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Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
I was lucky enough to snag a Deluxe Jeffree Star Halloween Mystery Box a few months ago and got the first taste of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This time, I was able to get the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Premium Holiday Mystery Box. I'm so happy with what I got!
JSC Halloween Mystery Box:
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  • Blue blood is absolutely stunning 😍💙 I’m so glad I have it in my collection

  • The stickers are cute. I got the 20.00 box and was quite satisfied with it even before hearing of getting a refund. That palette is awesome.

  • I regret not getting one!!!! 😭

  • Where the heck did you get your Zuko fire nation shirt? From what I can see it’s awesome.

    • I bought it off Etsy! I think I searched for “avatar the last airbender tshirt”

  • 😍 I'm sooo jelly right now!

  • Nice and short video. Double like


  • I ordered this and waiting for mine. I think ima die if I get blue blood!

  • BLUE BLOOD?!?!?! I AM GETTING EVEry mistery box for the rest of 2019 lol

  • I just made a video unboxing mine and i still need to edit it but I got generally the same stuff.

  • Hi I hope you are having a wonderful day? I’m a new subscriber to your channel and I’m looking forward to liking your content 😁😁

  • I just got my premium box today too :) I’m excited for blue blood as I didn’t have it yet. The red liquid lip is very pretty, definitely has some sparkle to it. The other lippie was a purple one too but different than yours. I am scared to put a purple lip on. Lol. Then I got a liquid skin frost called chill zone which looks like a deep bronze shade. I definitely won’t be able to use that as a highlighter so pretty bummed. I am also not sure how to open it. Lol. Then I got the stickers too of course which I’m happy about. So I’m happy with 3 things, disappointed with 2. But I’m happy to get blue blood!

  • I love the boxes but so far since the summer box I feel like he's just shoving the summer products in there to get rid of them which kinda sucks.

  • Someone plz tell me that im not the only 1 thats boxes still havent shipped?!?!?!? Im starting to think tf is going on. I mean it still says unfullfilled 😭

    • @Monica No ok this reassures me a little bit! Just didn't expect it to take this long lol

    • @Mammacita X4 I was lucky enough to get some items from the collab with Shane and those also took a while to arrive too. Everyone had already done their reviews and unboxing videos by the time mine shipped.

    • Thank goodness im not the only 1!! Ive been so worried. This is my first order from him!

    • Same. I'm still waiting for mine to ship. We can all cry together.

    • My med box still has not shipped

  • I saw other people getting liquid frost heat wave and lip in mermaid blood

  • Mine still hasn’t even shipped 😭

  • What a great haul! I'm gonna go for one next time - great value. Tbh I think Purple Urkele will look lovely on you 💜💜

  • I’m so mad I didn’t get one I’ve been wanting blue blood for so long!

  • Dude, that purple lip would look amazing on you.

  • Loved your video. That’s a sweet box. Not to complain but the lighting is awful. It was a little hard to see the true colors of your swatches. I just subscribed to you.

  • Purple Urkle is great as a liquid eye shadow. Give it a try I think you'll like it.

  • Shocked to see Blue Blood. Amazing!

  • Still waiting for mine 😫

  • How do I get the box

    • You can’t anymore; they sold out pretty much instantly.

  • Omg what do u use for the intro graphic???

    • I actually paid someone to make it for me!

  • And the guy that did the stickers he has an Etsy shop and sells stickers patches and pins... And I've already looked into getting some of his artwork because he's DOPE as hell!!! And I think, if I remember correctly, he either draws artwork for tattoos or does tattoos something like that but I could be way off

  • And the fact that people were giving him so much shit about not appreciating his fans... Who the fuck puts a full size pallet that is still in very high demand in their mystery boxes??? I'm just glad I didn't end up buying that pallet, because I was really thinking about it on Black Friday... And I wouldn't need two of them (that is if I get the same stuff in my box that you did) I'm still upset about all of my order issues that have still yet to be addressed, I've been waiting for customer service to reply to my emails (but after the first email they said my complaint was going to be sent to the back of the queue, and I'm still waiting almost 2 weeks later 🤦) but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about what I did get to order... and girl I'm with you I got super excited when I saw the stickers in the mini and was bummed that I didn't end up buying the mini 2 because I wanted the stickers and from what I've seen the stickers are in all three so I'm super stoked on that and would still probably order more stickers because that shits cute and I want to put them on my computer on basically everything and I know my kids are going to try to fight me for them too lol By the way I did this as a second comment, so your channel would show more engagement... Got to help any way I can to support smaller channels 💞

  • OMG I'm SOOO excited now I am getting this and can't wait till it gets here 🤞 it's just like yours 😍 PS Just subscribed 🔔

    • Welcome to the channel! Glad to have you on board 💕

  • Wow a whole ass blue blood palette. Amazing

  • You can use the liquid lips as eyeliner or shadow

  • I had the same reaction when I opened the blue tissue paper! Like Bitchhh blue blood!!!! He did thatttttt

    • He really did do that. I think we’re all shook over it 😩

  • Lmfao I literally died when you said “bitch” a Hahahaha love it

  • I'm shocked to see a whole ass palette in there! I have Blue Blood and I really love it. Blue is just not my go to colour. The premium definitely looks worth the purchase. I'm waiting on my deluxe box. Im trying not to watch those videos so I dont spoil the surprised moment🤣

  • Is the red lip the same as his poinsettia lip?

