Jamie Foxx tearful over father prison story | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2020
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Jamie Foxx talks about how his dad was sent to prison.
Together on Graham's sofa tonight: Hollywood stars Jamie Foxx and MIichael B Jordan, starring in legal drama Just Mercy; actor and comedian Jennifer Saunders, discussing new mystery thriller series The Stranger; and Sir Patrick Stewart, reprising his most famous role in Star Trek: Picard.
The Graham Norton Show | Series 26 Episode 14 | BBC
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  • Thank God he didnt tell this story, such an important one, on Jimmy falons show. He would just get talked over in that one -_-

  • That moment when you hear that noise in his throat when he gets upset 🥺

  • Only black people are assumed guilty no other race could relate... Definitely didnt matter what location you are in.

  • Even within such a personal story he uses the moment to praise a colleague. All around classy guy.

  • It's a lovely story and I'm a fan of the show and Jaime... but I'm confused how his dad did all theses things and was a "king" when he and the mom abandoned Eric aka Jaime and didn't see him until he was an adult. At least according to every other interview prior to Just Mercy. What am I missing?

  • Educator in the hood with illegal drugs...

  • 😐😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • That part in the interview when Jamie said about his father,I see you as a King,man that was a moment,because even though my father is no longer here,I still see him as my King ❤️🙏🏽❤️

  • ❤️

  • So emotional

  • Nixon toughened up the drug laws in 1970 so he could destroy both the anti war movement and black power. It had nothing to do with public health. A generation of innocent good people chewed up not by drugs but by authoritarian psychopaths using politics and the law as instruments of control. B@stards!!!!!!!!!!

  • Graham's ability to follow the guest and guide them story without interrupting always so lovely to see. He didnt try and fill the silence but let the moment be

    • The silence was important, Jamie is such a good story teller, he is always engaging

    • TolzThundercats So true he’s brilliant.⭐️

    • @Nick Botic Absolutely, Graham is a real gem!

    • He really is a talented interviewer. You're absolutely right; a lot of interviewers might have tried to break the silence, but Norton let his guest and the audience marinate. Fine work.

  • 7 years for $25 dollars ? ....Yeah....sure Jamie...... Michael B.Jordan looks like a pack of pigeons shit on him

  • Don't worry Fox, the people that decided to lockup your father lost their sons and daughters to heroin and fentanyl.

  • Love Jamie Foxx and yes there is a stigma for young black men and the sentence was ridiculous but his father had decisions to make and that includes don't do anything illegal, especially in arrogant Texas. But i do love a happy ending..

    • @D M .. Rubbish we can't blame our childhood or growing up environment for our actions... An adult knows better...

    • It’s not so simple as “make a decision” when you grow up in certain environments.

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  • Hi 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Wow, this is the first time I hear a serious story in the show!

    • I know it feels good!😊👏

  • Any disappointment at all in the father for not considering his family when he committed the crime? Doesn't want to see his father in jail because he wants to see him as some sort of king? Talk about denial. What a nimrod.

    • @Keiori Ren the only reason drugs are illegal is because american government beurocrats were massive racists and started the war on drugs to punish black people. the reason drugs are dangerous is because they're unregulated and controlled by gangs who mix all kinds of shit to make more money... isn't it funny that if you break your leg you go to hospital and they dose you up on massive amounts of medical grade heroin and no one dies? the drugs themselves aren't dangerous, if drugs were legalised and taken safely the homicide rate in america would go down from anywhere from 25-75%, prohibition never works.

    • Debbie Smith the crime for drugs is not that you are directly hurting anyone, its the impact those drugs can cause in the future. Its a good thing jamie fox didnt pick up the drug habit as it is easily passed from parents to kids. Although it is a strong sentence, drugs to have damaging effects and they’re illegal for a reason.

    • Wow, You are judgemental SOB, aren't you. He committed no crime against anyone. He hurt no one, stole from nobody, just had 25.00 dollars worth of illicit drugs. Have you ever smoked dope. I have. It could have been me or almost everyone I know. No, that was a disgusting sentence. If he was rich, white or Trump he'd get no sentence.

    • I stopped believing his exaggerated tales. On American talk shows, his ego is massively on display too. Watch him on the David Letterman show where it's all about "pimps & h*es". But when he appears on The Graham Norton show, he acts like butter wouldn't melt... Additionally, why do celebs often have these stories when they're selling flicks!!?? Not denying his father was incarcerated, but, the tales to promote the film!!

    • The sentence was ridiculous and im sure he did feel guilt for the 7 years he was in there.

  • man oh man

  • Wow! 😢😢

  • 1:14 that pause though...

    • It was a long one. I saw it when it aired, the pause was to fight back the tears.

  • 😀😎😋😍

  • Best show in the world.love you.👍👍❤️❤️

  • I'm sorry Jamie..they did you wrong...#respect

  • Michael B Jordan got assaulted with a tin of white paint before filming

  • I forgot to mention Kanye played at my party

  • I thought he was going to portray Tyson in a movie?

  • Does Jennifer have her dog next to her? What IS Michael wearing? Its looks like a plumbers suit

    • It's a 60's Star Trek Wig.

  • What a great story..

  • Jamie foxx is a legend

    • @FRANZ FANON I got your ingnorance weirdo. A foreign psychiatrist. Your probably foreign to that's why your hateing on successful black men..


    • @FRANZ FANON High School!!! Where there you have. Lol 😂 😂


    • @FRANZ FANON You know ingnorance is a Bliss. Google When Uncle Tom Became a Insult. By. Adena Spingarn. Also read Uncle Tom's Cabin. Uncle Tom was a martyr not a sell out. And with that name your probably not even black!

  • How does he get away with saying the same stuff on every talk show? lol