Jim Rohn: STOP WASTING ANY MORE TIME (very motivational)

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2018
Jim Rohn: STOP WASTING ANY MORE TIME (very motivational)
Jim Rohn
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  • Been listening to Mr Rohn for years and never heard this.. by FAR one of the most powerful pieces I’ve ever heard by him, or anyone.

  • I've only just heard of Jim a couple months ago but it's amazing how relevant his points are still today! I actually have changed my mindset drastically since reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles 1910, published 1913 by his daughter but nearly everything Jim peaches is identical. Especially the providing true "value" and "helping others get what they want to get what you want..." Anyway, just wanted to point that out because there's always been philosophers who've tried to help the masses but sadly, unless they seek, nothing will change. I've graduated from A LOT of my ignorant old habits but I have to frequently read/listen to my books because it's so easy to slip backwards lol. One thing I'd say made it easier for me was cutting out all the negative mindset pessimists in my life, (family and friends especially...) and cable t.v...I have a stream box now to watch what I want and not what I'm brainwashed to. Happy seeking people, it's not easy but it's well worth the change!

  • Always teach your awesomeness

  • WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! Every single line!!!! WOW! Thank you for posting this!!!!!!

  • Wayne dyer

  • Thank U Mr. Rohn. This seminar changed my life.. very grateful! !

  • he needs to learn to stop whispering omfg

  • "Giving starts the receiving process" ♥️

  • It always seems impossible until.is done

  • Is this God talking?

  • Amazing ❤️

  • I Doubt Another Jim Rohn Would Ever Be Born In This Century

  • IMO, totally crap and useless piece of BS.

  • Jim rohn is one of the best motivational speaker ever born.

  • Well it's good that you have Late Jim Rohn speech on the channel but having ads in between when someone is listening to motivate thy self while thy self is in the deep pain makes thy self feel even more devastated. It's like man they are fucking making money even with my pain. No offense though it's your channel at the end you need money no matter how it comes. Great job morons keep it up god press you oops sorry I mean god bless you.😂😂. While I was feeling good suddenly comes an ad and says getting your business with godaddy is quick and easy wow nice way to feed up your family or your life style. Customize your ads you.....

  • I’ve been knocking on doors for quite sometime, nobody’s there to answer. Why is church the answer? They are the most corrupt organization known to man

    • Nuckin Futs the world is an equal playing field, some might start ahead or below. But in the end the world is equally against and for. Never stop knocking, I promise they will start to open

  • That was a good word he have strong words but I see how he can change your life just listening is powerful that you for sharing

  • Cool guy says, "we all know though that if we're so self interested and so enlightened in it and pers dev we're in sales we're going to need to figure out the customer in order to sell. Not figure ourselves out. And why is the customer's issues out of our comfort zone?"

  • When you provide gift value I am ask you so many times if you give it give .or escape o.k .yshk viswanatham MscBed. .

  • This was cool until it was classist and asserted that ''mothers on welfare" are lazy and waiting until someone gives them money. Plenty of mothers on welfare do work.

    • @Nuckin Futs exactly.

    • They also pay taxes that allow other non-mothers to reap the rewards of welfare.

  • A good speech ruined by ads

  • Brilliant man! Great and practical principles! We need this taught in our public schools!!!

  • Propaganda.

  • Um. Mary “earned” herself as well as her children all being taken care of by CARRYING & BIRTHING. She was BORN “earning” unlimited amount of $$$ by being the carrier of P#$$Y: which is THE most valuable commodity IN THE WORLD! MAKING HER do manlabor is beneath her!! You are a scammer!!!

  • Can't stop listening to these golden words.

  • The man speaks good words i just dont believe I agree on his view of if I dont move towards God he wont move towards me even in my times of selfishness God was there protecting me Also he doesnt quote squripture Other than that poitive thinking

  • we become what we think about

  • Thank you Mr. Rohn!

  • Too many people work hard and get little in return. My field is supporting young children in poverty. I work night and day, and help many many families to break cycles of abuse, self-destruction, lack of skills, etc. But there is no money in it. Yet, if I didn't do it, it is highly likely that society would pay more for truancy, crime, divorce, welfare, etc. First responders (military, etc.) are also suffering a lack of financial security, as are foster care caseworkers, parole officers, and so on.

  • Matthew 7:7 New International Version (NIV) Ask, Seek, Knock 7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Acts 20:35 New International Version (NIV) 35 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

  • I gave hundreds of dollars Mr Rohn and I haven't received not one penny and many years what do you have to say about that you probably was born with a silver spoon in your mouth if you know what I mean

  • This is stupid. "Make sure you're focusing on what you can give, rather than on what you hope to get in return." If you couldn't figure that out on your own, you will NEVER be successful.

  • One Thousand dislikes ? Wow can’t learn from those with closed minds , there will always be Trolls and Haters , good and evil , God and the Devil, it’s what side of the fence your on to determine where you at. I’m a high school dropout flunked my GED three times , but the show must go on , the fight ain’t over till I say it’s over. I’d rather be a live dog than a dead Lion . A chicken than a dead rooster . I will overcome my setbacks.

  • He’s just Amazing. I feel bad-I listen to Jim Rohn and I feel Better!

