Jeffree Star Speaks Up After Seeing What Fans Did to Shane Dawson Palette

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star sold out of their new makeup collection but fans are upset at some of the buyers.

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  • I think a lot of this has to do with how bad JSC is at selling. Shopify is very unreliable, people lost carts in the merch restock because shopify doesnt "save your spot" as you add items. Instead they sell literally everything even if its in your cart. I wish theyd use a new outlet to sell, maybe even add limits. It just seems so small buisness of them.

  • Bruh its just makeup why so heated

  • Thanks, I'll start reselling now.

  • I feel like this is piracy...that's like taking movies or CDS and selling them yourself for triple the price which is illegal

  • People are such morons I will never over pay for a product just to get it sooner that’s crazy

  • is this really what people get angry about?..

  • Kind of reminds me of the baby formula shortage issues we have here in Australia. Shops limit the sale to 2 tins per person, but it hasn’t exactly been enforced and so many people are upset and calling out the stockists for saying “if you ask, we can get you some” Like you should restock the shelves and enforce the 2 tin limit not say we may have extra stock in back if you ask.

  • Nobody: Entitled people:

  • People all upset they didnt get it but have the money so lucky you have the money to buy it tho and at least it will be restocked which is the good side but I find it sad that some of them were people who want to resell and charge way to much I think I would just wait till Jeffrey restocks at this point

  • I agree that there should be a limit on how many of each item people can purchase on the first launch. It isn't nice that people are literally mass buying to resell. Thats called greed.

  • If there are people crazy enough to buy make-up at thrice the price, then that's on _them._ I don't begrudge re-sellers. They're making a living just like everyone else. Besides, the palette is permanent and for God's's make-up. This isn't life or death.

  • I’m just sitting here watching the rain and the xmas lights enjoying mg life while I happily wait patiently to get ahold of a palette. Watching the docuseries i knew they would sell out rapidly and have site issues so I didn’t even go on... who cries about not getting what they want? Babies do for sure... don’t be a baby y’all

  • Jeffree Star don’t care if someone buys 100 bundles. As long as he is making money why should he honestly care?

  • Actually it sold out within 30 minutes

  • Your really good spill because your not like onion boy, your the complete opposite.✨

  • "I couldn't by makeup as soon As it was released this is unfair" I wish those were my problems omg

  • I mean the shopping experience is awful and needs to be fixed but people need to calm down it’s getting restocked

  • confused that’s not even fans.

  • This collection is a permanent addition to the brand and can be purchased anytime. Having to have it immediately isi ridiculous. Im glad I waited. Jeffrey even told people that they will still be able to buy it and that it isnt a limited addition...relax.

  • But that is no reason to blame the 2 greatest youtubers on earth! At least you can get it when they restocke unlike some of us kids that aren't aloud to get it at all :(

  • And in my opinion I don't even think that that it's shopify fault, it's just that there were to many people on the site I get that that's frustrating

  • Those people who are blaming shane and jefree it's not there fault I watched the last episode of the series literally 5 minutes ago so chill

  • Lol “gotta be quicker then that”😂😂

  • people out here complaining about not being able to buy $70 eyeshadow. $70! that's alot! there are people literally starving and dying! first world problems. so annoying

  • Kim there's people that are dying

  • Why is everybody shocked? Like did y'all not realize capitalism was a thing until now?

  • These people have never struggled once in their life, spoiled mother f**ers

  • Please, even Jeffree knows that people are going to resell it. When something is in demand RESELLING will NEVER end get used to it and don’t knock someone else’s hustle

  • 2:16 J E F R E E I S W A T C H I N G Y O U

  • If not getting a makeup palette is the worst thing that happened to you had a pretty good day.

  • I do buy from resellers from japan... the struggles of being a Johnny's Fan

  • All the 6’s. Satan!!

  • Me and my partner are trying to buy a house right now, and this sounds just like out of town/region home buyers that but at a local and resell for more than double. It makes it impossible to buy a home at a reasonable cost, and what's leftover is so expensive it isn't worth it. This is what the WORLD economy is doing; it isn't isolated to the makeup industry. It's skeezy at best, and a dangerous pattern for business at worst.... There's going to be makeup inflation lol

  • it's eyeshadow, calm down

  • One time I wanted to buy tickets to a Billie Eilish concert, right? The highest seating price was $120, and I was r e a d y. Seating opened, and in literally like three seconds, everything was bought out. I looked up other ticket options and IMMEDIATELY spotted reselling. Y'all wanna know how much the *worst* seating was?? $300. It was originally like $35 at most. However, then I saw the highest ticket price. TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND DOLLARS P E R T I C K E T. I was absolutely fuming.

  • Why can someone not wait 1-2 months for a makeup palate that sold out, even though they have waited a year already? I mean, really, is your life going to be destroyed if you don’t get that makeup immediately? People, grow up, seriously, it will come back in stock. How do you get rid of resellers?? Don’t buy from them, simple as that. Sheeeesh!

  • Kim, there's people that are dying.

  • So many of these people are just throwing temper tantrums 😒

  • "This is so unfair" *OPS-*

  • 1:35 This is called, capitalism. People whining over makeup is the real problem.