Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Wedding SCAM! #DramaAlert Fans Demand REFUND!

Pubblicato il 29 lug 2019
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  • Had to re-edit twice and remove clips twice due to copyright! Then I finally upload and IT-tvs demonetize this video cus of a FAKE fight clip! This site is going to shit! Sorry guys.

  • 7:57 scamming fans...now that’s a case

  • Ask this guy what’s 2 + 2 he’s gonna say “ TWOOOOOOOOOOO PLUSSSSSSSSSSS TWOOOOOOOOOOOO ISSSSSSS 444444444444

  • You know it’s fake when the priest fights... LMAOO

  • Who Pays Money To Watch A Wedding

  • Only e-sports Faze are professional like csgo faze they're alright

  • Glad I didn’t waste $50 on a trash quality stream.....

  • No destroying is YT first football second he quit a d1 college football for YT and in his vids he has always said YT first football second

  • It’s deestroying😂

  • No kemstar is the fastest IT-tvsr because remember he said “Fast as fuck boy!!”

  • I mean it was obviously fake knowing that Tana is bitch of a person. No one in their right mind would even get in a relationship with her.


  • Title..... NO S####!!!!!!!

  • Of course the wedding is a publicity stunt. A win win for both of them, and of course they’re going to “divorce.”

  • Jake and tana wedding is fake Me: omg I don’t what to say oh I know I don’t care 😒😒😒😒😒

  • Yea false rape alligations almost as bad as false pedophile alligations...

  • If that's how Jake is gonna dress at his wedding he shouldn't be getting married, looks like a fucking idiot

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Jake Paul: iM tHE fASteST YoUTuBER Some people: Could easily destroy him in a race

  • Yo jake Paul look like the one fag to get triggered when someone takes his pencil

  • Here we are with tana mongoose again

  • Lolololo,olololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  • The Paul family is a comedy

  • Oh imAllen doesn’t he drink bath water

  • Everyone knew it was fake yet you still make a video about it

  • The sub titles called Tana mojo tan emoji

  • Did you really think people who haven't even been together for a year are gonna get married? no tf not

  • I would pay to see pewdiepies wedding instead

  • 6:22

  • jesus christ someone kill keem

  • Aw man

  • Throw them in jail

  • Tobjizzle

  • Toni is a athlete to he plays soccer

  • Destroying is a IT-tvs first football plate second

  • I love how hypocritical Keemstar is bro. He literally did the same thing as Alexx

  • You're are a fucking retarted if you paid that much to watch a "wedding". Hope you dont get a refund ,dumbass.

  • Royal Wedding = FREE TO WATCh Thise two FAKE wedding = PAY 50 yea you can see How Much stupid idiot are on this planet

  • Lmfao people pay $50 for a wedding they can watch a day later for free? What?

  • Lmfao how did people think their “wedding” was actually real??? He’s done this before with Erika just this time they actually put effort in instead of just a trip to Vegas like before. God people are stupid

  • Bruh he faked it with Erika costel now he is faking it with Tana mongeu 👏👏👏😃🔫 -273 brain cells

  • Your trash

  • It made me mad every time he called deestroying destroyer

  • Paying 50$ for jake and tanas “wedding “ Retardedness 100

  • deestroying ** not destroyer dummy

  • Bro what destroy dropped his football scholarship tf “athlete first” my ass

  • Deestroying

  • If you rewatch the fight scene, you can tell that the guy in red was sent in right at the moment they were going to kiss blocking the closets camera's view. Knowing Jake, If this were a real wedding (which it clearly is not) they would have held it somewhere beautiful and done an entire montage of the wedding during the day. I can't believe anyone with half a brain would believe this for even a second.

  • People pay 50 dollars to watch ego centric people fake a wedding but cant donate their time to help others. Yep folks were doomed

  • can we get f's in the chat?

  • How did Destroyer get to do it Vidal didn't because he was a athlete

  • Who ever wants to report drama alert like this.

  • Who pays to go to a wedding? Lmfao

  • He was injured it was not a big problem we all do mistakes people who is backtick problem and yeah I knew I thought we want to but it was actually Jake Paul

  • The guy that threw a soda at jake and tana was a legend

  • DeestroyING is a fucking punter not a runner or anything that has to do with running he kicks a ball

  • Keem is the best

  • Keen is the best

  • People pay to see weddings? I just show up. Mostly for the food but....

  • Dude that bitch did look exactly like Oprah I actually feel bad for dude lol

  • and i thought my life was sad.