Jalen Rose wants someone other than LeBron to shine on offense | Get Up

Pubblicato il 16 gen 2020
Jalen Rose, Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams address their concerns for LeBron James after shouldering a heavier workload with Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis sidelined with a back injury.
#GetUp #NBA
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  • 2:17 Lmaooo

  • Happy For My Man Markelle Fultz

  • Rondo can shoot! Look at the stats

  • I’d trade Kuz for Love straight up. Both teams win. Cavs get a young stud, Lakers get a proven Vet with Finals experience.

  • Bosh super star who became roleplayer, Love superstar who became roleplayer... Kuzma should be learning from Lebron's rollplayer past and treat Lebron as a washedup rollplayer spotup shooter who can't dunk anymore... Kuzma needs the touches give him the load, last two games ago Kuzma carried this team and blew away the opponent. Next year sign Clarkson start him make Lebron the spotup shooter Kuzma be the play maker with Green and AD...

  • Who would have thought crybron would take the last shot

  • Took more shots then guys who were hot (2x as many), like cook in the fourth quarter. What game were you watching Jalen

  • Oh look its the guy that thinks Lebron is better than MJ, switch channel.

  • its actually carusgoat

  • THT#5

  • LeBron James trying to hold onto his hair is one of the greatest feats ever recorded

    • Hannibal for real that man will not let anyone tell him he old smh

  • How you gonna not shout out my boy Quin cook

  • LeBron won't let anyone else shine or else they get traded.

  • Now everybody starting to say that lebron is alone and needs help.... prediction by so many of us is accurate

    • That Guy you are dumb as they come. You said let it go. I told you to stop because you didnt get what im talking about. Just stop

    • @K Bean Can you read? I asked you to let it go. You don't get to basically say the same thing lmao. That's 3 year old ish. Peace.

    • That Guy what are you talking about? You just dont get it do you? Stop

    • @K Bean Fam...I saw a few. There was no "Everybody starting to say". Be less petty, let it go lmao.

    • That Guy dude just go through comments in videos that were before the season started.... im pretty sure I haven’t read about some things you have sooo what?

  • Bron is A ball hog, thats why nobody else can get involved in the offense

  • We all want someone else other then LJ. But we know what the narrative would've been... why didn't LJ shoot

  • Yea we all know kuzma had only 4 points and was 2/10 but he also had 7 ASSISTS which no one is talking about his shot wasnt falling but at least he was contributing and finding his teammates!

  • So Lakers need big 3 to win the ring... sounds similar...

  • Get Dwight more touches

  • amm where lebron shine? did they even watch the game?

  • I want LeBron James to become LeBald James, only then he will win his next championship!

  • Lebron needs more help again?

  • 2:07 Le36 be like o ya I was close hehe you saw that folks

    • Obito xshinobi thats a Common thing for kobrick

  • Jalens taper looking more like 80s cop hair cut.

  • Kuzma has one blow out game and people think he’s going to be our secondary offense. Dude is trash

  • Keep carrying the ball

  • This was a horrible segment the gameplay noise fucked everything up

  • did a little just say “get up?”

  • Kuzma with his Jekyl and Hyde game. She was Hiding against the Magic. With AD out - Kuz failing to rise to the challenge- way too inconsistent.

  • Are You Serious ESPN/Jalen Rose Markelle Fultz Got a Great Triple Double & Made 2-huge shout to close out the Game and You want to talk about LeRevenue. I get it but if you cannot acknowledge Fultz Great game against the number 1-team then something is wrong ESPN Minute Segment Next Game (0:00 - 0:05) Introduction (0:06 - 59:99) LeBron James.........Needs, Wants, Demands, Trade, Had a lot of Assist, Needs to Score More, Rebound More, Lakers Lakers, Dwight Howard emerging, Alex Cursco is Playing like White Mamba, Anthony Davis will Return or Load Manages, Lakers Bench Did Great and Need More Bench Scoring

  • Man, Jalen has these seasoned career talking heads fearing for their jobs, as a former elite athlete who knows how to breakdown game tape in seriously entertaining way. Not to mention he has a hairline that Alex Curuso and Stephen A would sell their left (and possible the right) nut for. 👍🏽

  • LeClutch back at it again

  • Kuzma just had a bad game... his last 3 games dude's been hitting it

  • Lakers need another scorer/playmaker


  • LeBron choking again. Doesnt take any of the blame. What else is new

  • LeBron being confident taking these shots is a good sign for Laker fans!

