Jacksepticeye And PewDiePie Memes

Pubblicato il 18 giu 2019
Legend says Memes can cure world hunger
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  • *my dads name is shawn*

  • Seán

  • *S E FATHER N*

  • I didn't do my homework in 3 years either but I'm still in school haha you ain't special Kidding 😂😂😂

  • Sean: * finding out what all his names actually mean * Also Sean: Yeah it's all coming together 😏

  • Let's start a train with these replys! I'll start: It's meme time it's meme time!

  • You say it as Khawnu Reeves

  • Keanu Reeves support club is in this video

  • Does jack still love Chris pratt

  • Me a fellow Seán facing the same problem as Seán

  • wait if it extends the vowel wont it be seaaaaaan?

  • You already are Jacksepticeye you have changed my life and are still helping me be me with my IT-tvs channel!!!

    • If anyone wants to know the channels name it’s Theneurodivergent!

  • So did this replace jacksepticeye’s funniest home videos?

  • Jack what happened to the you 😭😭😭

  • Camera: nothing Camera: Absolutely not a word Jack: *steps back just a bit* Camera: WaLl TiMe? I'm pretty sure the camera is so used to focusing on jacks "LAUGH" that anytime he steps back the camera just freaks out and prepares to focus on the board.

  • 3:35 yes jack these are real places i used to live near these aswell in scotland

  • 9:11 pewdiepies face is a bit scary yet it's super cringey at the same time

  • But Vikings are Scandinavian and who else is Scandinavian? Felix. And who made your channel popular? FELIX. YOUR CHANNEL IS SON OF VIKING!!!! I’m right. Shut the FUCK UP!

  • Okay so, you're first name *Sean* (Shawn aka how it sounds.) You're name means "God is Gracious."

  • The only reason I can spell Seán's name is cuz I'm Irish

  • 14:46 Jack, I can’t believe you didn’t mention your boy “Connor, the Android sent by Cyber Life” Brian Dechart. Don’t forget him!

  • Seán Not SEan Seàn

  • S.E.A fada.N

  • ROGER and STEVENoiny

  • hello there seàn

  • I'm irish and my name is ciara prenounsed c as a k

  • It's weird that no one pronounces Big Sean wrong when the song I Don't Fuck With You came out 5 years ago. At least no one I ever met pronounce it as SEan. It seems like the overall intelligent is heading to a whole new direction nowadays. LOL

  • 4:05 it's a gun not a penis you dirty minded asses yeah subscribe to my channel

  • if you look at his right ear you can see that there is a piece of hair sticking out and with OCD this annoys me

  • My sister's name is stephanie.

  • Anybody else notice that on 5:32 the language of the time and shit is Greek?.. Just me?... Ok... I'll leave now....

  • :O what if Keanu Reeves was the new version of Bob Ross!?? but not a painter tho :D *wow*

  • You don't swear as much as lazarbeam though

  • I'm irish to

  • 10:30 Oh the irony

  • I find it annoying when he highlights keanu the same way as pewds. I know they’re friends but they dont have to do exactly the same on every topic ever

  • im 12 and i do youtube jack. Check me out at Korbin McGee i'm working on putting my intro into my videos

  • 9:25 i have 90 minutes still Seán

  • Jack: Do.Not.Fart. Me: * farts* Jack: F**k you B***h !!!

  • Yes

  • Seán hi

  • SEAN

  • Seán is very disapointed in you

  • Pewds 144p Jack 1080p Marzia 8k

  • Ok śèàń

  • I sing the intro to Meme Time every time and crack up .

  • I don't remember the class where the teacher mentioned the 7 billion ways of spelling Irish names

  • Cád é mar a tá tu Seán

  • Uh I’m 17 𝐆𝐞𝐓 𝐢𝐓 𝐑𝐢𝐆𝐡𝐓

  • T o m H o l l a n d

  • Somebody eats accidentally never Seán

  • Seán

  • 1:10 **sips theodora tea**

  • Seán

  • Jacksepticeye is my Mr. Rogers and I don't give a shit what anyone else says. You'll meet Keanu Reeves someday.

  • u forgot to say felix kjellberg when you were listing the names ;(

  • Sean, “GO TO YOUR ROOM” Me,” I’m actually in my room watching this a 2:34am.”

  • I

  • Wat about Chris pratt

  • Hi so it's seàn right?