Jim Rohn: How to Trust Yourself to Change Habits

Pubblicato il 13 ago 2019
Jim Rohn: How to Trust Yourself to Change Habits
Jim Rohn
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  • Jesus, why that piano😶...

  • I need this to change my life I really do

  • Show your Seed, And Not Your Need..SELAH AND SHALOM

  • I've listened to this 4 times in two months. I'm still learning. 😊

  • Mr Jim Rohn is a master motivator , everyone looking for answers in the world needs to listen and learn from him .RIP mentor

  • Jim Rhône god man you bless us all 👍

  • Great audio

  • Jim is the man ✊🏾

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  • I’ve always enjoyed the pace, tempo, and inflections of his speaking voice. Very unique and highly inspirational.

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  • 14:11 Loser's don't pay this type of money lol I wonder how much that was to get into that seminar

  • I believe Jim is my reset button. I fall and I fall apart and when I'm done being broken I hit my reset button and I kick started myself. I come on IT-tvs and I listen to Him Rohn. Its amazing.

  • Jim Rohn is amazing. I love listening to these videos

  • Awesome stuff!

  • Jim Rohn is underated...

  • I'm getting a super high pitch noise from this video

  • it's strange how i learnt so much about mindset from this Man in 20 min than the men who wrote my textbooks in university for our marketing department for the past 2 years- now i'm better prepared for the marketing industry

  • "I APPRECIATE THE NUMBERS BUT I NEED THE DETAILS." Thank you Jim Rohn... I've always missed the different parts of the story

  • Jim welcom Tanzania East Africa I would like to see u physically

  • You're paid by the VALUE you add to the market place. 👍

  • Jim Rohn is the best inspirational speaker

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  • known for being a stand-up guy

  • The Man who change my life

  • Nowadays service industry should listen to this. Customer service is pretty much non existence now

    • Absolutely right Only place I get decent customer service is at In N Out

  • Personal development keys in the market place: 1- you should have ultra-conservative language in your market place. 2- Be careful with your personal habits. (smoking, being late, etc) 3- Your dress. 4- Make your employer your employer not your banker! (Show your seeds and hide your needs) 5- Code of conduct. ( make a list of things that you want to be known for ~ postively). 6- Develop these 5 abilities : I- absorb the atmosphere. II-absorb the drama of each other. III- listen to testimonials. IV- absorb the chance to new beginning. V- focus in the details.

  • For those ready to take time and plant a seed that may grow. tailopez.com/blueprint/levelUP Success is looking for a good place to stay my friends.

  • I love listening to him in the morning while getting ready for work. Very inspirational

  • Those shapes popping up? Their way of avoiding the youtube bots. Nice job. Live on Jim Rohn.

    • @Fit Lyfe it is stock footage so the effects stop the youtube bots from lumping the video into a less quality content category

    • @Fit Lyfe IT-tvs bots scan entire videos to look for copyrights and to link duplicate content. So people add random effects and a mis sized videos to throw off the bots

    • Excuse me, what?

  • Trust Yourself, what's a motivation!

  • good stuff Mr. Rohn

  • Jim Rohn..the life changer. ... you will be missed always.....

  • Jim Rohn was something special. RIP.

  • *Actually all habits are bad. Habit means that you're living out of your conditioned memories and are not fully aware and present in the moment. The key to living a successful life is to live consciously.*

    • This video is so true ....these small habits if followed can change your life.

    • Not really, you could consciously live with positively reinforced good habits.

    • but the present moment kinda sux...so now what? No money. no food no home. no help. So now what? "Just accept it because things will change"?

  • I’ve said for years “change your thinking you can change your life”

  • Love it😊


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  • Behaviour makes you attractive or unattractive in the marketplace. 1. Be ultra conservative with your language 2. Reconsider your Habits, be on time 3. Dress according to place and culture 4. Make your employer your employer, not your Banker. Opportunity doesn’t want to see your NEED it wants to see your SEED. In the marketplace: show your SEED hide your NEED. 5. Code of Conduct: what I want to be known for. We build our reputation.

  • he is a legend, if you listen to him you will see the results

  • Changing Your Beliefs Changes Your Life! ♒

  • You have to believe in yourself and work on your limiting beliefs so you can move forward in life! Love from a small youtuber :)

  • *I just feel like it's believing in your instincts or believing in yourself to do something crazy. That's why it's important to believe in yourself and trust yourself.* -*Shanice Williams*

  • Change so you can be the best you! This is something that we need to remember.

  • No matter how many times I listen to Jim I’m always inspired and constantly learning something. What a precious legacy he’s left behind.

  • Becoming the best version of yourself, you will get amazing results!

  • Love this video❤

  • Self trust is key to implementing any change

  • Ooooooohhhhhhh!!!

  • Old habits and limiting beliefs have the ability to hinder your future success if not realized and changed 🤔

  • For your life to change you must change.

  • Hello from london 🙏💕 BTW I'm a IT-tvsr too! ❤