Jeffree Star & Jaclyn Hill Drama!

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
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  • As a parent of a child with ADHD and mood disorder I am very surprised that the “teacher” asked her for basically free stuff.. the teacher should have gone to the principal and district office or at least contacted the parents for them to help purchase supplies.. my daughter’s teacher sends out a supply list at start of school year and throughout the year me and a few other parents continue to help purchase items for the students.

  • What happend with her face??!! It looks horrible

  • Omg am I the only one who finds that teacher annoying af?!?

  • True on Amazon, a bunch of us at work got free eat buds for posting a review!

  • Nick, playing devils advocate here, SO many people will tag others like Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star etc etc in situations like this trying to be shady. Or/also trying to make the person look bad. I’ve seen it... it’s a real thing. Giving the benefit of the doubt, this could be an investigation situation after the fact of her saying yes to this woman. JSYK, I am not a JH fan at all. I’ve just seen so much shady people and situations similar to this over the years on Social Media. I don’t think this is the case here, but just a thought. ??

  • Fashion nova does it bad!!!!

  • You'll most likely not see this, but I just love your voice. Hearing the tea from your voice makes the tea not only hot, but sweet 😎

  • She fixed the issue ❤️

  • I like Sunday Riley and I don’t care about this scandal, I’m sure a lot of companies write fake reviews (even if the products are good)

  • It's not changing my mind about Sunday Riley. I love and use the products on a regular basis and will continue to use them because they work.

  • Ok. True story. I was an Amazon Vine reviewer. I ALWAYS posted my honest opinions. Always. No matter whether the item cost $1 or $900- I was always honest. (For example, don’t buy the newest Samsung robot vacuum, it sucks ass no matter what surface you have it vacuum on). I don’t know if I made too many negative reviews or requested too many items, but I got kicked out lol. But I was always honest because I take that reviews of shit seriously.

  • Ive never tried sunday riley

  • Did you notice there will be no new shane video today? You think they are letting tati have her full moment without having something take away from it?

  • Amazon offers me gift cards for reviews too

  • Probably sent out by a manager without approval. That's why their comment says "former".

  • I’m not getting notifications for your videos, but I’m still subscribed and have the notifications on. 🤬

  • I don't know small town country side schools don't have a large budget.

  • Jaclyn Hill your a selfish bitch what you did to those poor little kids and teachers was wrong I hate you 😠 you cancel the order just say it. You don't care about anything but your damn slef just you is all that matters. You need to say your sorry and make things right . But you won't because your a real fucking bitch.

  • I think it was a bit manipulative for that teacher to ask Jaclyn to buy that stuff publicly. That must’ve put so much pressure... it’s not her responsibility to give anybody anything. And then tweeting her multiple times?? Like Jesus Christ nobody owes her anything..

  • It seems like yesterday when I 1st subscribed & you had about 12k followers. I'm so happy for you that all your hard work & changes is garnering the success you deserve. Keep on truckin sweetie💕

  • I am normally not the hugest fans of these things but I’m SO SO GLAD you brought up the point that these big companies have reviews before product is even out on the websites. I’ve noticed it A LOT on Sephora in the last couple months, specifically with the luxury brands... which is making me take a step back at buying these things and appreciate what I already have.

  • How do you even know that woman was a teacher? Have you seen twitter lately? It’s all about people begging for money and faking how much help they truly need. So many fake “clear the teachers list” teachers just trying scam people out of money. I would’ve needed proof maybe pics of the class or something showing it’s real and not a scam to get this stuff to sell or whatever.

  • The only thing i like about your voice-over video vs the other ones is i can listen to them and drive and not feel like im gonna miss something cool unless i have to read something

  • re jacklyn hill - jh said she would buy 'some' items the teacher then told everyone that jh was buying it ALL - it was a case of the teacher trying to get more than was being offered - the teacher was just another grabbing, manipulative choosing begger

  • Did I say shat? I think I said shat.

  • I just spent $85 on Sunday A+ Rentiod. It's my favorite skincare product & has made a WORLD of difference for my aging skin. I use a few different SR products daily. I think they really didn't need to do this.

  • I got a Sunday Riley ad lmaoooo

  • I don’t think that teacher should have made that a public post.

  • Those fake reviews on Amazon are not coming from them. What happens is a seller is sending out those items. I found out about that because back in July and August of this year almost everyday I was getting one to four packages a day from Amazon. when I called and ask Amazon he was sending me the packages they told me due to privacy they could not tell me who it was but they would look into it. come to find out a company had made a fake account was sending me packages and writing reviews on their website. I received items totaling over $1500.00. The only good that came out of that is I can either keep the items (most were crap, for kids I don't have or for items I didn't own) or send it back to Amazon for store credit and buy something I actually wanted. MLS for Jacqueline's order on Amazon. I hope she didn't take it backthat said I know I've ordered something on Amazon before and said it was bought it was going to be delivered and then I found out it had gotten cancelled. So I do hope thats all that happened and she's not playing a game.

  • I don't believe that anyone who is rich has to buy anything for anyone who just writes them on twitter. Wtf is with that teacher? JH Shouldn't buy her/him shit. If they wanted her to buy them stuff send them a private message. They know that going public will force them to buy stuff or else they will lose face. This is called blackmail.

