Jewish Moms Try Each Other’s Brisket

Pubblicato il 12 dic 2019
Five Jewish moms battle it out for the Best Brisket title!
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Shannon Sarna
Naomi Gruer


  • Okay, but I want these episodes to start including them being served plates of their own as well. It’s going to be hilarious when one of them is taking crap about their own dish not realizing it.

  • Hahaha whoever thinks these moms are being “too critical” do NOT come from jewish households. All jewish moms act like this.

  • Lol funny video

  • Let's just say I don't think my aunt could be on this cause she probably make them all cry. My aunt is blunt and honest and doesn't beat around the bush.

  • I love this series! Keep these coming.


  • ok but can we pleaseeeee get a "Croatian moms try each other's sarma" or a "Bosnian moms try each others burek" cause that would be A1 comedy.

  • Is this offensive to Jews or is it cool

  • Helen sounds like what Brandon Rodgers strives to be when hes grandpa

  • Why Dey so annoying thooooo

  • Looks like she has a poo on a fork in the thumbnail

  • Helen how’s that brisket? Helen: idk... looks DRY. 🙃

  • There always one

  • shannon is my favorite :D

  • Waiting for indian version..

  • Shut it before I gas u

  • Shannon's such a baddie

  • Jewish moms turn me on to a degree I don’t feel is healthy

  • Can we have American moms try other moms pancakes?

  • Helene needs to go jump of a cliff with all the other Karens in the world

  • I’m not Jewish but I’m watching anyway

  • 2:30 moine

  • Are Jewish people allowed to eat pork huh?!

  • From a grandma that tastes anything where’s the flavor and another one say that a little dry

  • Mormon moms try each others funeral potatoes!

  • This video confirmed every Jewish mom stereotype I had.

  • pizza bagels 🥺

  • What a Racist video.

  • We just gone ignore the term Pizza Bagel?!?! Hahaha

  • Wish I could try all their briskets is it possible to get the recipes?

  • helene needs a good throat punch

  • Can you do Italian grandmas try each other’s meatballs or fedichini

  • anyway everyone's own jewish mom makes the best brisket. like , my mom might not objectively make the best brisket in the world, but it's always gonna be my gold standard because it tastes like a seder at my nan's.

  • Should’ve known she’d act like that by the haircut...

  • can they do filipinos next? i wanna see them try each others pansit or something

  • They must not be from the south

  • If it tasted good they rated low... these bitches shady!

  • Shorty that gave the -1 a hatn ass bytch

  • Helene is so mean!

  • Helene gives me a New Jersey vibe

  • I knew Helene was gonna win lol

  • Am i the only one who didn’t know brisket was a ‘jewish thing’ , maybe they should do this with southern dads!

    • barbecue brisket and jewish brisket are different vibes - i'd totally love to see jewish brisket vs barbecue brisket tho

  • GOSH shannon is so sweet!!

  • Everyone is hating on helene but Jennifer is so annoying

  • Helene sounds like kyles mom from South Park 2:00

  • Jews are not White. Wish they would stop pretending to be White when pretending to serve other people's interests, then switch back to Jewish (Arabic/Semetic) when serving their own interests.

  • Stay away from the Sarna one. 😁

  • Italian dads try each other’s pizza

  • Filipino moms try each other’s Adobo please 😅😅😅

  • My grandmas brisket is better


  • Shannon was so nice I wanted her to win so bad!!

  • Seriously? Don’t let people give negative scores, that just allows people to take away from somebody else’s rating

  • Me :what the f is a brisket

  • Guys chill it's just food

  • LOL they all have big noses

  • man i wish i had jewish mom they’re so tolerant and nice 🤧

  • Imma just make a joke if yall don’t mind **Sniff** **sniff** why do I smell gas?

  • Filipino moms try each other's spaghetti

  • Next video: Indian moms rate each others spankings😂