Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future - Best Speech Ever!!!

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2018
Jim Rohn: Change the Way You See Your Future (Best Speech Ever)
Jim Rohn
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  • woooo! this video made me cry, I love you Jim, rest in peace. mate you just few about few months ago, you motivational videos became part of my daily routine. rest in peace!!!!

  • God bless you dear teacher, and your family. Your wisdom still show the way. اللهم ارحمه رحمة واسعة.

  • A Mentor who'd impact my life so deep but wouldn't have the privilege to meet in person. My Gratitude to you Jim!!! May your Soul Rest in Peace.

  • I take my futer hell come

  • This had me in tears, positive tears, thank you

  • Try me I go live you see I show proof to lawyers police and public

  • I had a futer u all stole it but can't used it

  • you are awesome man ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank u Jim Rohn. Just to let you know your videos are not just creating impact in my life. It has CHANGED MY LIFE.

  • Thanks for the upload

  • 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Thank you

  • Compound Interest is nice, but in this global environment, with negative rates getting more frequent; not sure, encouraging though.

  • Jim Rohn I wish I had the opportunity to meet you in person 💗💗 Thanks for being such a good mentor

  • Just what the doctor ordered thank you Jim

  • Jim may Allah bless you with the most important thing, knowledge about being in this world

    • He died long time ago, Allah iy r7amo

  • به شما قدرت دادند که جلوی نابودی خودتان را. بگیرید پس اگر نایود شدید لیاقت داشتید. , بس. من فکر همه با همتان را کزدم , کلهم یمشت نلموس فروش کفتار. و غیر متعهد به یکدیگرید که طنگی من را معامله کردید, پس بهتر به فکر خودتان باشید

  • best video ever

  • Awesome speech Jim

  • I hear you but you left out One thing , The respect of God and who he Sent to SAVE our asses . What counts is what comes after the moment we pass on . Call on Jesus Christ SAVIOUR of the World. Selah Amen AMEN

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  • Thank you Jim ! I listened to this multiple times and i'm not gonna fail on me ! Imma make my dreams happen !

  • On of the best speeches i heard about this

  • Thank you Jim!

  • Wow this is it 👏🏾

  • Wow....how touching.!!!! Love it. Thank you Jim wherever you are.... you made a difference in this world.

  • Wow I can’t stop listening to him! I will be a millionaire by 35❤️ this I know

    • Get in action and yes you will

  • Can we please lose the background music. Please

  • This video made me earn 10k a month for the first time in my life!

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  • I’m rallying people for an angry mob to go after the losers that downvoted this.

  • Jim rohn is wonderful and very wise

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  • The most annoying thing about these videos is all those SFM idiots interrupting and trying to enrol you in their stupid MLM

  • The price of the discipline is what no one is willing to pay!

  • Priceless

  • Thanks Jim. Your videos are helping me alot.. today my mind is growing more. Like you said one video i saw if I want more i must become more.. that's what am following in my life now. Thanks.

  • Thumbs up thanks for sharing / I enjoy all Jim Rohn Speeches Peace

  • Mr John speaks and you feel it.

  • I have certainly learnt a lot from Jim Rohn in a short span of time. He has left a legacy behind and shall always be remembered with honour.

  • Goodness Jim Rohin is gone . But he is with us in our daily life . His legacy is world class . I have learned a lot about him and I do learn a lot about him . What phenomenal human being he was . Goodness me . I do listen him daily . He taught what professors won’t tell u

  • Excelente vídeo, tengo que tomar acción, gracias por compartir tan valiosa información.

  • Thank you sir

  • all vedios inspired me .thnx a lot sir jim rohn . um 28yrs old ofw here un korea i well apply the 70 10 10 10 ..im starting to trade in stock market .

  • My lIfe coach - Jim Rohn

  • your background music sucks. It's better without it. Your music gives me a massive head ache.

  • Nouic

  • Even in death you have become a great teacher to life everywhere including my own how i wish I could shake your hand and hear your words in person outside of our mental meetings.


  • wow. this some powerful stuff. Listened to this 6 years ago, and now, after 6 years, there's different layer of depth in the speech.

  • Nice serving of wisdom😍😍😍

  • @Law of Attraction Coaching Thanks a lot for sharing and helping others being better and develop them selves! I liked the background music, can u please share that too, much appreciated.

  • Thank you! Jim Rohn

  • Why should you work this hard Why Not how many books you can read , how much I can learn , how valuable I can be Why not you with Good self esteem There is anything you can accomplish We can do it Why not now this is a good time set some goals improve work on myself

  • Attitude ...I Love to pay my bills valuable , meaning ,, personal development Positive attitude

  • The earlier the better to learn Don't spend the whole dollar Never spend more than 70 cents 10 cents for charity , church generosity , character 10 cents do something to make a profit profit will make us fortune Nothing is for free Capital Profits are better than wages There is no limit 10 cents capital someone else use let someone use a portion of your woman The borrower is a servent to the Lender

  • When you get something on the list check it off Fun The future is clear design the promise the Price will be Easy If I can do it you can do it Setting goals a better excitement setting goals What they make of you For What it will make of you The skills the knowledge value it's what I become Don't set them low Goals that will inspire Grow Financial Independence the ability to live from your income from my own personal income Financial planner I can do it The right philosophy Gather knowledge Set sail Poor people spend they money and invest was left Rich people invest then. Spend A dollar makes difference

  • The past is a school draw from it let it teach it experience The future is called a Promise Decide what I want Where would I like to go Take time Keep the old list I have Grown I am Growing I Have changed I am Changing.

  • This was a great guy that sayed things like they were. I like honest people it's better the thruth than a lie.

  • A fantastic video, share this information with everyone