Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew interview after defeating the Titans | SC with SVP

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II joins Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter to reflect on his first NFL win in his rookie season as Jacksonville takes down the Tennessee Titans in Week 3.
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  • Plotwist uncle rico is his father

  • He got that Ron Jeremy mustache

  • This is our reward for having to go through the AB nonsense.

  • The next Tom Brady?

  • "kip, have you looked into time travel ... If coach woulda put me in we'd have state for sure !

  • give this guy rookie of the Year award he is already putting up big impressive numbers 65 for 88 which is 73.9% completion rate att/g is 29.3% total yards so far 692 yards avg per drive 7.9 yards avg yards per game 230.7 yards 5 touchdowns to 1 interception which is +4 turnover ratio per QB 28 first down drives 31.8% on first down drive attempts on long drives/throws he's 69th place 9 throws of 20+ 2 of 40+ (attempted or completed) only sacked 5 times has a overall rating of 110.6 this is some serious good numbers to have he has more passing yards than arron Rogers ranked higher than some very good QBs

  • Next Drew Brees

  • His body language reads America.

  • Trump Minshew 2020 🗽🗽🔥🔥

  • Goat

  • It would be an honor to have a beer with this guy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Coach Orgeron.

  • Love Gardner, but why are Americans cool with a guy wearing the Flag as a bandanna but pissed when guys kneel?

    • Because one guy loves the flag is wearing it because he’s proud of this country. The guys that kneel do it to insult the flag and show they aren’t proud of this country. Not that complicated.

  • Big 70's 80's vibe coming from this dude I like it

  • He is a God and we are all in his world.

  • The GOAT

  • This dude looks like a High Schooler wearing a fake mustache all the time 😂

  • Napolean Dynamite - Has Uncle Rico finally made it to the big leagues?

  • Looks like he should be catching gators on Swamp People!

  • hey if football doesn't pan out ..Hollywood grade B movies will..and PBR commercials..this kid is the real deal Madison avenue will have to wait..

  • his middle name is Rico.

  • Seems like uncle Rico made it

  • This guy is going to get killed next week with all this d*** sucking going on from these shows. This is the NFL trying to move Jacksonville out and gain the hype

    • Or maybe he just played hard and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Community College? Get out of here...

  • He goes home to Starla every night !! Kids good for sure!!

  • UNCLE RICO????!!!!


  • I’m a Rams fan but I love this dude. I hope he brings the Jags to a Super Bowl at some point.

  • Minshewmania >>> hulkamania

  • I like his sense of humor, doesn't take himself too seriously. Not like Baker at all.

  • Gardner Minshew looks like younger Bruce Springsteen with moustache

  • Go cougars

  • Born in the U.S.A was playing as this man exited his mothers womb.

  • Kenny Powell has came back

  • Hes definitely standing for the flag

  • When he left for college he told his dad your the man of the house now😂😂

  • The pain is the 80 + million that TC and Caldwell spent on Foles when this guy was there all along. And the huge deal they gave Bortles before releasing him! They've literally mortgaged the future of this team between two QBs!

  • Baker take notes ! This guy has Joe namath written all over him

  • Please keep him and release Foles. I would like foles back in philly make it happen jags

  • Yeah. Foles ain't getting his job back.

  • Its the mustache!!

  • He comes across as such a likable guy you almost can't help rooting for him. He needs to say focused and continue to get better because opposing defenses are now on alert and they're coming for him...

  • Minshew Crew !!! Minshew Crew !!!Minshew Crew !!!Minshew Crew !!!Minshew Crew !!!Minshew Crew !!! DUUUUUMinshew Crew !!!

  • hes a Trump supporter

  • this dude is awesome.

  • Gardner Minshew looks like Uncle Rico, sounds like Matthew McConaughey and plays like Carson Wentz!

  • He Has the Rex Kwan Do bandana on

  • I can't get enough of this guy

  • Totally looks like Clayne Crawford as Riggs in the lethal weapon series

  • He looked really good, IMO. Forget about Foles. This is your future QB.

    • This your future, Foles is the present. Its never good to overhype young players.

  • Glory to God? Which one? How have you not figured out as an adult yet that all religions are man-made mythology? So are you saying that God wanted the other team to lose? How is it that glory goes to God every time there’s a win but you’re not saying glory goes to God after you lose? I just hate stupid people so much.

    • Hatin' on yourself much?

    • @Bilbo Teabaggins Thank You!

    • Dude please just respect other peoples religions this is TOTALLY irrelevant

    • Yeah, I think god is really intimidated by the "Titans" name. He prefers Jaguars because he made them with all the spots. I think he was drunk that day.

  • freaking rockstar

  • "Glory to god..."

  • When did Mac start playing football?

  • fucking legend

  • espn is stupid.

  • Glory to god.....just please shut up and tear up your knee.....thanks.

    • @Bilbo Teabaggins And just hateful!

    • Please respect other peoples religions that is incredibly rude and irrelevent

  • Is Nick Foles gonna get the Nick Foles treatment?

  • There will be a QB controversy in Jacksonville when Foles is ready to return

    • @Jackson K regardless of Fole, if this kid wins a few more games, there will be teams wanting to trade for him next year.

    • He’s literally played 2 games 😂 he could easily lose 5 of his next 6 and then your “controversy” will be laughable

  • This dude is America. He screams America and I fucking love it

  • Even though it’s tough to see longtime QB’s go down this season such as Brees, Newton, Foles, etc. It’s exciting to see up and coming QB talent like Minshew and Daniel Jones.

    • Yeah man, I guess the cycle of life goes on.

    • B Wright what about that one guy Mahoney? lol

  • Uncle Rico taught him everything he knows.