Italy: 'Fuck you Salvini!' - Matteo Salvini met with angry scenes in Catania

Pubblicato il 11 ago 2019
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Italian Minster of the Interior and leader of the League party Matteo Salvini was met with a crowd of angry protesters during a visit to the Sicilian town of Catania to meet party officials, on Sunday.
"In Sicily, Salvini will never enter again because he is a traitor. He is a traitor!" a protester said.
The anti-Salvini protesters could also be heard chanting "Fuck you Salvini" and "The League [Salvini's party] get away from Catania!"
Protesters tried to halt his official motorcade as it left Catania’s Town Hall and many scuffles broke out with police and security.
On Thursday, Salvini called for new elections saying the coalition government was not working. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte accused the Interior Minister of fabricating "the most transparent [political crisis] in Republican history."
Despite being the junior party in the coalition, the League is well ahead in opinion polls, largely due to its opposition towards immigration however many Italians dislike the League for its populist views.
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  • Matteo Salvini is one of the few leaders that is trying to protect their country from the African Invasion. (Our lives for him!) In Sweden, their leaders are handing their country over to the Africans, and it is considered in poor taste to point out the race of an African that just raped and murdered a White Swedish Woman; in Sweden, Red means go and green means stop!

  • Goodness, in my country the president can sing about shooting white people with his machine gun yet we aren't nearly as angry and outraged in public as these communists are about their own safety

  • I'm not a "leftist", but many people in the video are saying right things. Salvini, before he switched from communism (yes, 'comunisti padani') to Lega, always insulted South Italy, he even wanted 'free Padania' (free from Italy). Personally don't approve many of his political choices, but most important, I can't forget what he said. He is a mediocre and ignorant politician.

    • If Salvini was a communist, than what is Partito Democratioc?? Now the GREATST THREAT to Italy is mass, 3rd world immigration. I would vote for Benito Mussolini to stop this.

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    • Vred yeah but still, if 5s autistic party got voted so much its because they wanted the money to stay home and those votes came for a big majority from the south. Here the "Salvini used to hate on the south" is an excuse.

    • I'm Italian and I can say you that it's a bit more complicated than left/right. These people are from the south, and Salvini for years insulted them hoping for the volcanoes to explode and erase them. It's not a left/right debate

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    • Salvini is Putin's puppet though. And I hope that you know Russia is. Horrible. Would you live there even a month? That is what I call a fascist country.

  • Why are they so angry? Why do they call him a traitor?

    • @Exacerbated Fellow "Better Red than Dead!' used to be the cry of the left. But now that Russia is no longer under communist control, they hate Russia

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