a big Bernie bro!

  • Gun control is not the answer to mass shooting and gun violence.

  • It’s sad ppl still taking Andrew yang as a joke we’ll see if we going get extra 10 votes or extra 10 million votes

  • You see black people are foolish, joe biden do not care a damn about black people or their slavery, he says he dont responsible for it.

  • Char stay to hip hop news you sound ignorant and uninformed. And Kamala is still a joke

  • What gendered???

  • why was the camera focused on charlamagne

  • ctg is so illinformed on politcs, like wtf is he saying.. " you gota be entertaining to get casual voters" ? right so acting like a jackass is the way to win

  • Charlamange is so annoying with his Mac eyeliner and threaded eyebrows

  • I dare you to try to take my ar 15 away I double dog dare you 💯💯💯💯

  • I feel as if Biden is just resting on his laurels from being the vice president for Obama. I'm not voting for him.

  • Trump was the winner of this debate. Betto is a fake Mexican.

  • I'm sorry charlemagne the sis. You're an idiot.

  • Glad ppl are recognizing charlafraud for who he is. A fake intellectual

  • He's right about Biden being a fraud and incoherent.

  • Bernie & Warren are pretty entertaining.

  • I love yang. My homie thats leftist called me an said " i love my gun an i worked for my money, why should they get 1000$ of my money..? " i almost said trump, but there tryn get our guns too... what do we do America?

  • Did you not hear biden say that black parents don't know how to raise their kids?

  • Biden is Scottie on the Bulls when Michael left... He aight, but we fucked! LOL

  • WTF is Charlemagne talking about with the cisgender Beto far as I've heard he identifies as male and he has a wife with kids

  • Real. Bernie or gtfo yall Americans

  • #yanggang

  • Jorge Ramos would be the one asking that to Biden

  • ppl don’t even know...just 1 grand would help me pay bills and pay for my anxiety meds and even help me save for a car. *black folks definitely deserve this*

  • Ctg try to play with andrew yang. yang the realest one tho #yanggang

  • Black people this isn’t your concern 🤨

  • As long as outlets like the breakfast club don't stop condemning white people for not praying to mansa moussa 3 times a day, trump will get re elected

  • It can be done with a pistol , shotgun even a knife. You should have too take a rifles course and through that course get a license to posses that type of gun just like having a concealed carry permit.but I don't think taking my AR-15 from me is gonna help the problem because there's plenty of people like me who have one and don't intend to use it unless for hunting or home defense and my business for security.

  • Chill with this gender shit you either man or woman‼️ I’m still pissed 😤 from the other day with all that madness🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️

  • Biden is weak, it's clear that his spot was correctly put in the supporting character position. No thanks

  • Rambling just like you Charlemagne😂😂😂

  • I'm not a immigrant so I dony care

  • Trump 2020 easy win

  • When Yall gonna interview Tulsi? The only woman i wud ever vote for

  • Beto O Rourke is a centrist corporate democrat, the NRA will buy him if he becomes more popular. Yang' freedom dividend is cool but I think Sanders was right, Americans dont want hand-outs. Tulsi, Sanders or Warren. Pick one. And Leonard, people dont want to be entertained by politicians.

  • NO ONE should expect the POTUS to be ENTERTAINING. If that's what you like and/or need in your candidate of choice then you are unqualified to vote. Being ENTERTAINING doesnt meet the skill criteria, , nor professional character necessary to do a sufficient job. My new #SocialMovemet... #StopElecting #EntertainingIdiots

  • Black people are so brainwashed that they somehow think that illegal immigration is something worth supporting. It’s okay to support democrats on some policies and not others. Out of the blue blacks are now pro abortion, pro lgbtq+, pro illegal immigration, and pro all things that liberals support.

  • No shit. Obama was against illegal immigration . His nickname was deporter and chief. Bro you pandering to progressive is guarantee to give trump 2020 . Illegal immigration is a bipartisan issue.

  • That's Democrats for ya....🙄

  • I'd rather follow and older wiser candidate than a younger one that's full of their self. just because Biden ain't doing backflips doesn't mean he wouldn't be a good leader.

  • Joe biden was our VP FOR 8 yrs and ctg god didn't say anything don't listen to these celebrities they are TRUMP SUPPORTER'S

  • Join the Revolution 🚷 Support My New Music

  • Why any black person is pro immigration is beyond me. You’re second class now but will be 3rd once hispanics are higher up than you. Ps kids in cages is disgusting.

  • They want guns taken away bcuz they want to enact Marshall Law.....take the guns away, take paper cash away to make Digital currency control us all.... we are not stupid.


  • Ain't nobody taking my fucking guns. Period.

  • Not entertaining? The fact that politicians think they need to go on this show to court black votes is insulting to the black community.

  • Charlemagne is clearly anti Bernie, always highlighting other shitty candidates but goes on to say they’re all boring

  • We didn't vote for Joe because his speech wasn't coherant enough to understand 🧐😒Joe thought we was supposed to just guess what the hell he meant or means when he speaks....not going to fly🤨honestly,,🤔the way some of these candidates act,,I feel like they were never really true Democrats at all because actions speak louder than words..

  • Never thought i say this but trump is gonna get relected. Atleast we know what we getting...fucked either way

  • If Joe Biden run against that man Deadman we'll run over him like a Mack truck Joe Biden stutters he gets forgetful he mumbles some of the times I don't think he know what he's talking about

  • Guess we’ll be seeing Trump 2020 🤦‍♂️

  • Bernie2020

  • Charlemagne doesn’t know jack shit but he knows that fake mental health bullshit and his cnn and msnbc checks gonna make him support the establishment frauds if he know anything he would Bernie all guns blazing

  • It's Bernie or bust for me

  • Andrew Yang 2020!!! 💪💸💰💲