Jim Rohn: Habits That Will Change Your Life (Morning Motivation)

Pubblicato il 14 set 2018
Jim Rohn: Habits That Will Change Your Life (Morning Motivation)
Jim Rohn
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  • Good morning sehr we like somach mean

  • Great Jim Rohn May God rest him always in peace. Amen


  • This is so inspiring, as for me being a young step father of a beautiful woman who has two children 7 Melody, 8 Ricardo. I've been trying to get my son, MY son the importance of his thought process because he murmers. And af I am working out getting my mind right with this beautiful video I know that this is nothing short of a blessing. It came at the right time, it made me cry. He's improving daily and today just today was so happy to come home and show me how he did in his spelling test (which he's struggled at the beginning of the school year.) was so happy he passed because e worked at it together. As for Melody she is a angel and doing well in class. 🙂, Thank you for sharing as I will pass this on and fill both of my children's mind aka factory with great ingredients. Thank you! God bless and don't forget to vote this upcoming election!!!!!

  • Awesome knowledge!!!

  • The Englishman "might gas well give it ago" I love my English heritage. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸

  • Watch your Coffee ☕ 👀🤺

  • Helpful, thanks.

  • "I never had three thousand".l feel sir you have touched million lives and continue to touch even in your absence with your presence in your absence.

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  • Great Man.

  • This message is timeless.. important to hear in a negative world

  • RIP Jim Rohn one of the best to ever do it

  • Funny & truth!!!

  • This was amazing. What an amazing speaker.

  • Imagine the pleasure of hearing these motivational pieces without things set to music. I would rather the message set the effect, not music.


  • Economic Pee-Weeee! Lol He's awesome AND has a great sense of humor! 😊❤️

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  • How can you miss someone whom you never met? How can you mourn someones death you never knew ? This is how I am with Jim Rohn. I am a student not a follower that doesn't make it hurt any less. I am blessed to have come across his work 🙌🙏

  • You are a legend sir. You have given to world much insight. Thanks

  • I really in love with this guy. Everything change in my life because I was accidentally listen to his you tube!

    • @Alanda B 2 aa a seeee reya e

    • Me too!. I listen every single morning!. It keeps me going no matter what. #anAccidentallBlessing 💯💪🏾

  • Thjs is funny hahahahha

  • Thumbs up thanks for sharing Peace

  • What is the name of the song?

  • It's incredibly difficult to listen to jim without SOME FUCKING EMO MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND. Ffs

  • Cut out the music while he's talking, it gets in the way. Thank you for sharing this.

    • E D Fernandez the music is “ the specks on the window”.... the message is the “ beautiful sunset “..sooooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Thank you for this

  • What music prings To content.. Nothing but shit

  • It’s all risky, appreciate the motivating force

  • Watch your coffeeeeee!!!

  • Very inspirational

  • Jim Rohn is really the GOAT 🐐

  • Thank you my teacher "Jim Rohn"

  • I love the story of the sermon. Finding the true believers can make all the difference.

  • Name of music?

  • do your best, to recognize the information brought in through your senses. accept it for what is. dont bother trying to change what is not under your control. let it be. mind your business and Continue.

  • Genius 👏👏👏

  • The problem of becoming successful is having too much money and don't have a lot to use it with. Once you made your first million money keeps coming in like food that you can't eat it all.

  • Anthony Robbins used to work for Jim Rohn

  • Thank u Jim

  • One of the greatest speakers ever.

  • Poor THINKING habits keep poor people POOR! As you think, so you become.

  • Jim Rohn is not from my generation but his wisdom, speech and simplicity amazes me.

    • Fr

    • Same here... he truly is inspirational & very therapeutic to listen & learn from. Wish he was still around. I would of love 💗 to see him in person.

    • Setu Purohit What’s his generation got to do with it ? Learn from those who came before you

  • Mind is so powerful..Design it Protect it ..Feed it ....You will have whatever you want

  • Today I had very positive shift at work, unexpectedly I had to train 4 very nice girls to do my task. The first 5 minutes i was panicking, cuz kind I am not talker in front of many people, specially very nice girls with university education. But after 5 minutes everything went OK, and we had very nice time, and they had interested to come to carry on with the training tomorrow! So that has given me nice energy, waw!

  • Love the channel glad I finally discover it🙌


  • His advice is always on point

  • When he said the language of poor “What if this happens and on top of that what if this happens” I felt that I will no longer say that I got chills listening Great Content 💯🔑

  • Lets not feed our mind with trash, but enrich our thoughts to believe anything is possible. Make your formula and make it happen. Be motivated and wise. Listen more, talk less.

  • Jim Rohn you changed my life! I owe many things to your wise words. Thank you

  • I listen to jim and tony every day in the shower

    • K Freeze - You should listen to Tony’s Podcast, if you haven’t already. My favorite is his interview with Kevin Hart!

  • Wake up call, motivation youtube is a bunch of b.s. if you can easily change your life by listening to positive shit, then when someone comes along and says, "your a failure, just give up." Then you'll believe that too! Good old fashion reading books and knowledge is the only real way to better yourself.

    • the only time I feel like am above the world is after an incredible read, the old traditional way of adding value to your life is through reading material..read, read and read more..Jim Rohn is a phenomenal life teacher..

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  • Love u Jim. As tonny some one who is wacting may become gift to world including❤️

  • I love his underlying habit of talking down to the crowd as he elevates himself above us all. Its catchy. Its not trite or grating to listen to at all. He is such an expert. On all subjects. Don't question it. He has all the answers. Now pay up.

  • Do not be upset at those who gave the 👎. They are the thumb downers. Do not waste your time questioning why. 🤦🏽‍♂️. This man’s philosophy has shaped the way I carry myself in every way. I take time out of my lectures to have my students listen 10 minutes to his priceless advice. And they never forget that.

    • Prof. M Abbas - I need to read more.

    • Prof. M Abbas that’s great to know

    • Hristo Djambazki thanks 😊

    • Dorothy Gonzalez nice to meet a fellow jim rohn fan. My reply is below or above regarding my career😊

    • Dorothy Gonzalez: i teach mathematics, statistics and probability, and financial derivative trading strategies. His ratios in that video is based on stats 😁 bell curve results in natural occurrences.