Jalen Rose calls for players to be suspended for the Kansas vs. Kansas State brawl | Get Up

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Jalen Rose reacts to the brawl that broke out between Kansas and the Kansas State Wildcats, where Jayhawks forward Silvio De Sousa picked up a chair during the fight.
#GetUp #CollegeBasketball
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  • Shows how childish some of these dudes are

  • Fighting is part of hockey and it always has been. Hockey is a rough full contact sport with checking and roughing. Basketball is not! Blaming hockey for this is just a cop out, Jalen.

  • When they say fights in baseball and hockey they are talking about professional sports. Its very obvious that the panel has turned this into a racial issue and thats why i am one of the millions that no longer subscribe to espn. If its wrong its wrong dont try to make it OK cause some pro sports arent hard on fighting.

  • in this era when college basketball players have no problem with one and done to go pro it should not be an issue to kick a player off of the team for such behavior, I agree with Vitale on this.

  • aaaaaaaaaand they killed Kobe

  • This activity is pathetic. They need to suspend both teams and reality is they don’t deserve to get the attention for the idiocy that was reflected by their actions.

  • The guy with the chair should sit out all season if not more

  • There’s plenty of guys trying to play in the nba, one less irresponsible guy on the court. Strip that player of everything because that’s not cool on the courts, if I was watching a street fight then it’s whatever

  • Hey Jalen, how about someone being arrested? They arrest high school students for fighting in the halls.

  • Jay Will... I can never agree him

  • If being selfish is being concerned about one's self, how is getting suspended and getting banned for 12 games being selfish?

  • players are suspended in baseball when they fight.......and if a guy tried to use a weapon he would be talked just as bad about..........

  • If they really wanted to punish the programs they should let them play the season and ban them for the post season. Otherwise it’s meaningless

  • First they should all be tested for Steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

  • perting gubota😁

  • I am with Vitale. I would be very surprised if Desausa ever plays college ball again. Obviously, he can declare for NBA or way his overseas options

  • Imagine being a Kansas fan then getting your neck broken by a chair

  • Fine players that don’t get paid and they make millions off of.

  • ... You up a thousand Point let it go let him score... Forget your ego, and go to the locker room, take a shower and go home get something to eat... That is the maturity of a young person that starting off in life... everything doesn't revolve around sports... but, has a lot to do with life...

  • ... Local police did not break up nothing it was more of the coaches and staff members that and clear that that stopped most of the physical altercation... Stop trying to give law enforcement so much credit you only seen one guy from law enforcement and he was no way near trying to stop anything that went on... Local police had nothing to do with trying to stop this physical altercation at this college basketball game... Here we go trying to make Heroes out of these guys to had nothing to do with this...

  • People act like a college fight is a war lol chill tf out kansas state just got decimated and the boul slaped the last shot lol they was mad af they lost, its Mens sports . The funny part it is the white lady trying to hold the players back and screams in their face , your only making it worse

  • If you pick up a chair during a fight, especially around disabled fans, you should go to jail.

  • LeBron James is the world's worst at doing this. Is it just as bad when he does it?

  • Standing over the guy is a foul at worst. It's what happened after...who came in?? K-State.

  • He's a kid from Angola man give him a break. Yeah he should get a suspension but he is still young and learning and this should be a lesson for the future to teach him to be a better person and not something that should be made to ruin his future. Don't make an example out of him, set and example for him.

  • Talk jalen!!

  • I’ve never seen them more passionate than this conversation

  • Jalen. Take a soft line. Suspending this man for a few ball games will not teach him a thing besides oooops I screwed up, sorry y’all, my bad. I’ll play later tho. And he doesn’t receive a punishment thwt REALLY would make him reflect on his actions. Gone for the remainder of the season, and ineligible for draft for 2 years. THAT will make him realize the degree of unspeakable behavior he or they displayed. I e been in brawls before, I could still think clearly, I’m fact my adrenaline was pumping so hard that I had crystal clear reactions. Disabled folks in that section. Thug.