  • I love how nick's go-to pic for jaclyn is always her school girl mugshot HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • I’ve done the amazon testing for a few companies. A lot goes into it and A LOT of brands are shady AF. Some will have you purchase and will refund you after your review, but many will only refund you after A FIVE STAR REVIEW. anything less and you don’t get the refund. Other companies have messaged me to tell me that if it’s anything less than a five star review, don’t post it and contact them instead. I understand if it’s something that could just be a defective unit but if the product sucks, that should be put out there for possible customers! Those are companies I refuse to work with.

  • Wait.......then why does the FTC allow youtube influencers to BE FUCKING PAID TO PUT OUT NEGATIVE REVIEWS OF PRODUCTS ON IT-tvs???????? Isn't that the exact thing?

  • I love all Sundae Riley products but I wish they would just let the products speak for itsself....I really hope Jacklyn Hill follows through...that would be disgusting if she doesn't....💗 love ya Nick...

  • I've never heard of Sunday Riley.

  • My friend is part of that Amazon review program and I've gotten three free vibrators through it so I think that program is fantastic 😂🤣

  • Ok. Nick. I gotta call a thing, a thing. I don't care much about the Sunday Rieleigh thing. I probably can't afford it. I'm just glad some FDC or FCC, or whatever the agency is is called, it's finally doing what they get paid for. I don't know if I'm being stupid or naive. But I never thought I would see the day when " one of the clang" would say anything honest about Jeffrey Star and or Morphe. And you did! Much respect for that. I even have it a like. Thanks.

  • She finally did make right on it, but only after her name kept getting mentioned. I felt so bad. I have one son with Asperger's and another with bipolar/ADHD. those type of teachers do a lot for those kids, and have helped my boys out too. I sent her an item off her wish list, nothing big, just some snacks for the kiddos. I'm not virtue signalling or anything, but it's just nice to give when you can, even a small amount makes a difference.

  • Nick you're just awesome and I wish I was in the states so I could come to the meet & greet. I also wish we were best friends but that's besides the point.

  • Why would she fake something like that she makes millions of dollars. I mean, it's not a multi-million dollar teacher wish list IS IT? If so, WHERE TF is this school at?

  • I'm a sex toy tester and I get free s*x toys for 5 star reviews. none of the ones i have reviewed have ever been 5 star products. ever. gotta closet fulla d*cks for free tho. reviews are fake as hell

  • I remember when Manny did his reveal video for Moonspell and people were leaving comments about how much they loved it and how great it was...IT WASN"T EVEN OUT YET!

  • "I don't even trust IT-tvs reviews" same lol

  • I use multiple Sunday Riley products. I’m honestly really disappointed that they would do that. Especially since it’s so expensive and I do read lots of reviews before making purchases.

  • If sunday Reilly wants sales that bad they should reduce their prices a bit instead of lying about stuff.

  • Man if I wasn’t living in New Hampshire. I would be all over that meet and greet. Pop luxe, you, and Rich Lux.🤯🤯

  • Sorry Nick, I'm an employee of Amazon Amazon does not do that I've been with them for 5 years that is not true, I don't know who told you that are those reviews are actually true and I have gotten very badd products from then m I have said no unbelievably badd things about it sometimes they will let you post it other times they won't they will ask you to say something else if it was to to to negative. 💕💕💕 And this whole thing with SR I love certain items of theirs but this will hurt them🙄

  • Wow! Hope that we get the update on whether or not she bought the items for the kids.

  • Sephora deletes negative reviews tho. they don't allow all negative reviews on a product or else they wont sell. they only do include a few bad ones to make it look legit. its all a scam lol

  • these thumbnails lmao 😂

  • Who is Sunday Riley? I’m terrible I don’t know

    • sarah beavers skin care line. very “popular”, maybe because of all these fakes reviews... 🤔

  • So the school supply thing has been resolved this hit me hard because I love kids and have a special place in my heart for kids struggling emotionally since I did and wanted to donate. It took me like 20 minutes just to find the account because I was personally going to donate but the person who asked for donations has a worse personality than jaclyn hill does therefore I will search out a different person to donate to because I dont believe that she will go and give those treats to those kids I believe she will keep them for herself after reading her Disney comment

  • You need Express VPN to sponsor you since they got a shoutout in this video!😂

  • This is the truth 💯 thank you 🙏 Nick

  • I love Sunday Riley. Their products are amazing ! But their sales aren’t doing as well as competitors. Top selling brands like drunk elephant, fresh, olehenriksen are swaying public with their back to back release where as Sunday Riley has one new product a year. Brand reps are really pushing sales so they stay at Sephora !

  • The Jaclyn one has me conflicted... I've seen people verify that this person really is a cope teacher however, the way she went about all of this is unsettling. Why not set up a GoFundMe and ask Jaclyn to shout out said GoFundMe?

  • girrrrrl that thumbnail hahaha... JS about to take you off payroll girl lol

  • The only review I trust on cosmetics is Nadi’s

  • I love your videos because i can do other things at the same time as listening to the tea.

  • I love Sunday Riley products and honestly don’t care too much about “fake” reviews. In the US it’s very easy to get samples for yourself and most places that sell Sunday Riley have great return policies if you don’t like the product. To me it’s no different than influencers getting free product or paid for reviews.