Jalen Rose agrees with Dennis Rodman: MJ would score a lot more in today’s NBA | Get Up

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
Jalen Rose explains that Dennis Rodman's claim on First Take that Michael Jordan would average 50 points in the current era of the NBA is not too far off because MJ would make more free throws since the league is less physical today.
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  • Jordan was a psychotic competitor. He dominates in any era, more so now

  • Depends on the refs allowing 90s physicality and hand checking

  • Imagine what Larry Bird would score draining threes all game!

  • Dirk was pretty agile when.he was younger

  • I love my Warriors.....But! I'd have to take the Bulls in 6, defense wins chips and those Bulls were loaded with some of the best defensive players ever. This matchup favors the Bulls. They were to long all at almost every potion. Did I mention the Bulls have three first team NBA all defense? I take it back.....Bulls in 5.

  • Rockets were one win away...what do you think the 96 Bulls would do

  • The bulls with Jordon pipen Rodman would win 10 rings in this era easly

  • With the kind of rules the nba today this was easy with MJ......in his time they need to wrestle on MJ to stop him and there is foul.

  • GSW would’ve get the Bulls tired of running. Warriors were invencible.

  • Imagine this. Since the day rodman say those words draymond was never been the same again. From being an all star to triple single. How much more if rodman says those words face to face while playing a game.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..epic

  • That’s a 4-0 sweep for the bulls

  • Pretty sure "conflute" isn't a word.

  • What i feel is not discussed here is how Jordan would mentally destroy his opponents if he played in this era.

  • When MJ attempted 260 threes in a season, he made 43%.

  • Steph, KD, and LBJ won’t do well if the game is as physical as before.... Players don’t defend anymore....

  • Rodman shut down Shaq.... RODMAN SHUT DOWN SHAQ! This dude knows defense, there is nothing the Warriors can do that the Bulls wouldn't have an answer to. There is also nothing the Warriors can do to stop the offense of the Bulls.

  • even their own coach steve kerr would agree they cant beat his former team.😁

  • Jordan would have will his team to win he a killer

  • I would take the bulls in 3 with an injured warriors team that wouldn't have enough players available for game 4.

  • Anyone hear that fart at @5:11

  • Bulls in 7????? hmmmm..... maybe... but I don't think so.. I'd say Bulls in 5-6 easily.

  • The warriors wouldn't even beat the jazz

  • "I have no trouble handling that green guy" LOL

  • Dirk is the g.o.a.t

  • Why they need to compare its nonsense..

  • Who's dis nobody talkin against da bools?

  • Mj is all around.. Offense and deffense..

  • Shooting will be less effective especially with the defensive physicality and pressure the 90s teams put on shooters.

  • Shooting is the equalizer, but with no defense at all, it’s easier to shoot right?

  • With handchecking, these guys wouldn't be able to just rise and shoot 3s like they do now. Handchecking is a big deal especially for shooters. If you were allowed to put a hand on a player and physically move him one direction, it limits his skills as a scorer. This reason is the biggest reason why mj is better than all these other perimeter scorers ever. The idea is that nobody could stop mj from scoring if you couldn't put your hands on him. I think alot of people don't really know what handchecking was and believe that it was just a rule which allowed reaching, which is just not true.

  • Jalen rose is on the screen and they show a picture of michael in the old school short shorts. The next frame mike has the modern longer shorts on. If you know your hoops history you'll know why those frames and jalen rose are interesting to me.




  • Bulls would win totally on DEFENSEIVE play and TOUGHNESS

  • Greeny forgot that MJ has cigars and tequila plans for what in theory would have been game 7. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

  • If Rodman really wanted attention, he would have said the complete opposite. Having played with MJ would make it controversial.

  • Every body forgetting Jordan watched Dr j and kobe dad.

    • @uncle ampton wrestling toys Inc you are putting him at the same level with Dr. J...I am not that young...you must be joking..

    • Allways have unless you're too young to know it.

    • Kobe's dad..Jellybean is some great player now..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This was over before it began. The talking face that never played needed something to do. Nothing here to see folks, keep moving.

  • In the era where theres no free alley oops..mj score more

  • Bulls in 4. Easy. Easy money.

  • This league today has really no defense, bring back the hand check I guarantee you will see less scoring

  • He'll Yes he would . The rule changes made the NBA soft . All the Stars from that Era would thrive today .

    • Not only Detroit . Take the Bulls , Celtics , Pistons , Lakers , all of those teams had skilled players. Even guys who played in both Eras say that the game back then was hard . Shaq , KG , they think the game has gotten way to soft .

  • How many times are we gonna hear this?

  • The match up no one is thinking of and would be the deciding factor . The bulks have Phil Jackson on the bench .

  • People forget how good each individual player was at D on the Bulls and how Amazing the D was as a team. and people for get before his Knee injury Harper was a 20+PPG player who took a back seat to MJ and Pippen to win titles. Harper vs. Steph - Steph may be faster than Harper, which is fine, the Bulls again had great team D. MJ vs. Klay - Klay is a great wing defender, but he won't be able to guard MJ. Scottie vs. KD - Pip was long and lanky, but strong, if KD plays passive and not attacking I don't see him getting 20. Toni vs. Iggy - solid matchup, but Toni was pretty quick and can move without the ball. Rodman vs. Draymond - Rodman got under Malone's skin, but Malone can compose himself, Greene not so much, he will be ejected in the first half. now the Bench, Warriors have really no bench that can compete with the Bulls. so Bulls get the edge there. I say the Bulls win the series in 5 games maybe even a clean sweep.

  • Who's guarding MJ?

  • Listen to the experience pros who played the sport. They all say Bulls would win and if you disagree shows that you are a dumb 15 year old that just learned how to tie your own shoes.

  • Wise words from the Worm!!

  • MJ and Pippen wouldn't even let Klay or curry get a shot off if they wanted. No one on the Warriors can guard MJ. Rodman could guard Shaq in his prime, what do you think he'll do against KD? Like comon 🙄

  • So another question is, if this wannabe goat lebron played in the bulls era, how would he score against the bulls?

  • 40, because nobody needs to score 50 everynight.

  • Jalen Rose doesn’t look like a sports man at all. He looks like a pizza deliver guy.

  • 0:30 Alibaba

  • I'd take both the mid 90s Rockets and Knicks teams to beat GS.

    • Looking back, they were so many great teams in the 90's, best time ever, I was a huge Knick fan "They were considered the bad Boys" from the 90's. However watching other teams play the Knicks felt like a playoff game on a regular day. 90's Knick vs Utah Jazz: Karl Malone " The Mailman" and John Stockton Miami Heat: Alonso Mourning "ZO" and Tim Hardaway Houston Rockets: Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenney Smith Indiana Pacers: Reggie Miller earned the name "Knick Killer" 3pt canon and Antonio Davis Chicago Bulls: "Air"Jordan and Scottie Pippen Phoenix Suns: Charles Barkley and Danny Ainge San Antonio Spurs: David Robinson "The Admiral" and Tim Duncan I would like to add, Dominique Wilkins 9 time NBA All-star is one of the best dunkers and a scoring machine, highly underrated player.

  • Bulls in 6

  • Kobe :(

  • The most Jordan scored in a game was 69. And that was a time when you couldn't breathe on him... stop it

    • George Bell I’m you absolute moron jordan was murdered going to the rim plenty of times. The game was brutal back then compared to now.

  • Bulls - Jordan All the way !

  • Don't make guess or assumption base on your insecurities the answer is you don't know !!!