  • Or how about lebron sacrifice his assist totals and focus more on scoring. 19 pts aint gonna get it done esp without AD. i know he's in his 17th season but he's still capable of dropping 50 pts. against the magic. Sometimes he need to be aggressive esp when the situation requires him to be.

  • stop it ,hes only in the conversation for most improved number 1 pick

  • How can anyone else create with the ball when he’s got the ball all the time. Also, a lot of his assists are coming from guys creating off the ball. The offense would be far more balanced if he’d create off the ball for his teammates the way they do for him.

  • Lebron didnt shine in this game, shot terribly, them 19 ast were good but somebody had to be making shots for him to get 19 ast, and making the 3 point shot, he went 2-9, if Giannis goes 2-9 from 3 tall year him down

  • Hard for other players to shine when every game is just Lebron controlling the offense for the majority of the shot clock. Granted, it works a lot, but don’t go blaming role players when they aren’t getting much opportunity to even be a playmaker in that offense

    • Kuzma is the only guy and they only have themselves to blame for it. Don’t get me wrong, they gave up the farm for AD and it makes them a title contender but that’s what every Lebron team is: a bunch of guys that either sit around the 3pt line or role to the basket off of pick n roll with Lebron as the main facilitator. The dumb thing is the media talking about this laker team with the best record in the west as if they are in need of some more help. Media just clamors for Lebron to have some stacked team so he can get a ring and then after it all they act like he carries the team. It only seems like he carries the team because every team is built just for him

    • hiimphishy Who else on my Lakers can create their own shot??? I’ll wait...

    • hiimphishy Exactly. Lebron game just not fit for nobody else to control the offense.

  • This is literally every Lebron team and it’s the reason he gets too much credit and and too much blame from critics because when you build your team around Lebron being the creator on offense, he gets crazy stats and high usage, but then the rest of the team isn’t used to playing without him controlling the offense. This is why guys like KD and kawhi are better at this point in their careers, because they can fit into any system while still providing great defense.

    • @I D the fact you say 9 finals appearances with 3 wins like its something to brag about is kinda sad

    • @Chico Daman "limited" 9 finals appearances and 3 championships say otherwise..... the lakers do need another playmaker off the bench tho

    • Did Kuzma score 36 in a win by 15 points against OKC, without AD and Lebron? Did 6 other Lakers score double digits including Rondo adding 21? Lebron apologists can't admit that you are limited on offense in the Lebron James System!

    • Marzipan Hughes oh that's why dwight got saved by him? Kobe ruined Dwight now look at Dwight happier than ever and tf are y'all talking about THIS SYSTEM WORKS they are 33-8 first in the west what do y'all want? 82-0 and 16-0 stop playing 2k this is real life u can't win every game against professional NBA teams

    • @Brian Newsome LeBron's his own worse enemy he always wanna pair with guys who only catch n shoot or rim finishers bcuz he himself is not good off the ball so he make his teams be dependent on him for them to score and it stagnates the team centering everything do around him. Even when he on the bench the team the system still revolves around him which why the team looks lost and have no creative plays for themselves LeBron dosent make nobody better but himself

  • Lmao is Jalen serious??? Cook was clearly the best offensively stop sucking off Lebron please

  • Markelle looking like a washing machine

  • Am I surprised they have a topic for the Lakers after a 1 point loss? No. Am I surprised the Clippers struggles go un-discussed? No

    • NK undiscussed? Bro stop being biased, you just don’t watch the shows where the Clippers “defense” don’t show up

  • Kyle kuzma has to either start making shots or get traded for someone who makes shots

    • He makes 1.9 mill a year so Trading him for Equal to better Value isn't likely. because everybody on the Lakers makes around 1 to 4 mill besides Pope, Green, AD and LBJ, in order to get anything back for him they'd have to involve either Bradley,Causins, Cook or Caruso. Most likely all 4 for an Elite Player because Rondo, Pope and Mcgee can't be traded and unless the Offer is a Elite player they won't Dumb Green.

