Jim Rohn - FOCUS ON ONE THING (Jim Rohn Motivation)

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2017
Jim Rohn - FOCUS ON ONE THING (Jim Rohn Motivation)
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►About Jim Rohn : Emanuel James Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 - December 5, 2009) was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Jim Rohn's rags to riches story played a large part in Jim Rohn's work, which influenced others in the personal development industry.
Emanuel James Jim Rohn was born in Yakima, Washington, to Emanuel and Clara Rohn. Jim Rohn's owned and worked a farm in Caldwell, Idaho, where Jim Rohn grew up as an only child.
►Jim Rohn started Jim Rohn's professional life by working as a stock clerk for department store Sears. Around this time, a friend invited Jim Rohn's to a lecture given by entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff. In 1955, Jim Rohn joined Shoaff's direct selling business AbundaVita as a distributor.


  • Beautiful. Salute to the master late Jim Rohn.

  • I am glad that the rich tech us

  • My morning coffee 😊

  • So true. Being busy makes you feel well but most of the time you do nothing when you going going going...no progress. ACTION is MOTION.

  • Time=Capital.. That's a word..🙏🙌

  • 🤩 Thank you so much for the value 😄

  • Can you please share where this audio clip came from?

  • Thank you Jim

  • Love this!💘

  • Cut to the chase right away! You can bs after and smooth things over!

  • Don't play at work good one thx

  • Its really great to hear this.

  • Daily dose of reality

  • Books are so so important, i always think to myself if I'm not learning something daily I'm just wasting my time.

  • when you’re at work be at work and when you’re at the beach be at the beach don’t mix the two together, and really if we follow it we will be mentally strong and healthy

  • "Only make videos related to the title." Excellent

  • high achievers can do the monomanaical thing.. not me.. but based on your focus on one thing advice.. I have a mono plan.. not monomanaical.. just mono..one thing Mel Robbins calls it.. i want to put tool bag racks in my minivan..other things get in the way showering.. eating.. shopping.. odd jobs .. down time etc.. but I keep returning to the mono.. got racks...got brackets .. need sheet metal plugs..ordered plugs ..ups goofedup delivery to a UPS store (can you believe it ?) ordered a second set from new supplier... anytime I have spare time I take a step.. sometimes baby step sometimes bigger step.. the mono points in one direction.. there is one outcome.. no other mono competes with it.. stop start .. do over (the plugs) start etc...no longer one of many .. lying around... but on track... to get the result.... when the result is achieved ...then a new mono...

  • Wonderful thank you Mr Rhon.

  • Six minutes

  • Thanks for your amazing legacy Mr Jim Rohn, rip

  • I am so happy and grateful now that I’ve overcome the obstacles put in my life and was able to impact 7,000 lives by July 31st 2020 🙏🏽

  • Perfect 👌 !!!

  • These are good words

  • A great book that covered this subject is congratulation you a millionaire by Brian Gatto. The secret to selling yourself to a fortune.

  • Closing the s a l e is Major time

  • Responsibility as fiction is fact.

  • Thank you.

  • Somebody translate into vietnames for me please

  • I dont know why Jim always help me when I’m stuck. U r the best!

  • _Came here randomly ,never knew who he is or was but his advice came in a wise old man who gives advice and you never see him again. I will keep some of the advice for life_

  • Very similar to Zig Ziglar, but Ziglar never quoted this gentleman. So who copied whom?

  • Another spin off of Think and Grow Rich. Stop listening to this stupid video and go read that book instead. Are you that stupid that you need to be told?? Can't you read and help yourself???

  • Really looking forward true guidelines to try

  • This man left a great legacy.

  • I m not focus on any thing expect only my husband with others is debate / opposite , fighting for our right, human rights and people right .

  • Great talk i hate the background music. Why does every video have to have the background music. Just Jim talking is all thats needed. Its very distracting

  • What dickheads clicked thumbsdown!!! This is a roadmap for life!!

    • McTrump hehehe I agree! If you get a chance check my video on why you should rethink your 9-5 (give me some feedback) :)

  • I disagree with "don't play at work"......making play out of work is the whole point

  • Great insights. God bless you Jim Rohn

  • He is SO RIGHT about the "heaps of work but nothing achieved from it" thing. I first heard it from Denzel Washington. You should work on systems to stteamline your efficiency, not run around and achieve nothing or achieve something that could have had a system adapted to it to automate it. That's why gas stations are self serve and they got electric pumps with the total gallons and cost coming up on the system inside. Actually I know a guy who is a millionaire for setting up the software for those exact systems.

  • Jim Rohn will live forever. Amazing videos

  • thanks amazing !!!

  • Excellent Advise. Time is the currency

  • This guy is a scammer,dont you will get burned

  • Thanks

  • Yesss thanks jim this is exactly what i needed to hear

  • Unbelievable wisdom, thats why he is one of the greatest ever.

  • Beware of the phone and all other systems of communication. Wow, nailed it there

  • I love you Jim for making me to realise many things .....it so truthful😍

  • Some times I just want to give up life is hard

  • This is so true in the words of Warren Buffet and Jobs.

  • What did he mean by the presence of the prospect?

  • still trying to sell stuff to people, the bs never ends

  • Awesome!!!

  • AWWWW MANNNN!!! The end was cut off.... I wanted to know what was #3 of The 3 Treasures to leave Behind!!! Anyone know the 3rd one? 1. Pictures 2. Your library of books that helped you 3. ?????

  • Some of the best 15 mins of my life 🙌🏾 Ive known these concepts for years.. Ive allowed myself to stray at times trying to put it all in place... but OHHH is it TIME NOW!!! And its all here for me!

  • What's the third treasury to leave behind?? Pictures, library, and.....??

  • “Your books will be more valuable than your furniture”. Great way to end this. 💜✨

  • There's some timeless golden nuggets right there. I'm curious when this recording is actually from. My guess is at least 15-20years ago, but he mentioned Kennedy so it could be 50+yrs old

  • Who took a notebook and started journaling and wrote down the lessons learnt from Jim Rohn from this video..15 minutes that are life changing