  • Son stole the ball got blocked bad lol he got embarrassed. His teammates escalated the situation

  • Jalen sounds like a little kid . Baseball and hockey does it blah blah blah.then advocate for the NBA to allow fighting . How many headasses are on ESPN?

  • I think if you get flexed on like that.. you need to be able to laugh it off. DeSousa ate at least one punch from Kansas St before things got crazy. If he doesn’t grab a stool then people won’t engage in this dumb “group think” and at least look at K State’s role in the fight. Some dude in street clothes off Kansas St. bench had to be tackled by a coach in a suit. Why is no one talking about the actions of the 2 Kstate players?...particularly dude that isn’t even dressed up. Before DeSousa throws any punches back, he ate punches from possibly two Kstate guys (one not dressed to play) No stool grab and the optics of this fight looks a lot different. KState is then the aggressor in the attempted jumping of a Kansas player who’s arguably being more obnoxious than threatening. K state put all those fans at risk and caused things to go so far into the “handicap section” not DeSousa. Kudos to the assistant coach in the suit who had to do what other Kansas players should have been ready to do. Tackle the worst and most consistent aggressor. (Dude in street clothes off K state’s bench) Unfortunately, the stool grab ruined all optics for Kansas to be even slightly defiant toward the narrative that has emerged due to “group think” and “collective outrage”

  • It’s embarrassing and immature but they are college kids. Suspension but not an outright ban.

  • What a deflection, well look at hockey and baseball, they're bad also.

  • richard Jefferson is correct

  • They are Adults Bro, whatcha talking about?!

  • Now I feel stupid, am I the only guy who thinks De Sousa is innocent? The Kansas State player played with fire and got burned. Then De Sousa was attacked. Besides picking up the stool, he never even used it.

  • It's interesting to see how white folks and black folks have different opinion over this matter

  • I really like the coach from Kansas State statement. Get over it everyone. Young kids with a lot of passion made a mistake. No one hurt. Now go back to work.

  • What a bunch of slack-jawed imbeciles ... the collective IQ of these commentators is about 12

  • Richard Jefferson has it right. Steal by KSU was bush league but it happens. De Sousa has a right to block it especially in that situation. De Sousa taunting his bush league but it happens. 2 bush league plays should have canceled it out. It escalated when 4-5 KSU players rushed at SDS and eventually punched and pushed him. That set it off. Bad situation and I felt all the suspensions were justified.

  • Shame on you KU, you just made Dorothy turn over in her grave. You're a disgrace!!!

  • Stupid

  • Vitale always overstates everything. I'm not sure why they even asked his opinion.

  • How about Bob knight throwing a chair 🪑

  • Dude with the stool is so F’n lucky that Coach grabbed it out of his hands.

  • I guess these idiots want him to just stand there when he's being mobbed

  • K-State caused it by rushing the guy & if it were my son I say he did right in trying to defend himself but that's on K-States blitz move

  • A couple of those players should be facing criminal charges. Why do we consider assault and using weapons like a chair OK so long as it's a bunch of adults in a basketball game? And we wonder why violence bleeds into youth sports- no consequences for actions like this. Eventually someone will die from a sporting event fight.

  • Yall need to pay them. Everyone getting paid except the players.

  • Lets just keep chairs away from him🤣🤣🤣

  • pay the collage kids money

  • 2 little kids right underneath the hoop trying to stay outta the way, and then a poor lady end up getting stuck in the middle of all that

  • Fighting in the disabilities area.

  • Bye bro. Back to the hood with you!

  • He should took that L that was prideful move by Kansas State y’all down by 20 go sit down

  • They're Black. They were adults when they turned 10 years old.

  • If my labor made million dollar fortunes for the people at the University and I got paid nothing, I would be frustrated too.

  • Jay Williams defending black players lol. Baseball and Hockey is not even comparable.

  • You ignored the part about being on skates. Not entirely accurate, most of the time their helmets Fall off.. Tell anywhere where one can pick up a chair with intent to hit somebody and not be charged with a crime. Only on sports, why is that? I do not want children watching that. Punish them for the season, actions have consequences.