It Took Michael Jordan 8 Years To Pull This Off

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
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  • Bro your editing is getting better and better this is fire!!! Halfway to 2 mill! Are your guys gonna help me get to 10k subs tonight?!

  • can you stop being overly dramatic in every fucking video?

  • The video was awesome jimmy

  • The amount of ads in your videos makes me want to commit horrific crimes

  • Moonlight man of knowledge

  • Korzemba was using Trap Sax for a video

  • From 3 games into the 91 season to the end of the 98 season. Even including the playoffs/finals. No losing streak. That’s the best way to look at it no losing streak for essentially half a career. Whatever you think of MJ being the goat level of competition whatever this man for half his career including the fucking playoffs did not have a losing streak. That is fucking mental

  • Goat

  • Mj: Fuck a load management

  • Greg Oden never lost 3 games in a row either

  • Just thought of a Jordan stat that would be crazy, but I'm not gonna do it. NBA players just recently voted on the GOAT. Take those guys, or any GOAT list, 1-10, 20... Count the number of All-Star appearances combined of all the teammates of those GOATs. My guess, Jordan will have an insanely lower number than the rest.

  • Somehow some idiots still say warriors are better than the bulls that’s a joke

  • Somehow some idiots still say warriors are better than the bulls that’s a joke

  • Somehow some idiots still say warriors are better than the bulls that’s a joke

  • 8:10 it's more like after losing 2 in row, a pissed of jordan got fired up.

  • It’s sucks cuase I always say he’s not the goat then u come out with a video like this and my arguments are no longer valid he’s def the goat

  • the way he jogged off the court, it was like he knew that was never gonna happen again...

  • Jordan is retarded

  • A lot of evidence Jordan is the goat. Most seasons avg 30+ PPG with 8. Highest career PPG both regular season and playoffs. Tied for the most seasons 200+ stls with 6. Only player to avg 30-5-5 career. Tied for most seasons 30-5-5 seasons with 6. Most games scoring 50+ playoffs with 8. One of the 5 players to have multiple regular season MVPs and multiple finals MVPs. Possibly the greatest defensive guard in NBA history. Acrobatic layups and dunks. Fadeaways and turnarounds. Had a fantastic ability to dribble and finish in the lane

  • in short = the GOAT

  • Damn, don't feel bad Man, you can overcome it, ITS Just the most iconic thing from your Channel, fuck them. Lets do something

  • R.I.P. trap sax you will be missed dearly

  • Yay the sprite cranberry memes are coming back!

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  • What’s the music with the piano

  • Thank you for this i love Michael Jordan and i keep telling mutha fuckas he is the G.O.A.T. and they dont know...

  • Funny how 2777 ads up to 23. Nothing is a coincidence

  • Thank God. Trap Sax totally sucks. It was the MOST annoying thing in the word. I would rather listen to cats fighting. That thing sucked. and the way you looped it was even worse. I seriously hated that F'n thing. Seriously put cats fighting in the background and it would be better than that garbage.

  • 2019 but still no comparison. He is the ultimate goat. He was an alien.

  • Nobody gonna talk about pippen getting the record to?

  • When the intro stoped any1 else thought ur phone died or am I just a bot

  • Bro your videos are on . Keep it up.

  • FINALLY I can watch your videos again. The Trap Sax thing was probably the most annoying, repetitive, Clockwork Orange-kind of audible torture I've ever laid ears to and I'm so happy the company claimed their rights. This is a blessing in disguise Jimmy. Be grateful. Can't be the only one who thought it was annoying af

  • MJ! The Greatest in the world! No one will ever be compared to the Greatest Period! Amen🙏👏🤙

  • You know you can buy the music so it won’t get copyrighted so please see my comment please like this so he knows about this

  • LeBron did you one better, he lost 4 in a row, in the Finals nonetheless! Truly the goat.

  • Wow, amazing numbers

  • I almost want to compose a new trap sax with just enough changes to avoid the trademark and donate it to this channel.

  • How many times jxm sooooo yea | | | | | /

  • 6:27 Its 358 for the lazy people out there