James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pubblicato il 22 dic 2016
Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third twosome to take on the wings of death. The co-stars of "Why Him?" break down their facial-hair history and share crazy pre-fame experiences while tackling some of the hottest sauces on the planet.
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Season 2
Episode 44
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings


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  • Bryan Cranston will do great as Batman Voice !!

  • Can we a James Franco redo! I could stare that dude all day. #gettaouttaheremrwhite

  • I just heard Jeff Ross say "cunt". Why the shit is there any censorship in here?

  • 3:02 Man, that goatee should be CALLED the Heisenberg cause it's so badass.

  • Bring Bryan back

  • This episode was WAY TOO SHORT. I NEED MOAWR!!!!

  • James is so reserved and skeptical like my Uncle Scott until the end of the video. Brian is vocal the whole time.

  • why do ppl look over celebrities? I thought James Franco was trying to hook w an underage girl. meanwhile girls chasing out a teacher for his past sexual misconduct.... James Franco hangs out w that satanic "artist" ..he may be funny but hes creepy. I dont like him anymore to be honest

  • we need AARON PAULL

  • wtf is sean doing @ 5:00 😂

  • when I watch the older videos I can't help but wonder how the guests would do on the newer seasons

  • We need freddie gibbs!

  • www.google.com/amp/s/www.her.ie/amp/celeb/james-franco-accused-of-trying-to-meet-underage-girl-in-hotel-122159

  • Should’ve asked Franco why he Instagram stalks underage girls before inviting them to his hotel room and then whines and plays the victim when he gets put on blast. Disgusting creep 🤢🤮

  • Jessy Pinkman should be with him.

  • Franco is the biggest pussy, most good looking man on this planet.... Cranston is that dude. *throws on shades*

  • hehe lol so funny watching them. Mr. Cranston knows New Mexico Chile. Pequin compares. I make some pretty caliente Chile Pequin sauce.

  • I’m here from 11.22.63

  • please get jim carrey on this show

  • James so awkward and uncomfortable 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I'll say it. When Bryan Cranston jokingly says Franco can grab women by the pussy because he's a movie star DID NOT FUCKING AGE WELL

  • I love James

  • That James Franco "grab them by the pussy" joke didn't age too well did it?

  • Franco with the milk on wing 2...

  • The "Meoweee" cats to beep out Bryan , cracked me up😂😂😂😂😂

  • This is still bothering me: this was shot in 2016.... why are you not using a tablet on the show? Why are you awkwardly cradling that laptop when you do the picture segments?

  • Bryan is kinda old but he’s cool as fuck


  • 'You can just grab em by the pussy' is so FUCKING SEXIST!!! And the fact that EVERYBODY JUST LAUGHES is the worst part. You know better than thaf come on...

  • I thought your hands gestures were ban in the new episodes...wtf. almost poked thier eyes out a few times. Tie your god damn hands by your waist jesus christ!!

  • lol the cat sounds

  • I respect that you guys always state that they don't have to, but that "if you don't want to" is always some serious "if you want to pussy out" in their ears. ^o^

  • I refuse to believe that this man Bryan Cranston, is the same man that laughed like a mad man in a crawl space in Breaking Bad. That laugh was so haunting, so real, and terrifying. No other show will ever be able to top Breaking Bad.

    • How do you compare Dramas and Comedies though? Seinfeld is at the top.

  • Almost feel at this point. If you didn't do Da' Bomb sauce. You need to come back and do it again.

  • They didnt bond

  • Wow. fiirst time Ive seen Iggy Azeala without makup. shes beautiful naturally! Why doen she paint that shit on her?

  • Bryan Cranston goes full Heisenberg on those wings, he eats all of it LIKE A BOSS!! The ones who are only taking a bite need to just step aside and let the real badasses have a seat!!

  • Bryan Cranston is the shit!! Love that guy!

  • That sounds like a fucking movie title “How to kill Peter Wong”!