Jay-Z should tell Roger Goodell to help Colin Kaepernick land an NFL job - Stephen A. | First Take

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
Stephen A. Smith explains why Jay-Z should address why Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job in the league with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
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  • hes not talented enough to be in the league hes just plain not good im sorry stop the bullshit hes not going to win a team a superbowl hes not worth it

  • They need to just let that man play!!!

  • Send Kaepernick to Carolina we will take em

  • It's a no. He just plain doesn't deserve it. He will never stop putting his political views in the NFL. Politics doesn't belong in sports...

  • Has anyone actually looked at the legalised gambling and the NFL? When this all started the NFL wanted legalizing gambling and they wanted their cut by law. This law (federal) must be signed by the president... Donald Trump. Remember the history b/w Trump and the NFL. It is not pretty.

  • Jay-Z is ‘all’ about his own $$$ and he won’t do that.

  • Why do these analysts not understand that Kaepernick will NEVER play in the NFL again! His kneeling antics cost the NFL billions!

  • How about espn give him a analyst job.

  • Steven A he will never play in the NFL let me repeat never.

  • You don't get rich like JZ being a SWJ.

  • Crapernick needs to own up to his actions. Sue your employer and expect to get re-hired are you KIDDING me... Grow-up!

  • Everylast NFL owner needs to be replaced. I want a new #7 jersey and favorite team!

  • I support Kaepernick's message. But there's one thing you never do. Is bring outside issues to your workplace.

  • He had the worst qbr his last 2 years and quit quarterbacking. So please Goodell sign a useless player to make a buncha virtue signaling bigots happy! I'm SICK of hearing about it! He cant qb anymore 5 years not playing a serious down. All these people are talking jive. Hacks!

  • They sending the message that they hate woemn and children lile trump pence and brett kavenguagh

  • I am betting management is telling you talking heads to kept pushing the Kapernick should play in the NFL. If you do not push the idea, you get less face time on the tube. If you point out Kapernick has not played for years, you would get fired.

  • They settled in good faith but if nfl won’t hire him, maybe they settled in bad faith. Also maybe Kap isn’t allowed to do interviews because the Settlment had a gag order. Maybe kap’s lawyer sucked.

  • I wonder if any black person who has ever tried to own an nfl team can sue the nfl for discrimination because every single majority owner in the league is white when 30-40% of America isn’t 100% white. Ownership doesn’t have to reflect society but it looks funny that no black prospective owners’ offer or interest has ever been accepted I also wonder if Kap can sue again when they settled in good faith with nfl and nfl is now blackballing Kap again. Seems like bad faith settlement and possibly some discrimination involved here.

  • Colin crapped out ! Just like Jussie smollet the French actor ! Stop talking about Colin , he was totally out of line , he should of took a knee at the police station , or Obama’s house !

  • Am sorry I would love to see Kap play at least I know he's better then allot of those bums! Jay Z instead of being a blood sucking opportunist leach...put pressure on these owners to get him back his job!

  • The sad part was that he not black dude.

  • Stances on this topic are a great way to immediately spot complete idiots in the media. CK is a backup QB, who was benched for Blane Gabbert and caused a 12% ratings drop for the NFL. The NFL would blackball the entire New England Patriots team if Bob Kraft caused a 12% ratings drop. It's so moronic this is even being floated as a possibility. So, of course, it would have to come out of Steven A's stupidity canon.

  • Let Colin speaks.America media is a joke

  • Yea , lets get Colin back and get it over with . Its game 4 coming up and whatever team gets him , it would take weeks for him to learn an offense . Whats the point ? He'll get picked apart and he'll fold under the criticism . He's not a man like Trump , he's fragile .

  • Colin took a payout, which was not what ppl wanted him to do, to get the money, he gave up his right to play in the League. Robert Kraft is a criminal, and he is still an owner in the League.

  • I feel as long as Colin is out of the League, we as blacks should boycott the NFL. Blackballing black men. Why is Colin not speaking out?

  • He’s a distraction for the league, he made his choices now he’s out. And stop making this about a vendetta against him, he wasn’t playing well at all in the last couple years of his career. He should’ve been benched anyway.

    • BarFly Fishing & Outdoors the team was bad and he still had 16tds to only 4 interceptions and didn’t play a full season due to interception . Tell me which qb that is playing bad right now can’t have kap compete for a position with them to play ??

  • They paid kap move on .racist want quit it’s what they do if they don’t want him playing he want be playing it’s what they do.

