James Harden has to pass the torch to Russell Westbrook this season - Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
Jorge Sedano, Nick Friedell and Scottie Pippen react to Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta's comments on First Take, in which he talks about his team's prospects with Russell Westbrook now on the team alongside James Harden under coach Mike D'Antoni.
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  • Why would a coach allow a less successful guy run the offense? Rest for Harden is the only good reason.

  • Harden is actually a better point guard than Westbrook is because Harden has better at passing and setting up players

  • Did you guys see how selfish was Harden in yesterday game 🤣 man he wont change

  • Westbrook and harden will work. Like lebron and wade worked. Wade as non shooter like russ

  • Can someone explain the "Harden Ego" dude has barely had anyone.. hes had to be a one man show.

  • Pippin is wrong

  • I don't know why ppl think putting two guys who plays the same way is good...do you think a team will be if they put embiid and KAT? So why would Harden and Westbrook would be better? CP3 is a better passer and better shooter....Houston will do worse...the same goes for the clippers they’re both 3s....the lakers have the best 1-2 and they're complimentary to each other perimeter player and paint player. The last time two wing player did well together us Jordan and Pippen...but Pippen is a point forward...

  • Harden and russ 55 wins

  • Scottie has a point on the transitions. In the halfcourt offense, I don't see it happening.

  • harden is the fuel for the torch

  • russ should run pg harden play sg

  • that game plan that Scottie is talking about should've been the game plan with CP3 at the Point because Chris is alot more efficient and knows how to get everybody involve and he is a better shooter than Westbrook the only 2 things Westbrook has over CP3 is age and he has more athleticism

  • Harden would want a trade before the deadline


  • Listen! I teamed these two up on 2k19. Went 34-0 out the gate. I'm on the boat with the Rocket's this year. No shame!

  • russbrook @2:08 and harding @2:52, lets get it 😂

  • Actually, if Harden does let Russ control the tempo and pacing and lead as the pg, it will take SOOO much pressure off Harden and give him wayy more breathing room, a simple pass when russ is bringing it makes the defense shift and harden can easily take advantage, driving, shooting, step back, or a dish or a lob. While also letting russ push them tempo and get easy fast breaks I think they should share the playmaking as well. Russ should bring it up mostly, and around the half court line they can switch it up on who sets the offense and who runs the play. That’ll keep defenses guessing and let them both be creative and have their ways of dominance and playmaking felt. While also giving them scoring and assist opportunities The only thing that’ll kill these two and the rockets is that almighty ego. It’s a tough one to defeat for some.

  • Uh...Harden is the better play maker and shooter. Scottie just stop with the hot takes.

  • So Harden is going to let Russ be the PG when he wouldn't let CP3? OK Scotty, whatever you say

    • Lol facts

  • You guys have to get rid of Nick. This guy is an idiot. Shouldn't be allowed to talk about a sport he never played.

  • HEAR ME OUT I HAVE A THEORY FOR THE ROCKETS, i feel they should have Russell Westbrook on the block posting up & when he gets doubled have James Harden on the wing ready to shoot n playmake

  • James Harden is way better than russ tho

  • The rockets are gonna do great this season until the second round of the playoffs where they’ll run into the Lakers and realize Alex Caruso is too much for Westbrook/Harden to handle

  • Scottie Bro, with the NBA now wanting to Play the Small Ball, you are Right, Houston will most likely be in the Mix for the Western Conference Title. But what the NBA may not have Considered about Playing this Small Ball, is that there May Be a few Spoiler Teams out There, who just Want to Win, with the Team and the Coach that they Have and a few of those Teams will resort to Playing With Bigs in the Post, just to Win it All. Some Crazy, Crazy Stuff, going on, which kinda led me to Think, that because of the USA Playing the Small Ball, in the World Cup, they Could not Compete and nobody seems to know if they Finished in 6th Place or 7th Place. The NBA goes Small Ball but the Rest of the World Plays with Bigs, as the Game of Basketball was Designed, to be Played from its Beginning.

  • Capela wont let russ stat pad this year & harden will continue to iso since westbrook cant shoot

  • These guys got amnesia all of a sudden. Harden coming off of picks? Please! Can't wait to laugh at y'all

  • I think the same is gonna happen with cp3 and j harden. Their both have high confidence and they will be fighting over who will take the last shot in the clutch for example comment below who will clutch the two that kahwi did if Russ and j harden in the same team against playoff warriors 2019. Lose or win? Russ or James for clutch?

  • Nick sounds like Seth Rogen 😂

  • amen to that scottie

  • Havent watch the video yet and already disagree with Scottie

  • I love Scottie Pippen

  • At beat they're a second round exit, there's to many teams better then them

  • Ryan hollins > nick

  • No. This is hardens team. He can shoot at least. But I find it impossible to disagree with Pip either. He straight up speaks facts. I hope it works. Would be a fun to watch team.

  • when the better player needs to confirm to a considerably worse player, doesn't mold well for said team.

  • The way Scottie saying names wrong would love to hear him say that beast from the bucks

  • Ha yea 2021 nba season is going to be funny whit giannis antetokounmpo on the warriors🤣

  • OKC will probably go further than HOU this year. lol. that would be so like the Thunder.

  • yes, because Westbrook running a team worked out so well in OKC. the only thing he was good at running was KD out of town.

  • I agree with Scottie. Harden is going to have to learn to play without the ball. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be the man. Let’s remember Micheal Jordan was a SG, and the Bulls were definitely his team. I think it’s the same with Harden.

  • No

  • Rockets sealed their fate. No team will ever win a championship with Westbrook

  • Lol scottie smoking that stuff and y'all agree with him because he played with Jordan. Stop it. Harden will keep that torch and needs to keep it! Russ is my favorite player in the league and i fully disagree.

  • Russell the first 3 quarters are yours then Harden becomes a scorer only in the 4th. However the team still needs "Team Defenders".

  • scottie is right

  • I definitely agree with Scottie on everything he's saying about the rockets

  • The jump: does a segment on anything but the warriors Also the Jump: shows footage of KD tearing Achilles

  • People talk about Harden choking in playoffs like Russ ddidnt get eliminated by Harden in 2017 and then a ROOKIE Donovan Mitchell in 2018...

  • This has to be the most absurd statement I’ve ever seen. Lol they basically did this for clickbait

  • This way Houston is going to get another Melo out of Harden.

  • thought molly was on this episode again, a sigh of relief it was just a clip

  • "Look at the LİkErS"

  • The fat dude is so gay and annoying

  • Westbrook better pass*

  • Since when is Westbrook an efficient PG? Harden and Westbrook are #1 and #2 for turnovers in the NBA last year. Going to be a nightmare unless Westbrook drastically changes his playing style.

  • Espn needs to get rid of this dude nick fridell...god he's annoying

  • Will James Harden have enough humility to share the basketball with Russell Westbrook?

  • I think Russ should work to draw hardens defender and let him take the shots

  • People forget russ has never played with shooters😂

  • Harden is absolutely a PG. He's been playing as a 2, but he's truly a PG