    • so true when your off track thick this how to get back on it and focus

  • thanks jim rohn you is my mentor on youtude at 2 year go ref.paid4clout.com/Elitanelove

  • Stay teaching seeds ......theres years of wealth Gap......white america its interest in allowing people of color moving.....except jail ...prision.....grave.....what do slave generations have to give .....(they) took evvvvvvvery thang

    • @ Andrew Jackson, I won't be able to help you as you would not trust me because I am White and from Africa. PLEASE do me a favour? PLEASE watch this man, and if AT ALL possible, try to contact him. I KNOW he would be able to help you. it-tvs.com/tv/video-__8mol-K9As.html

  • Your a silly man. welfare for children ......they deserve not to eat .....that's white privilege worps ......your mind ....🤔

  • Give a fish...

  • OBEY

  • Wow! What a way to start the day! Thank you and God Bless)

  • Why is he concerned with the "welfare mother", he lost me there...

  • Did he give his daughter the remaining 2000 Dollars, anybody got it for certain? Seems like it

  • Thanks for the upload. There is hope for me then; I speak to the few still, and handle my tiny income responsibly. It was taken from me by unlawful au-thorities, who, which is even worse, broke down my already severely compromised body, nervous system and the other vital organs, as well as my small (blocked) life-force, psycho-immune defense and will/courage to go on striving for health and for a real, useful, working life, - and I had saved my pennies all my adult life for hospital abroad, psychotherapy, a needed home on the countryside, as well as a good bed etc. Mistreatment after mistreatment, shutting all legal-social doors on me, withholding my legal rights, withholding information, withholding due support ande due co-working, with me in preparation for "meeting", making false promises, preventing me even from helping myself. To not be scared to death (in CPTSD already beforehand!) and to not be aggressive(adrenaline from the Autonomic nervous system in survival situations, isimpossible for a any normal, sick and sleepless human being and definitely for a traumnatized Asperger,is difficult. Theydid not adhere to the laws or to human social rules and civilized understanding. I worked full time to clear things, explain, ask, cry for help against torture, remind of my basic human needs and rights, reminded also of their promises and permissions/ yes-sayings to my application for personal assistence. They allowd 4 x less than applied for, said they knew it was toolittle, which 2 assistent applicants said also, and yet offered person not acceptable - in order for me to have to say "No thank you", look good in their acts and "be able to" claim that I had declined their help provided. Other aspergians with farlessdifficulties (1/3) did get the assistence I too need. They had relatives fighting for and advocating them, as well as no childhood trauma and serious physical disease to manage. at way's end i have been for many years, and my creative initiartives to find help, help myself accept , forgive etc have not helped ,neither 4 years of intense law of Attraction/Resonance self-teaching and - learning. I am certain there is a good solution for me. Am too exhausted, illness-influenced and isolation-anxious to see clearly for long enough and to have stable faith, courage and heart, as well as having the stability and power of will to carry it all out rationally, positively and well. not even healthy, normal, non-Aspergians would manage this alone. If you are into efficient, empathic communication and have common sense and some experience and knowledge of the shadow sides of social se-curity, I should be much obliged for your assistence. And would pass it on to others in need, as I aways have anyway. Please pray for me, and take are of yourself.

  • Out of nowhere it turned into a sales pitch to the audience.

  • So what the explanation for Donald Trump ?

  • Everything he teaches comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Does anybody know if the speach on "thinking on paper" Mr Rohn talks about at @29:00 is available somewhere?

  • Work HARDER on yourself than you do on your job,the answer to a lot of things 👏👏👏.

  • 2 years ago my english teacher gave jim ron's book . then i read that book after that i'm achieving all my goals step by step. Jim Ron one of my admire person.

  • Anybody else find his example of "the mother on welfare" to be rude, outdated and stereotypical? There must be a million other examples of people not doing everything they can to advance their own interests, yet he chooses this? The "mother on welfare" may be getting assistance for any number of reasons completely out of her control, the majority of which can be attributed to an absent, deadbeat father, or as a means of transitioning out of a relationship with an abusive partner. Why use and reinforce this bigoted viewpoint? Should everyone make effort to improve their situation? Absolutely! But why pick on the least among us? This is a terrible example! I don't care if you have the most brilliant ideas the world has ever heard - when you use stereotypes you lose me.

    • I disagree l, welfare is the most important place to make a point. You dont get something for nothing. If your in a circle passing a ball. But somone holds it. Does not pass it back. They have stopped the flow of energy. Further more, that example will teach the child of well fare i have to do something to recieve. Your reaction tells us of some personal truth. Hence your tone

  • Amazing love this guy he’s going to help me reach my next level...💪🏽🤴🏽🦸🏽‍♂️

  • WoW! This man is one of my Hero. So thankful to this man.He really they way he talks makes me a better man.

  • 2:34 I think Jehova's witnesses understood this too literal LOL

  • God bless all you out there we all have the same mind set. a higher calling . save these videos into a playlist . study it. practice them . let's show the world what were made of and enjoy every step of the way

  • Thank you

  • God says: if you will not move then I will not move...

  • I’m so late to get this good lecture Thank you

  • Do we tell the ice to stop wasting time? Or the tree? Why is it so important for a human to rush?

  • Don't think so. There are plenty of people who are doing very work ... but get much less than they deserve.

  • What a western, materialistic, narrow view of the world. It's this kind of thinking that keeps mankind enslaved. I would feel sorry for this guy if he was alive.