James Harden Couldn't Believe Refs Took Away This Dunk

Pubblicato il 4 dic 2019
In one of the more bizarre sequences you'll see this season, the refs took away what looked to be a made dunk from James Harden after it went through the hoop and back out.
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  • Imagine this scenario happened in a Game 7 of an NBA Finals in the last minute with the game tied.

  • Check out DeAndre dunks on Greg Monroe. Went in the same way and counted.

  • So this doesn’t count and the in and out dunk from Tatum against the Raptors does 😤 Toronto referees screw us over

  • Drew up the play to induce salt

  • Why couldn't the refs replay

  • foot locker refs at it again

  • NBA 2K bug

  • That’s so in

  • Esse juiz perdeu o emprego... Kkkkkkkki

  • And the league turned down Houston's appeal.

  • Sportsnet…..net…Harden..nothing…but…net

  • This ref is so fucking blind. IT WENT THROUGH, got STUCK in the net, so when it went through, the net took it and rose it up. Common sense ref.

  • We gonna kill the refs when James himself didn't see at first that it went it. If he thought it was in he wouldn't be fighting to retrieve the ball. Maybe it's his action that threw off the ref. I think they need to reverse it tho

  • They need to start making these refs pay fines when they miss simple calls like these.

  • he was trying to invent the 4pt dunk😂🤣

  • Wow! Even the rim and net dislikes Mr Harden. So sad 😞

  • Adam Silver is destroying the NBA Sports with ludacris officiating.

    • @alida flus You mean Fuckers or Faukers??


  • That was a traveled ball refs made the right call on this one

  • How

  • Commentators: "it goes through...and then out"........wtf? It went through and the net just swung it upwards. These guys are retarded.

  • It wouldn’t of gone into OT if they didn’t miss that call

    • Could've been a 4 point play. A dunk and lay up?

  • there should be no dunk in the first place...did u see the guy moping the floor?? game should have been stopped long ago

  • 安心してください 入ってますよ。

  • The Rockets SIMPLY LOST THIS GAME...they were up 104 to 89 at this point...they were up 115 to 109 with 48 SECONDS LEFT IN REGULATION...how 'bout play some defense ( I forgot this is a D'Antoni 's defense ), take the ball to the hole for easy shots and maybe some "and-1", and run the clock out!!!

    • Harden lousy defense but good scorer but that was a good dunk

  • Nice, to watch a 30 second clip I had to watch a 15 second ad

    • For once the refs aren’t helping James harden 😂

  • Lol why did he chase the ball? He made it seem like he missed it, if he would've dunked then walked away none of that controversy would've happened. Either way great win with comeback for Spurs and bad calls (like always) on refs

    • Harden lousy defense but good scorer but that was a good dunk

  • This is why they need video refs

  • If you pause it, the ball is on the outside of the hoop. It didn't go back out. It went around the hoop.

  • In tennis if a fall looks out they can calculate it down to the millimeter to make sure. In basketball they can't tell if a giant ball goes through a giant hole.

    • what about the squeegee mop guy scurrying off the court?

  • This is such a bad call that Harden actually deserves 2 shots

  • I never could dunk A basketball! I never could touch the rim without the ball!🤷🏾‍♂️fuk the NBA!!!!🥶


  • This game was so rigged like wtf and they lost by 2 in 2nd ot

  • Houston probably deserved to lose after blowing that lead

  • Could've been a 4 point play. A dunk and lay up?

  • There were over 7 mins left? Fkn whiners

  • why does it matter tho

    • They let king James travel like a mf 😂

  • Harden lousy defense but good scorer but that was a good dunk

  • For once the refs aren’t helping James harden 😂

  • Wrong. Clearly Harden thought the dunk popped back out as well based on how he pursued the ball after the ball popped back out.

  • Bruh

  • what about the squeegee mop guy scurrying off the court?

  • Refs shaqtin a fool

  • It went in.

  • So nobody is gonna mention the guy cleaning the court and in the field of play mid-game with a towel???

    • people pissed at the refs, what about hardens reaction to the dunk? he runs into grab the ball cause he had the same thought as the refs. if it wasnt for that they would have

  • hahafuckharden

  • Disgraceful

  • If that idiot announcer hadn't said *OH HE MISSED IT!!* then they probably would have counted it

  • I don't even get it what this is all about; what's the issue here?

  • Harden’s best defensive play

  • They let king James travel like a mf 😂

  • This is legit and living proof that NBA referees are looking more on the dicks on the player rather on a basketball hole.

  • Dunk subtracted by the Chinese govt.

  • When i get old and I cant see... I wanna be a referee..

  • Rockets be choking leads even when the warriors are on hiatus lol

  • It’s almost 2020 now. Refs literally ruin the sequence of a game should be better now

  • All these rockets fans mad 🤣🤣

  • It clearly went in. We are looking at triple overtime at this point. The Rockets are correct in protesting this.

  • What am I looking at somehow he made a dunk and it got back out and the ref is going to call that Out of bounds that's Tuff like if you look close enough it look like it went in put this on slow motion

  • Given all the wild things that have happened in the NBA, I never thought I would see the day where the player puts the ball in the basketball and is not given points. That’s literally the point of the game...