Jalen Rose is excited for Zion to make his 'dynamic debut' with the Pelicans | Get Up

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Jalen Rose, Jay Williams and Richard Jefferson discuss their expectations for Zion Williamson in his NBA debut with the New Orleans Pelicans.
#GetUp #NBA
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  • The Pelicans need to control his weight and diet or help him do that. We all want to see him do well

  • He should sit out season. Yall know history of Duke players

  • Normally it feels like 12 years when we see a talented player in high school go to the league.. It felt like 2 years with this guy 🤔 2017 he was a high school in 2018 he was in college and 2019 he was drafted into the NBA. Zion got a fast forward button in his pocket we don't know about 😂

  • Rj lowkey wants backboards to be broken lol

  • are we really going to rule out the pels? its 4 games to make up across 38 games. even without zion they have a chance to make it up

  • Zion needs to hire coach Greg doucette

  • Jalen "Dynamic" Rose 😂

  • jay williams is a geek :)

  • Jalen bro.. you’re overusing the word “dynamic” WAY too much. Averaging about 1.5 dynamics per video

  • Ingram Holiday Lonzo & Zion, are you kidding me!!!!

  • I was hanging out with Kevin Johnson last night and I mentioned Jalen. It was cool I felt like I had real money for a minute lmao

  • Zion gonna do sum great tonight

  • We all are excited I’m rooting for him✊🏽💯

  • I remember when Jalen was saying to red shirt him

  • Good luck tonight big man!! We're rooting for you to become a legend...

  • He’s 19. Relax he’ll be fine

  • just put the big boy on a slim fast diet okay. STOP beating around the bushes. holy

  • Zion n ingram Boutta go off tonight, the whole pels is 💯💯💙

  • Loool ik Ryan felt that 😂

  • ngl I’m excited for the start of his career, but he has to lose weight and stay healthy for him to live up to the hype💪🏾

  • People ain’t talking bout Zos improvement

    • KobeDropped_81 it’s alright they’ll soon be woke

  • Every 10 lbs is 40 less lbs on the knees.. So if he lost just 20 lbs he would take 80 lbs of pressure off those knees and still be a BEAST

  • *Zion 30 seconds on the floor* Espn: Is Zion better than Lebron?

    • Zion: gets his first in-game NBA dunk ESPN: This man might be the greatest basketball player that ever lived

    • Mitchell S 😭

    • Lol 😂

  • Zion should just make a power move and sit out the whole season. And next season. So analysts can keep talking about hypotheticals

  • First

  • Overrated & overhyped

  • Ja morant is better than him

    • grrrindz yea exactly

    • @norton4692 hiw do you know that you know that he dont know ?

    • Davod Hashimi Point Guards will never be better Wing Players, It’s as simple as that

    • Still draft Zion #1

    • Hiw do you know??