Jim Rohn: Make a Commitment to Yourself

Pubblicato il 21 set 2017
Jim Rohn: Make a Commitment to Yourself
How dramatically we can change our results is largely a function of imagination.
In 1960, it was a technological impossibility for man to travel into outer space. However, within 10 years, the first man stepped out onto the surface of the moon. The miraculous process of converting that dream into reality began when one voice challenged the scientific community to do whatever was necessary to see to it that America "places a man on the moon by the end of this decade." That challenge awakened the spirit of a nation by planting the seed of possible future achievement into the fertile soil of imagination.
With that one bold challenge, the impossible became a reality.
The same principle applies to every other area of our life.
Can a poor person become wealthy? Of course! The unique combination of desire, planning, effort and perseverance will always work its magic. The question is not whether the formula for success will work, but rather whether the person will work the formula. That is the unknown variable. That is the challenge that confronts us all.
We can all go from wherever we are to wherever we want to be. No dream is impossible provided we first have the courage to believe in it.
Jim Rohn
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  • Negative reinforcement (insulting, guilting or shaming the person if they don't achieve the goal, threatening the person with a punishment, I think is used more often then positive reinforcement) I hear people say positive reinforcement is being soft.

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    • Be aware though that in some jobs if you are REALLY good at that role then some managers will NOT promote you to another role because they will not be able to replace you. Any ideas of how to stop being kept down would be appreciated.

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