  • Amen to that StephenA. Jay-Z should use his influence for good in this world, not personal gain. I think he got a shitty deal (Kaepernick). "Double Standards' in the NFL though, like everything else in America (Ben Roethlisberger sexually assaulted a woman, yet played another 10 years, for example).

  • Yes, they have NFL teams to make money. It is the only reason. I wouldn't want anyone on my team if I felt that they would hinder me from accomplishing that.

  • I'll never watch football again if he gets a job in the league

  • Jay Z has never passed up a good business proposition. I don't know whether are not his motives are totally altruistic but either way it's a foot in the door.

  • Stephen A. is so contradictory with his thinking. He blames Kap's agent for not getting him interviews yet when it came to Carmello he blamed The NBA for black balling Carmello. Doesn't Carmello pay an agent also to handle his business. You would of thought that Stephen A. was Mello's agent the way he was hustling and pleading for teams to take a chance.

  • Hopefully Colin Kap made enough in the NFL settlement not to need to work for the rest of his life. If his love of the game is driving him to play then he should try playing in one of the other leagues.This will show that he still has it. This also allows for things to cool down in the NFL. Sitting back and waiting for them to come knocking is useless. On talent he should have been back in the league already. We all know why he's not. He needs to remember that father time waits for no one. Don't wait go, out and achieve!

  • Stephen A and all these other assholes need to buy a team and give him a job!

  • No team wants to take on a big trouble maker that ain't that good he is not worth the drama that comes with him and thats with any job you cause them trouble the get rid of you dont matter what is he special like this joe Montana or tom Brady

  • “They not calling you back you not doing your job” SAS is stupid

  • Dude looks like he on coke

  • Fucc Kaepernick.

  • They have the Slave master mentality and as far as they are concerned, they ain’t giving it up! So it’s a Full on Fight, as always.... ✊🏽 D-Truth 3:16

  • How many different stances will this Uncle Tom take 😂

  • Put it this way the NFL would lose money 💰 but @ the same time make money 💰 if kaepernick come back

  • Steven A u blowing smoke. Your comment he can get a call back he maynot get a job...if no job whats the use of a fruitless call back, please explain.

  • It's not JayZ responsibility to help that grown man get a job.

  • Kap isn’t playing because he is CANCER. He can’t lead a team.....he is a divider. The fans and the league hate him. But most IMPORTANTLY, he is a mediocre quarterback. Let’s remember that he was being FIRED before he starting kneeling. It almost a black mandate that this loser play again.


  • Kaepernick and AB should just team up and come play in the xfl... lol. I’d watch them and Tampa has a team, I’d go every game for that

  • This topic is dumb. Do you know how awkward and tense it would be for someone to sue the company they work for , get a settlement then try to get a job with the same company 😂 Let Kaepernick do his work away from the NFL, he making money and affecting change

  • he should not

  • Give it up guys.

  • I got 99 problems, Kaepernick ain't One

  • So all this nonsense enough already... Owners, billionaires going to do what they want, an they don't want Kap end of story

  • Listen he got paid.. He's not ever going to play in the NFL again. And last but not least 32 owners can hire whoever they want period!!! If I,you were an owner of a business the bottom line is to make the most money, for themselves an share holders. This idiot saying how much is enough, is down right ridiculous. Look Kap tried to bring attention to a serious problem with law enforcement an rightfully so but he way over blew it. One game was enough, he could have said what needed to be said, then used his platform to go about it another way. But no it became about Kap an no longer the issue at hand. Wasn't necessary to drag it out for the entire year. These owners will not bring in an employee that will, not maybe but will effect the bottom line in a negative way. I wouldn't either an neither would they if as an owner a successful owner are about making money. So they can talk all they want to about do what's (right) so bringing Kap in would cause them to lose money. therefore not ever,ever,ever going to happen. Move on already get over it

  • If all, not just the few that did, but ALL players especially black protested with Kaepernick, it would've been even more powerful.

  • Keapernick not even GETTING a chance, is a CRIME!!! Man has done nothing wrong but stand up for something important. There's no right or wrong here, both Stephen and Dominic make good points.

  • If Kaps on a team I am 💯 watching that game.

  • Man looks like Stephen got into JR Smith's stash again 😒

  • I just find it funny how he stood up for injustice for minorities, and those same people still spends their money to support the NFL as he sits jobless. Proves that falling on the sword means you die while people stand there and watch.

  • Screw kap

  • F the NFL.