Jennifer Lopez FaceTimes Jimmy with a First Look at the Hustlers Trailer

Pubblicato il 17 lug 2019
Jimmy FaceTimes Jennifer Lopez to talk about her tour and debuts a first look of the Hustlers trailer, her heist movie about a group of conning strippers starring Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lizzo and Cardi B.
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Jennifer Lopez FaceTimes Jimmy with a First Look at the Hustlers Trailer


  • she really be doing press for free

  • If you change the gender, occupation, and ethnicity of the victims it doesn’t look good for identity politics run amuck. A black female painter gets drugged raped and thieved from and the perpetrators of the crimes are the protagonists. Fantastic. Btw not a white male wallstreet exec here. But she’s doing it for her grandma so go ahead and drug rape and steal and be portrayed as the hero. Cardi b doesn’t even write her own music so I guess her fame is stolen as well.

  • saw it yesterday total piece of crap first 15 seconds and that's it

  • Just saw the movie's interesting...#hustlers

  • Jimmy looks hella tired lol 😂

  • Takes up the phone, 1-touch on the home screen and bam! dialing Jennifer Lopez on Face Time. uuhh..


  • 🥰🥰

  • Man... I wanna see her

  • Yes inspiration 👏😘 i love QUEEN JLO 😍

  • She is the absolute shit! 💘💘💘💘

  • Wow, Jimmy Fallon looks so tired!

  • To be important enough to receive a FaceTime call from JLo

  • Is he drunk? He seems he's about to start crying! What is happening to him?

  • It's an awesome show!!!😊✌💎

  • Jimmy looks sick

  • I guess no one noticed lizzo !

  • Love her my queen jlo

  • "It's a movie about human nature."

  • She ruins every movie lol

  • Jimmy looks so tired I hope he is fine

  • Sober up jimmy...

  • Whats wrong with his left ringfinger???

  • Dying to see her body.......😍

  • This gives me ocean 8 vibes except they all are strippers I AM EXCITED

  • Ugh

  • JLo’s concert was amazing!

  • The movie is very weak for an expensive budget I have seen the wold film it is not good at all more like Showtime and Stripties move put into one low budget film. For the actors they have Cardi B has a short part in it too...KeKe P. is good with fight scene she holds up more the JoLo.

    • Shonda B. Did you actually see the movie

  • Jimmy is so fake. Lol

  • BIG UP 👍 👍

  • Movie looks awful but it does have JLo and Keke Palmer...

  • 262 comment!!!!!!

  • Dude you look like shit

  • Nyc

  • There was absolutely no reason to do the interview this way besides product placement. You could've easily shown a display with the call on it, but you wanted to brandish the iPhone. Genius.

  • Has Jimmy done something to his eyes?

  • Oh Lord such a stupid movie

  • Guys please This is _shzam or no🤗

  • I still love Jenny. The media wants you to hate her but I think she's really funny & nice. She might be a bit of a diva but you gotta do what you have to in her business to take care of herself & her voice. Can't wait to see the movie!

  • Who the fuck is alright with this. These women are getting praised for robbing and assaulting others. Cardi B did it in real life!!!! Bill Cosby did this and got what he deserved (sent to jail and reputation ruined). These girls do this and it's a FUCKING MOVIE. Where are people's morals????? Can we have less hypocrisy in our world please?

  • *hustlers is the reason I'm gay*

  • 2019: it's okay to be a stripper 2020: trump gets relected

  • Jimmy is so extra.

  • Love her

  • I can't wait to see it, JLO is on Fire

  • Why he looks like shit???

  • Jennifer is an icon , just love her , she is so fuck!ng talented!!

  • There no audience. The close up of the phone just shows empty seats. Must've awkward filming that segment and pretending to talk to people.😂

  • Another shitty jlo movie


  • I think someone's crying in the fetal position because of Cardi B! Should have played Maybe you could have starred with J.Lo...😂 But you just had to think you were boss bitch on the block. Nope! You'll never be from any block or play with Jenny from the block.

  • Jimmy rough night ? You look tired buddy

  • Sooooo, after admitting on stream that she used to drug and rob men when she was stripping (and everyone is fine with it), she now plays a stripper who drugs men to rob them. I can’t stand this « outrage generatio » we live in, but man the balls on that chick. This is crazy.

  • This movie gone be trash lmao

  • Omg JLo is forever beautiful! ❤ But Jimmy looks tired, and can't ever get his words out 😂😂😂😂 poor thing! Also, idk how night time TV works but I swear it looked like nobody was in those seats when he turned the camera, so was it like a pre-recorded FaceTime? Don't judge me 😅I don't know how that all works 😂

  • Wow is Jimmy ok? His eyes look so different. Poor guy looks tired as heck! I hope he's alright

    • He went to Jennifer's show the night before his show.

  • Jimmy looks fucked up😂😂

  • Queen Jennifer Lopez ❤️❤️❤️

  • Two-Hundred-Twenty-Sixth!

  • It looks good. I'm taking my husband to go watch it😁