    • I have Poinsettia! It's more on the metallic side and has the glittery pink packaging, not the pink original one. The red one in this video looks more glittery than metallic and has the original pink packaging. Hope that helped (:

    • Its different poinsettia is lighter!

    • Honestly, I have no idea because I’ve never had Poinsettia but Jeffree said these were exclusive colors that would never be made again, so I’m doubtful.

  • I feel like the premium boxes are better than the deluxe :(

  • Soo refreshing to see someone enjoy their MYSTERY box.. Wish I could have gotten one.. It was sold out by the time I was able to get on his site. 😍😍😍

    • I swear I’m addicted to mystery boxes.

  • I shouldn’t have watched this cause mine hasn’t arrived yet but I’m too excited

    • Meghan Malone Thats so dumb. I got mine and I’m really not impressed

    • Yeah today is Dec 11 and mine still hasn't arrived. I tweeted Jeffree asking why and almost immediately after I got an email from JSC saying that my order was cancelled. I just emailed them back saying that I never asked for my order to be cancelled. I am super confused, and I hope that it was not cancelled because I have been looking forward to getting my mystery box.

    • Has urs even shipped yet? Mine hasnt

  • My god this is killing me I’m still waiting on mine to come in I swear if it’s not here by the end of the week I’m gonna freak out. I’ve been checking every single day on my link and it’s showing that it’s still not shipped

  • I'm still waiting for mine! I'm so excited! I also bought the 5th anniversary liquid lipstick collection too so that's why it is probably taking longer.

  • I can’t wait to get mine oh my god

  • The palette 😍

  • I am kicking myself for not ordering this! Those stickers are so cute

  • Omg he put blue blood !! I already have it but it’s perfect for a Christmas gift for someone else omg 😭😭

  • I think the stickers were meant to be fun and I have stickers on my phone on phone cases and if you have a little especially girls... stickers are life and in the shapes of fun makeup and beauty products. Jeffree Starr regardless of the size of the mystery boxes you DO grt your moneys worth. If it's not your shade or not something you wear then don't purchase a mystery box...lmao as he stated in a now deleted tweet...the sense of entitlement some of these people posting negatively IS GROSS! I loved this reveal...this girl knows the concept of a "mystery box" purchase and I'm jealous of all she got!lol would buy each and every product JSC puts out if I could....real makeup, fun makeup, daring makeup JSC slays it! Just subscribed here!

  • Wow. I wish I could have gotten one 💔 the palette being in there is everything.

  • Honestly, I've been looking for stickers to put on my laptop lol. These are the ones. All I have to do is wait for my boxes to arrive❤️

  • That was so funny! Your reaction was EXACTLY like mine when you got the blue blood palette. I was like YO.....BITCH! oh i was so excited for you, my heart was even racing! Lol congrats i loved the reveal! Lol and i love the STICKERS TOO! Xoxo

  • Is the mystery lipstick poinsettia?

    • I don’t think so. He said it’s an exclusive color that will never be made again.

  • 🎊

  • I'm so shook you got blue blood! I saw someone else got the Thirsty palette in their deluxe box.

  • Man I tried SO hard to get this box right at 3 on Thanksgiving and was only able to get a $20 one. He refunded us all so I can’t complain. I LOVE the shades I got a purple liquid lip and a pink glittery lip ammunition. And the stickers are dope. Happy you got a great box though

  • I'm gonna hype you real quick and just say that I think that purple shade would look SOOOO good on you!!

  • how much was this one?

  • HOLY SHIIIIIIIT! Can't believe you got a Blue Blood Palette! It's pretty dope!

  • I ordered the $100 box & the spoilers I've seen I'm so excited.

  • I think everyone gets the exact same palette, Mystery/holiday liquid lip, and of course the stickers in the premium; but the other lip and highlighter is different for most. I ended up getting a Liquid Frost in the shade "Heat Wave" and the other liquid lip in the shade "Queen Supreme"

  • I got the thank you page and everything when I ordered this box... but like many others never got that email... I was so crushed! Ruined my whole Thanksgiving 😞😞😞

  • Wow. This box is ❤️! Love the purple and red lippies. And u got a whole palette So cool

  • 3:18 has me dying sis😭💕

    • johny xciv like genuinely shook to my core.

  • I bought the mini and premium. I had the deluxe in my cart (was lucky enough), but decided to remove it. $100 to not know what you are getting to me was too much $$. I didn't get either of my boxes yet, but it would be amazing to get a palette :)

    • Deluxe got the Thirsty palette, the 5 year hoodie, straw, extreme frost, stickers, the peppermint highlighter, & some lip items

    • If I’m being 100% transparent here, I used after pay to pay for this Premium box cause even just $60 is a little rich for my blood. 😅