  • Why is the focus on lebron and not my magic trying to improve ?!!

    • Bro how are the Magic improving, they've always been like this for the past years, always lingering around the .500 record. AG has been stagnant and hasn't improved. Only positive you have on your team is Isaac and Fultz but the whole team is not something to be talked about

    • It's the media, what do you expect... Jalen and Jacoby is a far better show, rose keeps it real over there...

    • TheCreativeOne_ bro why ask this question? You know no one cares about the magic.

    • The leading topic everywhere should’ve been Markelle Fultz. He and Ball have both improved a lot this year and while they’re not where they need to be yet they’re getting there and it’s a much more interesting and bigger picture topic than the lakers losing some game in January

  • Without even lookin at the video, I do too.

  • Lmfao. Priceless when Jalen thought lebron was gonna flush that dunk. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 0:53

    • Anthony S would have been a blow out if it wasn’t for the bench. You’re 100% right.

    • He obviously didn't watch the game because the bench showed up! He needs to sit this one out!

  • Lebron gotta stop holding the ball h24, he gotta understand how to play without the ball otherwise players like Kuzma will not get in rythm...

    • What rythm ? Kuz shot 2/10 , like hello 😂😂

    • Lawis Clems bruh you not watching. Lakers had 34 assists last night. The ball is moving and everyone is touching it. Lebron is the pg of the Lakers so of course he’s gonna have the ball in his hands. Kuz shot 2/10 he didn’t have it.

  • If ad was still on the Pelicans would they make the playoffs

  • 3 other ppl had 20 tho how much help can u have

    • Eddoo what about Bron 7-19 and around 2-6 in the 4th?

    • Well maybe if kuzma didnt go 2/10

    • O E why don’t they just make a system to set each other up. How many role players can actually get their own shot, let’s be honest here

    • I think they mean a player who can get their own shot, instead of needing someone to set them up.

    • Exactly I question if some of these analyst even watch the games Cook and Green was clearly doing tue mosy to bring them back in this game and I'm not even a Laker fan

  • Yall waited for the Lakers to lose a game before talking about them

  • Curry killed my Finals record then let Ayesha deep fry it at her restaurant to serve

    • I'd be 1-4 in the Finals if it weren't for KD's heroics.

    • LeBron James what u mean curry ain’t been like that in playoffs

    • U mean they had to join forces cuz they couldn't beat bron separately yall jus dumb af on me

    • LeBron James u mean Kd

  • Chef Curry deep fried my Finals record

    • KD fried it

    • @NK lmao why do em like that

    • Hello father. You taught me a lesson in '13. You will pass kobe in a month or so. You are the goat

    • If it wasn't for KD's heroics in crunch time, I'd be 1-4 in the Finals

    • No you mean Kevin Durant, Steph curry, 2 refs, Klay Thompson, and jr Hennessy Smith fried your finals record. Let me know when MJ or kobe are able to compete and beat those players and refs with that Cavs roster.

  • I control the ball majority of the shot clock so I can pad my stats. No one on my team will be getting the ball to shine

  • 😂😂😂 good luck with that he's still the best player in the world GOAT JAMES

  • Well Mr.Jalen Rose didn’t you say everybody is sleeping on Kyle Kuzma and he’s a third star 🤷🏾‍♂️ the same man who said he’s ‘99% sure Kawhi Leonard is signing a short-term deal with Raptors.’

  • yeah I think the lakers want someone other then Bron and AD to shine as well Jalen thank you for the incredible insight