J Vinyl - Nirvana (Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
J Vinyl "Nirvana"
Shot by Spudds Mckenzie
IG instagram.com/jvinyl_/
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  • This giving me Childish Gambino vibez!

  • Cold stuff!

  • Why tf are kids out here saying this is fire looking at this from a technical perspective and a sane perspective this is terrible for god sakes if we can all agree on something it’s that this song it just bad but I guess some people are insane or just delusional smh...

  • NirVana allDay 😖😖😖

  • L

  • This nigga weak 😂😂😂 talkin bout fades n shit lmao. I did a song to this beat 2 years ago

  • This song is dope. I actually will add this to my playlist! The vibes though✨

  • Gives me a very ‘Mick Jenkins’ vibe, I fux wittit tho

    • NINE LIVES DA MOVEMENT I mean I’m not saying that he fully captured Mick Jenkins vibe fully or that that’s even what he was going for at all, but thats just what I think of when I hear this. It’s pretty jazzy, and I think it’s pretty alright. Just my opinion tho!

    • Marcus TheConcept lyrics way too weak for mick Jenkins vibe

  • Wassup

  • Thought this nigga was Jaden Smith in the thumbnail

  • Much Love. 👀💲👀

  • Finally something worthwhile

  • I’m digging this entirely , visually and musically I love it

  • This is nice! finally something worth listening to 💆💆💆

  • Lofi hip hop type beat how original

  • wtf

  • LittleHell (Chloe Evans) 17409 Fuschia Rd. Fort Meyers. Her phone will be back on shortly (239) 851-1031

  • Kurt Cobain was racist.

  • Can never be mad at songs for the blunts!👍🏾👌🏾

  • its good but it ain't my style ,its a no fa me dawg 😐

  • The only thing that killed it was the verses the audio could’ve been better

  • 🔥

  • Soft drugs

  • So fucking out of tune. Complete garbage

  • Finnally a good song post from no jumper

  • *_so Adam, is Blaire White packing or nah_* 🍆💦💦

  • 🏂

  • Garbage

  • Diggin that old skool funk vibe bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • No jumper gets a w for this unlike the rest of the trash they usually put out

  • Was he tired when recording!

  • This dude sucks unwashed ass oh you're so deep and cool cuz u put finyl on your name. Sorry bro your like 10years late the beat was pretty wacki could probably remake in in 5 minutes and u sound like Macy gray so I obviously give this a 10/10😭

  • this pretty good

  • this shit is so garbage that it's entertaining

  • Trash !

  • dope visual

  • Gifting all subscribers 👌🏼 head ass

  • if you’re gonna name a song nirvana you’re gonna have to go harder than this

    • Well i mean not really nirvana means state of happiness it can be made either way n anyway it wants

  • I like songs

  • Yoo let's collab, keep grinding!

  • Chorus is nice. Verses are pretty monotone n boring. Not bad tho. Smooth beat

  • Litty titty

  • Good shit

  • Total Fucking crap. This man is horrible. Adam 22 u have no taste my boy...

  • 🔥🔥

  • How do i get my new video uploaded by No Jumper?

  • Cliche

  • This is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • this nigga cannot sing for shit.

  • And fuck all that great minds think alike bullshit I kno we did this type of music first but ok our time will come I'm down for the wait just pissed some of our style is bein copied in the process

  • Like seriously it's talent on our channel it's crazy how niggaz steal from us that shit lame at least mention our names to give credit to us doin the shit first man can't wait to be famous to show people we've been doin all types of shit first

  • this is so bad eewww, why is this on no jumper

  • this video and song is great but the song would be bette did the audio was edited a little more

  • Lil bitch

  • I love this song favorite song ❤️💙❤️

  • Bruh y niggaz copyin us now talkin bout fightin instead of shootin and singin and rappin on the same track where the singer is the rapper we have been doin this type of shit Y'ALL JUST FUCKIN OVER LOOK US THAT SHIT IS STUPID ASF

  • this shit doesnt even bang

  • Trash

  • Lmfao wtf is this

    • Ye man what is this shit. Wheres is the mumbling ? where is the 808's ? Where is the shit flow ?

    • 2019 music

    • exactly :D

  • this is beans