James Harden Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ Sports

Pubblicato il 12 apr 2018
In this episode of On the Rocks, Houston Rockets superstar James Harden shows off his best pieces, laments a lost Rolex, and talks about shady fake jewelry.
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James Harden Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ Sports


  • Bad taste as usual

  • "Something casual"

  • We need Tim Duncan on this show off his wardrobe

  • Anyone know which brand is the white shirt in the vid?

  • His mother bought him the watch. And she has money because...he gave it to her. So basically she spent his money.

  • Every day is mothers day .... Treat your mom that way always And not to buy her things but to cook for her help her and spend time with her if you cant spoil her in that fashion becuse we all struggeling financially....but love your mother in always ..but if you got money like that do it if thats how you feel !🤑

  • Harden : ill give this some to my refs ..

  • All these rappers have 1 thing in common, their taste are awful, lol.

  • Just a typically superficial, boring shortsighted yank that happens to be black. A product of the USylum

  • Ha ha ha. What is he wearing???? So idiot...

  • No James Hardens were fouled in the making of this video

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  • En el video sale echando unos pasitos y poses pero se mira bien pendejo el vato lo hace awevo bien falso

  • Ta bien pendejo este vato, nomas se ve bien pendejo que chingue su madre el wey

  • Materialistic fool

  • 2:56 lmao that “HUH”

  • Props to only g who survived the Kardashians

  • All that money and such a weak collection

  • James harden is the best step back basketball player

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  • James Harden doesn’t even know how he gets these watches and jewelry, it just shows up in his mail😂

  • Bull

  • On god I have that watch bruh

  • ugly lol

  • We need an another video to show his crazy collection of chokers

  • James Harden should get a self portrait chain😈💯

  • does it even matter? this is like pennies to sports salaries like his . .

  • Why do they show off hardens modeling skill in between showing cases?

  • Pretty cheap about my spending... has a 250000 dollar iced out AP watch

  • Naw, first thing he got was them teeth lined up

  • Personally I would cut the beard .....Like if u agree

  • Him losing a rolex is like us loosing a 10$ watch..really sad for his loss

  • One of them are fake

  • Do Floyd mayweather’s jewelry collection

  • ball players don’t flex like rappers

  • If he shaved his beard he would be unrecognisable 💀

  • 2019 anyone?

  • skinny rick ross shows hes jewelery

  • Who is this guy?

  • what the hell is "joo-ree"?

  • If James shaved......

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. joins the chat

  • Man I like your game you should come and visit Uganda we love you so much

  • he’s a very smart man , he’s richer then all of the rappers on this channel , he saves and budgets his money very well , i respect him

  • I will want a watch look my number 7230597

  • What with his pants

  • Harden dripping like he scoring

  • I think I got it

  • The video should have been called "James Harden Shows Off His Insane *Jurry* Collection | GQ"

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  • Music??

  • Why are there no comments

  • Lol the comments weak.

  • I love you brother 👑👑👑👑

  • Man...he’s hard to look at!

  • fuck

  • Beard rings are needed

  • Looks like Rick Ross has lost weight

  • Please watch this high

  • 0:09 Can’t forget about his free throws